Dangerous Lies indeed

I GET ADVISORIES via email about new offerings on Netflix. One arrived yesterday, a movie that debuts later this month. It’s called Dangerous Lies. I watched the trailer, which I still call the preview, and there it was again.

The ubiquitous interracial romance.

The percentage of new movies and television series these days that include interracial marriages is pretty close to 100 percent. If you’re making a movie or TV show, you’re obligated, it appears, to have a couple who do not look like one another.

There is nothing wrong with interracial marriage. I suppose I am in one because she is a tad darker than I am, plus she speaks another language, making us both interracial and cross cultural, so I have my bona fides. But Hollywood went off the deep end long ago, and it’s getting worse. It’s laughably absurd because it is not true to life.

In the real world, almost everyone marries someone of the same race. So when another movie or TV series shows up with yet another obligatory interracial romance, you just roll your eyes and think: How absolutely idiotic.

Hollywood’s intention, of course, is to convince us, by repetition, that it’s normal. It’s textbook PC indoctrination, pure and simple. But it’s far from normal.

And not just that. Every movie family also has its homosexual friends or neighbors, more often gay guys than lesbians because gay guys generally are more pleasant than lesbians. I speak from experience on that point (my sister). But the ubiquity of gay friends, both single and couples, again does not reflect reality.

Most people do not have gay friends because the gay percentage of the population is quite small. There simply are not enough of them to go around for all of us to have one or two. But in movies and TV shows, pretty much everyone has gays in their life.

But back to the interracial marriages. Their children invariably look like cute, little Barack Obamas. Light tans, very curly, big bushy hair, often with blue or green eyes and well spoken. The kids never jive talk. They are polite and lovable.

These families exist. Power to them. People have gay friends. Fine by me. But I do wish Hollywood would halt this endless, diversity propaganda.

Even so, the preview of Dangerous Lies was interesting. We’ll be watching the movie even though we’ll be rolling our eyeballs at the same time.

Come to think of it, Dangerous Lies pretty much sums it all up.

The title is a Freudian boo-boo.

Rest assured that these three met just 10 minutes before the photo shoot.

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  1. I think that, with all that free time on your hands, you’re getting worked up over not much.

    Interracial couples are quite common, particularly in large cities. How common, I don’t know, but certainly not rarities that would make one stop and stare.

    As society grows ever more integrated, you see black, Hispanic and Asian performers where they didn’t use to appear. Misty Copeland is a black, beautiful and famous ballerina. There are tons of Hispanic ballet dancers too (a lot of them Cuban). We were watching “The Sleeping Beauty” by the Royal Ballet last night, and black and Hispanic dancers were the minority but still there and quite visible. There are a bunch of black and Hispanic opera singers, many of them superstars. Symphony orchestras used to be an all-male, all-white preserves, and now you have many woman, Asians (in particular), black (not so many) and Hispanic musicians (Gustavo Dudamel is Venezuelan and the conductor of the LA Philharmonic).

    It’s not a conspiracy by anyone to present a distorted reality. It’s just reality.

    As far as gays, I suspect by now most people know someone gay or lesbian. (Even Félix said one woman relative is a lesbian!!!) I think that is just a function of gay people feeling freer to be open, marry or move in with other gay people, and in the process become more visible. It’s a trend that also follows reality.

    I don’t think Hollywood is ahead of the curve. You might be the one who’s lagging.


    1. Señor Lanier: “Interracial couples are quite common, particularly in large cities.” No, they are not, but I know you want to think so.

      As for opening the arts, whatever, to minorities, which was less common in the olden days, no problem. I’m all for it. Your citing minorities in the arts has nothing to do with the point of the post. It’s up there with saying, “I love Asian restaurants!” I love them too.

      “It’s not a conspiracy by anyone to present a distorted reality.” Again, you are quite mistaken. That is precisely what it is. As I mentioned, movies and TV shows these days to a huge degree portray most relationships and marriages as biracial, more often black and white than Latino and Anglo, and I would bet the latter is more common than the former. It is clear that movie makers usually, not always, make relationships biracial unless there is some compelling reason not to. They are indeed presenting a distorted reality. It is PC propaganda.

