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A no-no under the new laws.

SOME YEARS BACK, we elected a mayor who’s unlike any mayor in recent memory. He actually does things aside from stealing. You gotta admire that.

He’s gussied up the town, which is good in one way. It attracts tourists, however, which causes a lot more traffic. I’m not fond of that, but others are, especially owners of restaurants and hotels.

Other moves I support. City Hall claims we are the first town in Mexico to ban single-use plastic bags. I’ve been taking my own canvas bags to supermarkets for years. The ban, however, has provided some fun visual moments because some folks leave the supermarkets trying to hold all their separate purchases in their arms, a juggling act.

Buy some canvas bags, nincompoops! They are cheap.

We are also, City Hall says, the first town to prohibit sale of wildlife on the streets and in the markets. It’s been common here to see men walking around with high stacks of cages on their backs, hawking pretty birds.

But this is Mexico where laws are one thing, and enforcement is another. It’s a nebulous world. We have lots of laws that are routinely ignored and no one does anything. But recognizing a problem is a step in the right direction.

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  1. Plastic bags were also banned here in San Miguel, aka Politicallycorrectville, and I was surprised how quickly it was done: wham, and that’s it. In the States, some congressman would propose a law banning the bags, followed by hearings and comments. Then the Plastic Bag Industry Council of America, the Sierra Club and the Americans United for Free Baggery would mobilize their squadrons of DC lobbyists (with bags of money) and the law would take ten years to pass, if ever. Here it was done and that was it. Take it or shove it. Strike one for autocracy.

    The banning of the sale of live animals at the markets is a very good thing, even if it’s only feebly enforced. Half of those poor critters die during capture or in cages, just so someone could make a few pesos. Here they passed a law to that effect too, and you seldom see any live animals for sale at the tianguis.
    Corruption, what corruption? With the gusher of money from private developers coming into the municipal coffers nowadays, people at the Presidencia are up to their knees in crisp five-hundred peso notes.



  2. Personally, I am certain that the force of your own progressive nature has pushed this into reality in your barrio.

    Carry on, sir!


    1. Ricardo: While I would enjoy taking credit for these progressive moves, which I do favor because they are actually progressive, not that other kind, I must confess that I had squat to do with any of it.


  3. Life moves on. There will be a Democrat debate in Phoenix on March 15th. The Ides of March. Since Warren dropped out, it looks like it will be just Boine and Biden. It should be a real show.

    I wouldn’t miss the plastic bags, but I have thing for plastic straws.


    1. Señor Gill: Boine and Biden. I like that. A silly, ignorant socialist and a fellow who can’t even say a coherent sentence any longer. Two white guys pushing 80, not that I have anything against white guys. But with these two geezers, the Democrats have really chosen well.


  4. Tulsi Gabbard is still running, but I think the party has pretty much marginalized her. I would like to see her in the debate; she still has her wits about her. Seems like she is trying to sue Hillary for defamation. I hope she cleans Hillary’s clock.

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    1. Yeah, the party has totally marginalized her, to the point that they’re all running around lamenting that there are no women in the race. Last I checked, Gabbard was a woman, and one you’d have to be blind not to notice.

      But that’s the Democrat party of today: a bunch of whiners.

      Kim G

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  5. The message of socialism is that all things are possible with your and my money. I am flat broke, so who does it all fall on now?

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  6. So I just swung back to check out the new comments. Nothing new here, but wow! Have you noticed that Joe Biden is deteriorating by the day? Methinks the Democrat party will be faced with some VERY difficult choices in a month or two. (And this isn’t even going down the rathole of what if either Biden or Sanders contracts coronavirus?) Their formerly “electable” candidate will be obviously not electable pretty soon, barring the discovery of a rapid cure for age-related dementia. And very few people want either a Sanders nomination, much less presidency. Though unexciting, Klobuchar seems like the only one young enough, and smart enough, and centrist enough to actually both be able to win the election and then do the job.

    Meanwhile, the Federal Gov’t seems to be badly botching the response to coronavirus. While it’s only partly Trump’s fault, the Dems are going to make as much political hay with it as possible, and many dumb voters will believe them.

    And for those who talk of the possibility of there not even being an election in November, I have only one thing to say. It’d require a constitutional amendment to change it.

    Buckle up! Things are getting FAR too interesting.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where yesterday’s grim news seems positively cheerful in light of today’s even grimmer news.


  7. Well, Boine says he is not quitting. We will have the debate on March 15th, but who will attend? Will they be wearing masks? My wife still makes forays to Wally World, and she sees a lot of folks in masks.

    My granddaughter’s field trip to Flagstaff was cancelled. I am relieved.

    I would like to see Tulsi Gabbard in the debate. She would run circles around those two old, senile farts. It would be a great show.


  8. I find it odd that after all the bitching and moaning about this world being run by old white men, that is exactly what the crack pipe Democrats ended up choosing.


    1. Señor Gill: It is a hoot to watch. They had all those women and “people of color” at the get-go, and then poof! Two old white men, their worst nightmare.


  9. It seems as if the whole focus of their campaign is to defeat Donald Trump. But if they do, what follows afterward? Will all industries that actually make money be nationalized? Will our children be sent off to work camps. Will those of us who think contrary to the politically correct thought be denied healthcare, or sent off to re-education camps or worse to the killing fields? We have seen this play out many times in the past. Think about it. Oh yes, free everything for those that survive.


    1. So, I see in the paper that the debate is on, but there will be no live audience.
      Also, I see that CNN is saying we cannot say “Wuhan virus” because that would be racist. Is ebola racist? What about the Spanish flu?
      Who knew?


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