These dismal days

Nice, clean water in the birdbath this morning.

UNCLE JOSÉ, i.e. the Mexican government, says it’s gonna take more-drastic measures to counter the Kung Flu, starting, I believe, next Wednesday. We’re going to Costco and Chedraui early Monday, so we’ll be stocking up on survival items.

Mexicans don’t take the government very seriously when they can get away with it, so it’ll be interesting to watch. One agency said yesterday we may have eight times more Kung Flu cases than the official count which sits at 21,243 with 194 fatalities.

Speaking of survival items, I drove to the pharmacy yesterday to purchase a two-month supply of Sildenafil. I had run out. What’s the point of having a buff child bride if you cannot take advantage of that? I last touched on this topic in 2013.

I got up at dawn today, checked online for news and gossip, did my gym workout, and went downstairs for coffee, biscuit and honey. Then the two of us chilled out a spell on the soft, scarlet sofa with music and incense as is our custom. That usually ends at 9.

Checked online a bit more, put on grubby clothes and headed out for my morning walk on the neighborhood plaza. My child bride did not accompany me due to her being busy, knitting, of all things, a sweater. In April.

Second breakfast, cereal, occurred at 11, as usual. We took our vitamins. She returned to the knitting, and I braced myself emotionally for yard work, mostly picking up bougainvillea clippings from a couple of days ago, but I also deadheaded Birds of Paradise, the act of which is almost as grim as it sounds. They look like real birds.

Then I scrubbed the birdbath, refilled it with water, toted a huge bag of green garbage out to the Honda where it sits until after lunch when I’ll transport it and other trash to the dumpster on the ring road. Even in the Plague Year, garbage happens.

But before the trash run, we’ll down beans, rice and sausage from Costco. That’s lunch for today. Chopped onion and Tabasco sauce will also be in attendance.

Oh, I forgot to mention that after second breakfast, I sat in the upstairs terraza, and my child bride gave me a haircut. Since my current ‘do is a buzz cut, and I own a clipper set, this is easy work. I look quite clean and nice now.

Everyone desires a lovely corpse.

21 thoughts on “These dismal days

  1. What type os sausage? The absence of a Costco in these parts make me live vicariously when the topic of sausage is mentioned.

    I am making a sausage of sorts today. Minced pork with Moroccan spices. It will be the centerpiece of tomorrow’s lunch.


  2. Up before dawn. I heard the roosters at 5 a.m., coffee and news. We head out to the football field. Not really. It’s a soccer field. Walk and use the great outdoor exercise equipment, then home for breakfast. A little work in the yard that I like to do unlike some others. A little more reading, and it’s time for a swim and the cocktail hour. We are also having sausage, but sadly no Moroccan spice. My lovely bride doesn’t like any real spices, but it is a great day again.

    The birdbath looks great, I will see if I can talk my lovely bride into something like that. We have a great life in Mexico, you know. Kung Flu or no Kung Flu.

    I also think your upstairs terrace is a great place to sit and contemplate life or read a book or a Kindle.


    1. Kirk: A football field down here is a soccer field. They get confused with words. I wish I had a place for a swim, and I wish I could enjoy cocktail hours like I did for so many years up north. The birdbath was purchased on the highway between San Miguel and Dolores Hidalgo. All manner of great ceramic things available in and around Dolores Hidalgo. Drive on over there sometime.


  3. Well, don’t fret. The numbers of the Kung Flu will most likely head downwards quickly. At least that has been the case in my world. Not so much the case in N.Y. In the meantime, continue to self-isolate and ride it out like a hurricane.


  4. Excellent flash-view of life at the hacienda señor. Routine is good, great even.

    If we take a look at fears generated in the past, recent and distant, it does not take long to find pandemics real and imagined. The internet is an excellent source for this information.

    I would say to you “Live Long And Prosper,” but you’ve already accomplished the first as well as the second.

    Saludos, Señor Felipe!


    1. Ricardo: I can’t help but think this whole thing would have passed with far less hoopla had we not discovered the internet.

      In any event, we better end this economic shutdown pretty darn fast.


  5. I have so much to say, but it all became unimportant when I saw your picture of the yard.
    We stopped in Hatch, New Mexico, late this fall and we were just lusting after birdbaths like yours. I showed my wife the picture this morning. She is so jealous. Every year we try to scheme how we could have stuff like that, but alas we are nomads, and you can’t have stuff like that in a RV. Every time you publish photos of your house and yard, I show my wife. We just love it.

    We are currently in a Walmart parking lot, on our way home to Northern Ohio where we park for four months. We are coming back about a month early because there is no joy in traveling right now.

    Stay health,y my friend!


    1. Dave: Yes, nomads are very restricted in some aspects of life. When I moved south, I had it in my mind that if it did not work out down here, my next plan would have been to buy a traveling home in the United States, maybe something along the lines of what John Steinbeck had in “Travels with Charley.” I might even have obtained a Charley since he could have pooped outside, and then we would have driven on down the road.

      You two stay healthy too. Thanks for the positive feedback, as always.


  6. I agree that the number of COVID cases is probably 8-10 times higher if not more because the majority are asymptomatic and won’t be tested or hospitalized. Both my wife and I think we caught the virus in early February. I had it worse than my wife possibly because I had athsma before. There were about 2-3 days where I struggled to catch a breath and then it slowly went away. The whole thing lasted about 3 weeks. We never got tested because we didn’t meet the criteria, so are not part of the official statistics.

    Today, it’s Eggs Benedict for breakfast, and then I’ve got to make a marinade for the pork ribs we’re having for dinner. As you can see, we’re roughing it. Stay well, señor.


    1. Brent: Interesting about your possible run-in with the Kung Flu. I hope that’s what it was, and maybe now you’re immune, at least for a spell.

      I looove Eggs Benedict. FedEx me some, please.

      I’d tell you two to stay well too, but it appears that’s not necessary now, at least as far as the Kung Flu is concerned.


      1. Can you not get English muffins at Chedraui? Hollandaise sauce?

        For me the Wu Flu (if that’s what it was) started with a slightly sore throat and a buildup of mucus. Then a slight fever for about a day and then tiredness and achy arms, neck and shoulders. Then the inability to catch a breath for a week. It wasn’t fun, but I’ve had bad colds or flu that were about as bad. It was like that bad cold where you think you’re getting better and then a relapse. I’m not sure how much immunity you get from having the virus or how long it lasts. They keep talking about herd immunity so I hope I’m one of the herd!


        1. Brent: Oh, I can find English muffins hereabouts, and I can make Hollandaise. But I’m lazy. I want a restaurant waiter to set it in front of me.

          Thanks for the details on your affliction. Interesting. With luck,you’re one of the herd.


    1. Ms. Shoes: Longterm stuff, primarily canned goods which we normally don’t fool with. Perhaps an AR-15 with bump stock. I think Costco is planning on stocking them. Hopefully, they’ve arrived.

      Anti-fragile? That is an obvious category. I think it needs a hyphen, however.


            1. Ms. Shoes: You cannot just leap from one to the other. Antichrist is a well-established word. Anti-fragile is two words that are connected … by a hyphen.


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