Illegal aliens, go home!

Take that, you Central Americans!

THIS IS NOT the first time we’ve encountered irony in the matter of illegal immigration. While Mexicans think it’s fine and dandy to sneak into the United States without permission, having Central Americans sneak into Mexico isn’t so swell.

A bunch of illegals who had settled into an auditorium in Palenque for months were forcibly ejected and their belongings torched by angry citizens. Apparently, Palenque is not a Ciudad Santuario, or at least not anymore, and diversity ain’t looking so sweet.

The citizens say crime has increased since the illegals moved in. Sound familiar?

You can read the details here.

15 thoughts on “Illegal aliens, go home!

  1. But, but “Diversity is our strength!” Well, it is when one wants to upset the social order and use the issue to impose control over others. I see the Turks are foisting a couple of million so-called “Arab refugees” on the Europeans. Let’s see what happens when they get to Hungary or Poland. Someone is going to say “light the ovens.” Just who will go into them is yet to be seen.


    1. Señor Gill: Almost all people, in their gut, reject multiculturalism, which is why there is discord and violence when it’s forced upon them. People prefer “people like them.” In an ideal world, it would be otherwise, but it’s not, never has been, never will be.


  2. I’m sure those migrants were aiming to get to the USA eventually. Meanwhile, we’ve got thousands of Temporary Foreign workers (TFW) mostly from Mexico. They do jobs a lot of Canadians won’t do like picking fruit, construction or working at McDonald’s. My beef with this is that they’re not temporary.


    1. Brent: Of course, the United States was their first destination, and at the beginning of our Mexican president’s tenure, early last year, he was assisting them with those long caravans heading north. Remember? And then Trump read him the riot act. He backed down, and now we’re stuck with them here on our side of the Rio Bravo, lots of them. My fellow Mexicans are not happy.


  3. I would hope that very few, if any at all, view that as a possible solution to their fears. Anyone who feels that way is one sick SOB.


  4. No, I don’t think so. Better yet, I’ll just forget this blog. It seems to dwell on bitterrness and negativity and very little content on Patzcuaro. And that is what drew me here to start. Maybe someday we’ll be in your area and I’ll give you a shout. I’d like to see if you’re the really like your blog persona or just get your kicks from trolling. I’m hoping for the latter.

    Farvel far, alt det bedste.


    1. Jonas: Dwell on bitterness and negativity? Not bitter, but alas there is much negativity happening these days in the Western World, plus politics is of great interest to me as it should be to everyone. Also, this is not a blog about my life in Mexico though I touch on it with some frequency because this is where I am. It is, as the title clearly states, “Fact, Fiction and Opinion Stirred in an Odd Pot.” I used to do more fiction here, but that seems to have vanished since my muse appears to have abandoned me. I attribute that to age to a great degree. I wish it were otherwise. If you want a website that touches on margaritas, sunsets and parades, you’ll have to go elsewhere. There are lots of them.

      As for my blog persona being related to my actual self, be aware that I am much more effusive and interesting here than in person. One reader with whom I sat over cafecitos once in Ajijic later dubbed me “taciturn.” She was being kind. I am not very social. Mum’s the word.

      As for trolling, I am not trolling. I try to bring light to those open to it. An observer of modern life.


    2. Jonas, P.S.: I give you lots of credit for remaining calm in the face of opinions you disagree with. It’s an uncommon approach these days. I know you are a man of the left, of course, and yet you’ve never cursed or screamed hereabouts. Often men and women of the left who happen upon my website fall into cursing and screaming. Well, until I block them, which I do. You are an exception, and that’s nice. Creigh Gordon and Al Lanier are my two favorite, polite leftists here. They are appreciated even though our politics differ.


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