      “I suspect by now most people know someone gay or lesbian.” Again, unlikely, but not so in your circles, I am sure. Far more likely in huge cities than in flyover country. But that would be more likely, I’ll grant, than interracial marriages. I bet it’s far more common that people know OF someone who’s gay than actually having one in their social circle. Why, I even know gay people and I have an angry lesbian sister, of course.

      My issue is the PROMOTION, the advocacy, of multiculturalism as if it is a good thing. Anyone with a fair grasp of world history, which is to say almost no one, knows that when societies are multicultural, there is discord at best, murder and mayhem at worst. It is a societal problem to be solved in the fairest, kindest way possible, if possible, which it often is not. It is certainly not something to be pushed, which is what Hollywood, universities, etc., are doing to the best of their misguided abilities today.


        1. Señor Lanier: Do not encourage rude people. The Moon maintains decorum, which is a good thing. I doubt we’ll be hearing again from Larry with exactly what he is talking about. Time will tell. Name-calling is not an argument.


        2. Señor Lanier: Your new friend Larry did not get back with me, so he has nothing to offer aside from name-calling. I hope you are ashamed of yourself for giving him a thumbs-up, so to speak.

          Choose your allies with care. Discrimination is a good thing. In both pals and wine.


            1. Señor Lanier: I don’t know who Larry is either, but I doubt we’ll be hearing from him again. He is, alas, just a name-caller. Sad.

              I abandoned the booze in 1996. It was a warm spring evening, the first evening I had experienced clear-headed in many moons. The exceptions, of course, were work nights. I did not drink before going to work. That would have been dumb.


      1. Larry — I seldom comment on a comment on another person’s blog. But I need to break that rule.

        When someone presents an argument, the best way to counter that argument is with a counter-argument and not with name-calling. Calling someone a liar does nothing to further the conversation.

        As you can see, if I correctly understand Felipe’s argument, I do not agree with it. Or, at least, not in full. I have enough respect for him as a fellow human being to share my thoughts in the hope that we all can learn something from one another. Name-calling merely halts the conversation.

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  2. One good thing about this pandemic is that Hollywierd is not making movies. I may be wrong, but I don’t think they’ve made a good movie in many years. All they seem to come up with are remakes of old successful movies, and they’re inevitably much worse. And you’re right. They don’t make a movie without showing how diverse and woke they are. We live in a part of town with the largest alphabet population in North America. You don’t notice it at all except at the gay pride parade which is cancelled this year as is everything else. I have a couple of gay acquaintances but we never talk about that. One Spanish fellow in his 70s actually seems to support Trump. I give him and some others a large bag of organic apples from our property every fall, and he graciously offered us his house in Seville if we ever get out that way. Nice guy.


    1. Brent: Movies used to be better, true, but some good ones are still being made. Maybe not during the Kung Flu, but that’s temporary. The Spanish fellow’s support of Trump should not be surprising. Plenty of Latinos and blacks are on the Trump Train, not rare at all. Democrats would prefer thinking otherwise, of course. The WalkAway Movement’s YouTube videos are full of smart blacks, Latinos and gays who’ve come to their senses.

      Speaking of Trump and gays, the Blond Bomber is supporting an effort to force decriminalization of homosexuality all over the world. Did Barry Obama do that? No. See here:



      1. But Barack supported marriage equality, and legislation to ban discrimination against gay people in housing, employment and public accommodations, and the Democratic Party included that on its platform. Doubt the GOP included such provisions, or did I miss something? And is Trump going to try to enforce draconian discrimination laws against gays and women in such democratic garden spots as Saudi Arabia, Brazil and Egypt, to mention a few?

        Repackaging the GOP and Trump as avatars of gay rights, c’mon, requires enough mental and rhetorical contortions tp send you to a chiropractor for the rest of your life. Please stop it. It’s utterly ridiculous.


        1. Are the Democrats really for gay rights when they encourage the Muslim invasion? Try having a gay pride parade through a Muslim neighborhood in Minnesota.


