The grass is greener

I CHANGED political affiliations in 2007. Blame Barry Obama and Rev. Jeremiah Wright. As some folks have said, I did not leave the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party left me.

I am ever amazed at the quantity of otherwise intelligent people who have not seen the light. Why, even blacks, that most-brainwashed of the U.S. citizenry, are coming to their senses and leaping the fence. Bless Candace Owens. I hope I live long enough to see her as the first real black president. First woman too.

As I’ve mentioned numerous times, I come from a sizable pack of Democrats. My last ex-wife, if memory serves, was a Bernie fan in 2016. She emailed me a few months ago asking what I saw in Trump. She seemed genuinely perplexed. I gave her a few reasons why and asked why she was not a Trump fan. Got no answer.

For her birthday last December, I sent her a MAGA cap. No reaction to that either. Maybe it was poached by porch pirates. I hear that happens above the border.

A friend sent the following visuals yesterday. Enjoy. And consider jumping the fence to the right side if you haven’t already done so. And don’t sit on the fence, which is just as bad, perhaps worse. This is no time for waffling. Be brave. We’d love to have you.



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  1. Oh, Dear Felipe: Before you and your Trumpista compadres launch into a historical overview of the Republican Party, you need to put down your eight-inch propaganda paint brushes and use finer descriptive tools. The GOP has evolved through the ages, and the GOP of yesterday looks nothing like the disordered, demagogic mob that it is today.

    Old Abe, would have been disgusted with the racial taunts and dog whistles Trump uses today to deal with Barack Obama—that he was not a U.S. citizen (Trump et al); that he shared Mau-Mau ideology (?) (Gingrich and Dinesh D’Souza); that he was not a “real American” (Giuliani).

    I’m afraid I hear those same dog whistles in some of your posts periodically. John McCain, a decent American hero and Republican, once had the guts to correct an older woman at one of his rallies who sounded similar allegations about Obama. Trump, if anything, fanned all that thinly veiled (?) racism for political advantage.

    The GOP of Lincoln was a defender of racial equality, something not so much in vogue among Trumpistas, who condemn Antifas people but don’t shy from finding some “really fine folks” among neo-Nazis, Tiki torches and Nazi flags notwithstanding.

    Goldwater—remember him?—was a true-blue Libertarian, who supported gays in the military and freedom of choice for women. Nixon created the EPA, enacted some visionary environmental legislation and supported civil rights legislation. Those were the days of “moderate” Republicanism.

    Then Doddering Ron, charmer that he was, bought into the GOP’s “Southern Strategy” which consisted in nothing less than fanning racial animosity in the South to pry traditionally white Democrats, now resentful about racial equality, and bring them into the GOP fold. It worked very well, and hasn’t been abandoned by the GOP. Ronnie, though, passed comprehensive immigration reform that provided for amnesty for undocumented workers on US soil. Give the Old Goofball some credit.

    And then the evangelicals, Falwell and their ilk barged into the party and worked homophobia and anti-choice ideology—ah, Family Values!—into the GOP hymn book, where it remains today. Jesus would be turning in His grave if he hadn’t managed to escape on Easter Sunday.

    The Bushies, who grew up in Texas among Mexican immigrants, had a lot of respect for immigrants, particularly Mexicans. Bush introduced comprehensive immigration reform that was thoroughly trashed by the Republicans and later abandoned. On immigration, the family was really decent.

    The anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, anti-Mexican stuff you have going in the GOP today under Trump, doesn’t resemble anything in the old GOP. Instead you have a serial liar, totally corrupt and vile person, who’ll say practically anything to cement his political base. And it’s working although I’m not sure what’ll happen in November.

    Republican Establishment types—George Will comes to mind, and Buckley, if he were around today—would be sickened by the mobocracy their party has become. Pry yourself from Fox News and Trump propaganda and read some history. There is some interesting stuff out there.


    1. Señor Lanier: I am speechless as to how to respond to so much misinformation in one place. I can only say that you might consider changing your “news” sources now and then if only for a second or two. Maybe some light will shine in. I pray for you.

      I will add that your claim that the GOP of today is not like the GOP of Lincoln is true to an extent, if no other reason than the large passage of time, but those changes pale before the differences of the Democrat Party of as recently as JFK’s time and the Democrats of today. Sad.


