Reuben the bulldog

I AM A YOUTUBE fanatic. Anything that’s ever been filmed, it seems, is on YouTube. It’s a gold mine of information and entertainment, something that’s more important than ever in these quarantine days of the Plague Year.

Recently, I found the channel of Ruben the Bulldog. It is very fun, not only due to Reuben himself but to his owner who writes captions that are quite clever.

I sometimes think of getting a dog. Long on the list has been a standard poodle, the big, non-whiny ones. not the little froufrou mutts. But after watching Reuben for a couple of weeks, I think maybe an English bulldog would add to the tone around here.

I’ve never owned a dog in my life.

But Reuben has a certain cachet.

18 thoughts on “Reuben the bulldog

  1. Not mentioned are the snoring aspect of the mashed-up nose and the fact that English bulldogs’ farts can clear a small auditorium. Those factoids should be taken into consideration.


    1. Carole: On the channel, the fart issue is mentioned fairly often and, of course, they snore. With those noses, how could they not? But he is quite cute.


    1. Beverly Kay: People say that, and I would like to have one except for one issue. The poop. Why do they have to poop? I do not want my yard full of poop. Someone must deal with it. It wouldn’t be the dog because he would not care. It would be me, and I’m not a poop sort of fellow.


  2. I don’t have a bulldog, but have an old Lab. He snores, and lets off silent but deadly ones. My next-door neighbour complained recently that Duff had pooped on “his” path between our two properties and his son had stepped in it. Because of that he is building a fence between us which is great really as his son was trespassing on mine. I left it open to give him better access to his yard. The fence will block all access, I’ve been laughing ever since.


  3. I’ve had two dogs. Yes, they are great. Yes, they are a hassle at times. Yes, they are expensive at times. Yes, it is incredibly sad when they die. I won’t give you any advice on the subject. It’s your call. We’ve talked about getting another dog and have both come to the conclusion: NO!

    I live vicariously through other people’s dogs of which there are many. Today I got licked by a Boston Terrier. … and I don’t even have to pick up the poop. Win/win.


  4. Being the intelligent vato you are, I’m sure you have figured out that dogs, much like people, has different personalities. I have been blessed with several that starting with my childhood days living in the country with assorted other animals.

    If you can give them their space they are wonderful companions. I lost my last one a couple of years ago. He was half boxer, half hound, rescued from the certain death of a New Mexico pound. A wonderful dog, fluent in Spanish, am emphasizing doggie with a heart of gold. Of course, I still have feeding rights to La Gringa’s miniature poodle. By the way, he’s not yappy at all, and he’s quite smart. Poodles are pretty much like that.


  5. I miss owning a dog. But I do not miss the broken screens, completely readjusting my schedule to the dog’s, and, yes, the feces problem. The house with no name was not built with dogs in mind. The hacienda, however, is ideal dog territory.

    One caveat. Beware of falling for a breed because one of its kind is a Youtube star. They are all individual with their own traits — though some traits are more common is certain breeds. It is a bit like dating. And that may explain why I am both single and dogless.


    1. Señor Cotton: Yes, the Hacienda is good dog space, but I doubt it will ever be used as such.

      Though my parents refused to have a dog when I was growing up, they immediately switched gears when they retired and inherited my maternal grandmother’s Georgia farm. They went through dogs like popcorn. A Dalmatian (untrainable and dumb, they said), a dobermen (nice and very affectionate, they said, but he got hit by a car), a basset (can’t remember what they said about him or what happened to him), and finally a beagle, which they said was far superior to the others. They loved that basset. Missy was her name.


  6. A dog would be the perfect addition to your life, but you might not be the perfect partner for a canine. If you were cut out to have a dog, you would’ve had one by now. You’re too old and set in your ways to bring a doglet into your life, and I suspect that your child bride may be the same. You’re a lot older than your parents were when they retired and moved to Green Acres. It’s probably in everyone’s best interest that you continue your dog-free ways.

    Sure, dogs are messy, they break things, they steal, and they demand a lot. But they give far more in return. Just ask Morgen the World’s Most Perfect Doberman.


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