Quiet on the mountaintop

Looking up thataway.
Looking down thataway too. Very few folks.
Cops keeping the peace, but it’s very peaceful already.
Kid I know, 17 years old, who’s a high school dropout. Sad.

WENT DOWNTOWN yesterday afternoon to sit a spell with my Kindle and a hot café Americano negro. There were parking spots all over the place, which is not common, but it’s becoming more common now in the Plague Year.

Usually, I sit alone and read, but yesterday I shared a table with my child bride and her sister who were talking nonstop because that’s what they do. It’s a marvel. Hours can pass, and they never fall silent. It’s a woman thing. Talk or die.

The streets were far less congested than usual due to folks staying home. I do enjoy easy access to parking places. All clouds have silver linings.

Our mountaintop town has officially canceled Easter Week, known hereabouts as Semana Santa, and it’s a huge input of tourist cash.

Let’s move on now to bashing the Democrat Party. As you may know, Democrats blocked financial relief legislation from the White House because it came from Trump. Pelosi has a “better” solution, which is stuffed with unrelated pork.

Below is an interesting video from the ever-sharp libertarian John Stossel. It shows why there is a shortage of coronavirus tests in the United States.

Rules and regulations! President Trump promised to reduce rules and regulations, and he’s delivered in that department. But there is much more to be done, if something can be done, which I doubt. This is the problem with Big Government. The Democrat Party is the party of Big Government, of course. And “democratic” socialism!

Why anyone continues to support the Democrat Party, my former party, is beyond me. Their goofy, handsy, sniffy presidential candidate, for example, likely will not remember what position he’s running for when November rolls around. Sad.

Now roll it, Stossel!

UPDATE: China says it’s going to lift its quarantine on April 8 due to the situation stabilizing there. While I am skeptical of anything the Chinese government says, I would like to think this is the beginning of the end of the global scare. Let us pray so.

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  1. It’s a woman thing. Talk or die. This line made me laugh out loud. Maybe they’re like sharks — have to keep swimming or they die.

    As for the Stossel video, yes! It’s pretty apparent that the initially pathetic federal response to coronavirus was in fact due to a completely ossified regulatory structure that basically kept the entire country from doing anything at all until the FDA or CDC had given it its imprimatur. This is outrageous, and I’m delighted that Trump was able to cut through the red tape. Unfortunately, simpletons (which seem to be a majority these days) will blame Trump. But when debating this with my friends, I like to ask them, “Did Trump create both the CDC and the FDA and approve all their rules?” The answer is “no,” and then they realize that Trump inherited a system which was broken from the outset.

    Have you seen what’s holding up the emergency spending bill? Pelosi wants all kinds of things totally unrelated to the coronavirus plague. Some of the things she is (or was) insisting on include: reducing CO2 emissions from jets; funding for community newspapers; “diversity” in corporate boards; money for the JFK Center for the Performing Arts; and all kinds of other ridiculousness unrelated to the public health crisis. This is nothing short of outrageous, and I hope the voters are paying attention.

    So here we are. Our bankrupt government is falling all over itself to spend $2.5 TRILLION dollars, which will almost surely just be printed up by the Federal Reserve, to reward all of its politically favored groups. Meanwhile, hyperinflation lurks on the horizon.

    We are a Godforsaken people led by idiots. I fear for the USA and the world.

    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we are delighted that the governor says he’s not sure he even has the right to require us all to stay at home.

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    1. Kim: I started to make that shark comparison too, but it’s a myth. Did you know that? That women must talk incessantly or die is truth.

      One of the many things Trump promised on the campaign trail was to reduce regulations, and he’s made headway. Obviously, not enough. But what do we expect? You form government agencies to churn out regulations, and they do, day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year, which has been going on for many, many years. The U.S. is now burdened with tons of regulations created by people who answer to no voter. It’s one of the greatest, if not THE greatest, problems with U.S. government these days, and both Republicans and Democrats caused it.

      Yep, Pelosi’s answer to the financial-aid bill is another that’s heavy with unrelated pork. Gotta love those Democrats. But again, traditional Republicans are not innocent either. But Democrats are the culprits in this sad case.

      I agree you are a Godforsaken people led by idiots. Trump is not one of them, however. And I too fear for the USA and the world. I wish I could shrug it off because I live there no longer, but what happens in the USA affects everything.

      Now let us pray.


      1. As much as I like Trump, let’s not pretend he’s something he’s not. While the actual coronavirus response started very weakly and has improved dramatically, Trump’s mouthing off around the crisis isn’t his finest work. To put it diplomatically.