    2. Señor Lanier, P.S.: One can lead a mule to water, but drinking the water is up to the mule, ¿no?

      Again, I bring your attention to the WalkAway Movement where so many people of all races, genders (just two), religions (or not), sexual preferences, etc., broadcast their awakening and departure from the Democrat Party. Tellingly, there is no WalkAway Movement from the GOP. Here’s a way you can understand it better. All the rafts, leaky rowboats and floating bathtubs are going from Cuba and toward Florida. None are going in the other direction.

      The founder of the movement is a gay hairstylist from New York. Here’s a link. Now that you’re stuck at home, perhaps you’ll listen to some of the testimonies … or not. In any event, I’m always here to lead you to the trough.


  2. The essence of conservatism is that everyone gets to make up their own minds on issues. We don’t have to parrot a party line. We are not CNN-driven. We think for ourselves. Don’t take the words of a few nutcases as the party’s platform. The Republican Party is a huge tent. There is room for all sorts of opinions. If you are uncomfortable with the direction of the party, you cannot change it from outside. You have to be in it to change it.

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  3. Congress and Trump just dropped $2.2 trillion on the economy, on top of $1.5 trillion in tax cuts, and you’re picking on Bernie for “free stuff”? I’m having a hard time taking your argument seriously. Was I supposed to take it seriously but not literally? or was it the other way around? Need some help here…


    1. Creigh: Bernie’s “free stuff” is a philosophy, a bad one. Trump’s tax cuts are questionable, I admit. It needs to be offset by spending cuts, which is quite difficult to do. To paraphrase, I think it was Ronnie Reagan, there is nothing more permanent than a temporary program. As for dropping all that cash onto the economy due to the CCP Virus, well, there are arguments for it and arguments against it. We live in an imperfect world.

      I hope I have laid your doubts to rest.


      1. Sr. Z, you and I both know that our healthcare system costs at least twice as much as it should, and the reason is private insurance companies. Characterizing something like Medicare For All as “free stuff” is not only lazy, it’s disingenuous.

        Allowing the current system to continue is a perfect example of the kind of stupid deal that the Blond Bumbler claimed “only he” could fix but hasn’t even tried.


        1. Creigh: The number of old fogies in the United States who will tell you in all honesty that their Medicare is free is sky-high, as is the number of Social Security recipients who will say they’re just getting back what they paid in. Up to a point, yes, after that, and that includes most of them, they are on the dole, pure and simple. I am one of them.

          As for the U.S. healthcare system, you’ll never hear me defend it. And as I understand it, the high prices from private insurers are due primarily from lack of competition. A friend in Alabama tells me there are just two private firms selling in that state. One offers better coverage than the other for essentially the same price, so it gets most of the business. Nonetheless, both are staggeringly expensive. More competition would greatly aid the situation. Competition almost always brings prices down. It’s the great, capitalist way.

          As for the Blond Bomber not having yet improved your healthcare system, he cannot do it alone. Democrats oppose changes, and so do lots of Republicans. Your government is a mess, but Trump did not do it. He inherited it. Maybe in his next term. Let us pray so.


  4. Republicans, Democrats, arguing the difference is fruitless. I’m always so curious why anyone bothers to try and compare the “old parties” with the present-day counterparts.

    Politicians have always been ruthless, backstabbing liars. Every once in a while you get a Bernie Sanders that drinks his own Kool-Aid. He’s been the same for over 50 years, with some occasional deal-making and pragmatism thrown in. People like him will never get in power because the powers that be won’t cede control and end their way of life.

    True believers are too dangerous to the status quo. By the way, the KKK was started by six Confederate soldiers who were basically terrorists trying to make trouble for the Republicans in power. Yes, as the organization grew and died off, many joining were Democrats because that was the party of majority in that geographical part of the country. The KKK of today has reverted back to insurgents, terrorists, with a hint of fascism thrown in for good measure. That’s why they like the Blond Bomber so much. He appeals to their fascist nature.

    The Antifa thugs are the equivalent on the other side of the political spectrum.


    1. Dave: So you’re a pessimist. There is good reason for that stance, I’ll grant. I agree to a great degree.

      Glad to see you rightfully equate the Klan and Antifa. Problem is that the Klan is, for all practical purposes, of no real significance these days while Antifa is causing quite a bit of trouble. They are relatively widespread and violent.


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