Getting it right, finally

MY FIRST TWO marriages failed, and maybe it was because of how I proposed to those wives. I don’t recall how I did it the first time though I do remember why. That was over half a century ago. But I do remember how I did it the second time.

We were in a restaurant on Westheimer Boulevard in Houston. I did not get down on one knee. I did not have a ring lurking in a champagne flute. There was no music. The waiters did not sing ‘O Sole Mio. I told her we should get married so she could get on my employer-provided medical insurance. She had no coverage.

She swooned. I was such a romantic guy.

We had been living together at that point for seven years.

Perhaps if ObamaCare had existed, we never would have wed, and I would have been spared lots of pain, grief and expense.

By the third time, I had learned, matured, wised up and sobered up.

I did get down on my knee, and I did have a ring. And where did I do it? Where these two pre-Hispanic pyramids join, right there at their base. You see it early in the video, the V between the two structures. That’s where it happened about 18 years ago.

And medical insurance had nothing to do with it.

8 thoughts on “Getting it right, finally

  1. The old saying “two can live as cheaply as one” is a joke. And if you both were paying ObamaCare premiums you wouldn’t have had enough money left over to eat out.


    1. Ray: Two can live as cheaply as one is obviously false on the face of it. As for ObamaCare, you mean it was not the answer to America’s healthcare dilemma? If everyone liked their doctor, they couldn’t keep their doctor? Lordy.

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    1. Señor Steve: I prefer Ms. Shoes’ comparison with Sam Elliott. As for Dulcinea de Toboso, she was never actually seen in Don Quijote. My child bride is seen daily.

      But no matter! Enjoy the day.


  2. Best we can hope for if first or second tries don’t work is that we learn something from our mistakes.


    1. Creigh: True, and I did. I learned to stop drinking. Even though I was not a drunk, I drank every day. It affects your outlook, to put it mildly. I was flabbergasted at life’s clarity after I went on the wagon. It was a new thing for me. Very nice.


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