  2. Keep praying Señor Felipe. The plague is among us here on the devastated frontier. More dangerous than injuns or those fools with guns.

    Actually, it’s one old guy among us in this little quiet community who has the plague. Got it traveling. Can’t say who he is except that he’s not me. Can’t say where he traveled. The powers that be are protecting us by not sharing that information (probably not a bad idea).

    And us fools with guns have always been around here. Injuns, not in a while in these parts.

    Soon, we will be back to where we were. Wherever that was!


  3. The best commentary on the economic package I’ve seen is from Dean Baker (“We Need an Economic Survival Package, Not A Stimulus Package”) He says: “The issue here is not what we typically face in a recession, with too little demand in the economy … Our problem is not creating demand in the economy, the problem is keeping people more or less whole for a possibly extended period in which much of the economy is shut down. We also want to make sure that the economy can bounce back quickly when the crisis is over.”

    Unfortunately, our government, including the Fed, seems to see this as just another typical recession that can be cured by throwing money at it. As I keep repeating, the economy exists to serve people. That means keeping them fed and healthy until they can get back to work. Just that would preserve most of the organizational structures (corporations) that will also be needed.

    Ironically, the relief package seems to prevent any support for the Trump Organization, which is in serious trouble because most of its revenue properties are closed. Looks like the Blond Bomber shoulda divested when he had the chance. (Prediction: Trump will ignore this part of the law, just as he ignores any law he doesn’t like.)


    1. Creigh: The great President Trump will weather the storm, and he will lead the nation, as a good captain does, through the troubled waters. Fret not.

      As for him ignoring laws, I do believe you have him confused with the president we have down here in Mexico.


    1. Loulou, P.S: Trevor found an idiot Trump supporter? Shocker! Alas, there are nincompoops who support both parties. It’s the human race we’re dealing with, of course.


      1. You should find and watch the whole series of interviews – you’d love it. These are your people.


  4. It seems that China is urging people to return to work; they need to start the economy up again. Somebody has to harvest that rice; people are getting hungry. Let’s hope they don’t cough on those ventilators they are making for the rest of the world.


    1. Señor Gill: My child bride heard on a TV news show yesterday — I have not seen it anywhere myself — that China is lifting its quarantine there on April 8. I take all news from China with a ton of salt, but I hope this could be the light at the end of the tunnel of this overblown issue.


  5. I’m sure the Daily show wouldn’t go find a cheesy Trump hat, pay a hillbilly to wear it and memorize a few lines.


      1. If we could release TDS patients from the hospital we could free up space. I thought they were all moving out of the USA.


  6. “If we grind to a halt, we don’t do any good,” President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said in a video message Sunday. “Let’s keep going about our lives as normal.”

    Sounds like he’s trying to out-Trump Trump. Not going to be pretty.


    1. Creigh: Trump and AMLO have this in common: The common people love them. For different reasons. That’s about it for commonalities.

      Your comment went to the trash bin where I resurrected it. Got no clue why it went there.


  7. Iran, Italy and Spain were caught flat footed. We have had a heads-up since the last of January. I just wish I had gotten in on the big toilet paper buy. Hopefully, we will fare better. Now the news says that the malaria drug seems to work. Last week, they were saying no, it didn’t work. I just wish they would get their lies straight.

    They were calling President Trump a racist for closing off Chinese coming to the U.S. Now, no one wants to talk about that.


    1. Señor Gill: The United States should block Mohammedans and Chinese from entering the nation. That would help lots of things.

      Maybe bar the French too on general principles. For their attitudes and that cheese smell.


  8. They say that if we get this virus, we will lose our sense of smell.
    I still see people walking down the street to the closed mini mart. Not that many now, but still a few.


    1. Señor Gill: I think that smell thing is just a possibility, not a sure thing. As for walking down the street, we’ll be taking our exercise walk around the barrio this morning, the longer route we normally don’t take, and then we’ll be stopping by the Thursday market on our neighborhood plaza to buy some veggies for lunch mañana. For lunch today, we’ll be dining on sushi in a new restaurant closer to downtown. Life goes on.


    1. Señor Gill: I don’t get your point. Sure, I eat sushi and not menudo. I don’t eat sushi with raw fish, of course, because I am not insane. I eat sushi with the usual rice and then other things like shrimp, chicken, veggies, etc. Yum. Menudo, on the other hand, is cow stomach. Who in their right mind eats cow stomach? Probably those Chinamen, which is what got this virus pandemic started in the first place, their vile eating habits. Well, so I hear.


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