The cusp of Hell

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Grass turning yellow and grim.

LIFE IS ABOUT to get even lousier!

Next week we enter the first of the two worst months of the year here, April and May. They are dry and warm, a warm that comes indoors at night, especially upstairs where we have our evening salad with Netflix, and becomes incredibly stuffy.

The low upstairs ceiling does not help.

We strip to tank tops and skivvies. We have no air-conditioning, but two years ago we bought some sort of water-tank cooler, and it assists a lot upstairs, but it’s loud. For the bedroom downstairs we purchased an oscillating tower fan, which also is a boon.

Why we waited 15 years to make those meager moves is a mystery. Before we just suffered with a pedestal fan upstairs that blew heat around.

Downstairs, we had an elegant ceiling fan in the bedroom that was nearly useless. A saving grace of downstairs is a higher ceiling, especially in the living room. But even in the bedroom, the ceiling is higher than upstairs.

April and May are incredibly dry. The mountains turn brown. The campesinos burn fields, which sends ash and dust everywhere. You’d think we’d open the windows in the warm months, but we close them instead, keeping dust out and a bit of cool inside.

Spring is not a joyous time at the Hacienda. We just buck up.

Don’t visit in spring.

6 thoughts on “The cusp of Hell

  1. Your yard looks nice and inviting, I have very little grass. I think you would approve. Lots of shrubs and trees and flowers, and I do like that. It is getting warmer down around the lake here, not too many fires being set yet but, like the heat, there will be more, I’m sure.

    We have overhead fans and a big one that I put in front of the outside door in the morning that brings in some cooler air. It helps cool things off, at least for a while. I see pics from home and snow still on the ground and think this is not so bad. I will suffer through.


    1. Kirk: My dream is to eliminate all my grass and put in stone and cement. The endless mowing during the rainy season annoys me, even though I hire someone else to do it. There is no way we can leave here for more than a week in the rainy season because we’d return to grass up to our shoulders.

      I hope to make some more headway with that transition next year. Little by little.

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  2. Honduras was unbelievably dry and hot in this time of year, too. I tried, usually without success, to make journeys to Louisiana during this time of the year. Here, in Louisiana, this is a pleasant time of year. Except for the fact that it’s been extraordinarily dry for March, we’re having a nice season of good weather. Of course, summer will come with its merciless heat and humidity. And you will be living it up in Mexico while I suffer through the thick gumbo of malaise that is Louisiana summer.

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    1. Laurie: Spring is a great season in lots of places, but not here or, I’m not surprised, Honduras.

      One thing I surely do not miss about south Louisiana is the horrendous summer. Of course, there is A-C everywhere, which helps a lot. But I have no A-C. Sad.

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      1. One of the great benefits of desert living is low humidity. When the humidity is low, the temperature drops quickly when the sun goes down.

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        1. Creigh: The same pretty much happens here even though it’s not desert. Pretty cool in the morning, but late afternoon and evening … yuck!

          I always wanted to live in the desert, but it never happened. Oh, well. You don’t get everything you want in this life. Maybe next time.

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