Kung Flu vs. Normal flu

AS OF YESTERDAY, the Kung Flu had allegedly* killed 1, 814 people in the United States.

The seasonal flu, on the other hand, has killed over 23,000 this season.

In the United States alone. And it hasn’t ended.

New ImageWhich one is sending us into paroxysms of hysteria? Which one is causing us to hunker down at home behind barred doors, close businesses, lay off employees and inflict serious damage on the economy? Yes, the teeny-tiny flu.

This is nuts.

But I have good news from China. Starbucks is reopening 95 percent of its shops in the communist country. While honest information about the Kung Flu is questionable from the Chinese government, the Starbucks reopenings are important.

Starbucks is not a government propaganda outlet. Their reopenings indicate the Kung Flu is winding down in China after a three-month surge.

As of two days ago, if one is to believe China, 3,292 people had died there from the Kung Flu, which is still far less than the seasonal flu in the United States alone.

Yes, the commies will soon be able to order a smoked butterscotch frappuccino with a sprouted grain vegan bagel and avocado spread. Or most any of the trendily named offerings from the Seattle corporate behemoth. Cause for joy.

Now let’s all head outside. Hold hands, kiss and hug.

* * * *

* Read this. Interesting take on things.

24 thoughts on “Kung Flu vs. Normal flu

  1. Here’s some parodies I collected over the past few days. Clearly, people have too much time on their hands. (If the list is too long, I understand if you don’t want to post them.) Enjoy.

    I gotta wash my hands

    My Corona

    Coronavirus Rapsody

    Don’t stand so close to me

    Corona Corona

    A funny roll, mate

    The Bug Boat

    Kokomo (Corona)

    500 miles. (The Proclaimers)


  2. The USA alone has averaged 2.8 million deaths each year for the past few years. We are at 6 deaths per million people associated with Coronavirus and the majority having underlying health conditions. So most of the virus deaths would’ve been in the 2.8 million statistic already. Let’s let each state start to open up. Kansas doesn’t need to have the same restrictions as, say, New York.


  3. Denmark and Norway are following the full lockdown strategy while Sweden, so far, is “almost” business as usual. It’ll be interesting to compare results when all has passed.


      1. As of yesterday, Sweden (4947) and Norway (4828) have almost the same amount of virus cases yet Sweden has nearly six times the amount of deaths, 239 vs. 43.


  4. Felipe, I know you are enamoured with yer man in the White House, but I think your president has dropped the ball on this virus! His prevarication and denials wasted so much time that could have been used to at least prepare for the onslaught. He, of course, denies that as just trying to sooth the stock market, but you can see Pence and Dr FaucI using sensible language when talking to the press during their broadcasts. To be honest, I believe he is in early dementia, I’ve seen it play out, and it’s not pretty, I’m surprised that they haven’t popped him into a sanatorium “suffering“ from stress or stroke and slipped a more sensible fellow in to manage this fiasco.

    I used to work in the service and repair of hospital equipment in one of my previous lives, I knew this one stank from the get-go. I feel that your man can kiss his ass goodbye as regards re-election, and once this virus takes hold, you will see deaths rising at an alarming rate. I hate to say it, but I could see deaths in the region of six figures or more, and that is very sad and unnecessary. Of course, one of the biggest hits will be the elderly, and that is primarily due to healthcare being too expensive or nonexistent for them.


    1. Colm: Whether the U.S. (in the form of the Blond Bomber) reacted too slowly to the Kung Flu threat is possible. So did China, Spain, Italy, etc. But it appears that whatever can be done now is being done, and that is good. This is a totally new global phenomenon. The playbook is being written.

      As for Trump’s being re-elected, sure he will. Let us pray so. Look at the alternative. Speaking of dementia.


      1. It’s a lame excuse really for a country that spends billions on intelligence yet ignores a huge hint that will take out so many or, I suspect, deliberately allowing it to happen. The old adage that there is nothing more uncommon than common sense seems to apply there.

        I think that once this blows over, the backlash will change healthcare access for the better for those who were left In ignorance and left to die. Hopefully, we will not be part of the departed. We are fortunate that we have found a safe spot to hibernate. Hopefully, you too will be safe on your hilltop with your own particular goddess.


        1. Colm: I think that it’s easy to use hindsight, far easier than foresight. As for improving U.S. healthcare, Lord knows it needs it.

          Glad you’re safe. Hope we are too. I remain optimistic.


  5. At the absolute least, you must wait one year before comparing “Kung Flu” to regular “seasonal flu.” The “Kung Flu” has barely begun, and is expanding at a frightening rate. Just given the fact that it’s still spreading very rapidly (far more rapidly than seasonal flu) means that it’s 100% ridiculous to compare it to seasonal flu. Yup, that’s one hundred percent! And you’re smart enough to know that. So cut it out with the flu comparisons already!


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we’re starting to worry more about the economic fallout than the health fallout.


          1. Kim: You’ve left so many comments here in the last few minutes that I got overwhelmed. I just went over your contributions and corrected a few things. I think I got them all. If not, let me know. It’s one of the few defects of the WP comment system that comments can only be edited by me.

            Jonas cannot respond to your query now because he has been banished for bad behavior. I wish people would be nice.


            1. Thank you.

              Maybe you deleted the “bad behavior” comment by J, but from what I saw, he hadn’t behaved badly.

              I don’t know why people have to be obnoxious. I’ve occasionally disagreed with you vehemently, but I don’t turn it into a personal attack.


              1. Kim: It had been a slow, but obvious to me, trend toward more and more arguing and increasing rudeness. Specifically, it was the “numbskulls” word. It would have gone downhill from there. I promise you. I have seen it too often in the past. As for your disagreeing with me, or anyone else who is polite, yes you have, but you do not use derogatory words. You use logic, sometimes flawed, of course, but you are polite. I have no problem whatsoever with people disagreeing as long as they’re polite. No, he did not say I was a numbskull directly. It was purposefully tangential, but I clearly saw where it was headed. Been there too often in the past. No matter. I wish him well, but somewhere else, not here.


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