          1. Thirsty: That is one of the many logical failings of Democrats. The “all cultures are of equal value” belief runs head-on into the Mohammedan love of murdering gays. And then there is feminism vs. the Mohammedan butchering of women’s clits. The Democrats might consider pulling their noodles out of the sand, ¿no?


        2. Oh, Al!

          Barack Obama came into office solidly opposed to gay marriage, as did his Secretary of State, Mrs. Clinton. Yes, they both “evolved,” but only well after society had. And only after Obergefell. After Orlando, Trump came out and SOUNDLY defended us. Mrs. Clinton did not.

          Don’t stay on the plantation just because you’re gay. Even Ted Cruz is now defending gays. The world has changed. Keep up.


          Kim G

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          1. Kim: I had to look up Obergefell. Thought it was garble. But no!

            As for your attempting to wake up Al, I fear you are wasting your breath. Would that it were otherwise. Some ole queens are set in stone! Sad.


      2. Honestly, one of the HUGEST misconceptions out there is that Trump is some kind of homophobe. I often tell people, backed up with facts, including the one you cite, that Trump is the most gay-positive president we’ve ever had. After the Orlando massacre, he immediately delivered a speech promising to protect gays against radical muslims. He had the first gay speaker at the RNC in 2016, and at the same convention supported gays and gay marriage. During the campaign, he said Caitlyn Jenner could use whatever bathroom she wanted at Trump Tower. He appointed openly-gay Rick Grennell as ambassador to Germany, and now has him as temporary head of the NSC. Literally, there has NEVER been such a pro-gay president. And I sincerely wish my gay brethren would recognize this simple FACT.

        But they don’t, because most are as brainwashed by the “liberal” mis-leadia as anyone. Sad.


        Kim G
        Boston, MA
        Where it amazes us that anyone wants a demented candidate to become the commander-in-what,-exactly?


        1. Kim: Oh, my. Don’t you know that Trump not only hates gays but blacks, women, Mohammedans, Christians, atheists and Englishmen. This is common knowledge. Where have you been hiding? Dear me.

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  3. Hmm. I may be wrong, but it appears you are getting yourself caught in the same racial cul-de-sac you have correctly stated in the past that obsesses many on the left.

    I know several interracial couples. Some who have been together since we were in college together. Just as I know more than a few gays and lesbians. Al is correct. Interracial marriages in The States are not rare — over 15%.

    I agree that the entertainment industry can be a bit hectoring in its view of how society should work. But it is often correct. Let’s ignore macro-diversity for a moment.

    You and I have agreed in the past that we should deal with people as individuals. Judging people by skin color is a fool’s game. So, what if two people meet one another, find that their life goals are complementary, and decide to marry. Does the fact that the man’s grandfather was from Nigeria and the woman’s grandfather from Scotland matter? In fact, isn’t that the very essence of the American Dream — that we enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness without regard to prejudice?

    The flip side, of course, is that every relationship will have its own bumps in the roads. And, I know from experience, interracial couples often have their own set of problems to deal with.


    1. Señor Cotton: That you know several interracial couples is irrelevant to the point I’m making. As for 15 percent of marriages in the U.S. being interracial, I doubt that, but I do not doubt you found that statistic somewhere. I simply doubt its accuracy.

      As for your knowing gays and lesbians, so do I. But you and I are not typical. As I noted in my response to Señor Lanier (in an edit), I would bet big bucks that far more Americans know OF someone who’s gay than actually having one in their social circle. Like the owner of the florist shop on the next block, that sort of thing.

      “Judging people by skin color is a fool’s game.” Well, sure it is. You seem to have missed the point of my post. I don’t care even a little bit if people marry someone of another race. I do think their children have a higher probability of emotional issues regarding identity. But that’s another issue for another day.

      But promoting diversity and multiculturalism is a recipe for huge problems. And Hollywood is doing that, big-time.


    2. Señor Cotton, P.S.: Let us assume your 15 percent figure is correct. That would include black-white marriages, Latino-Anglo, white-Asian, and let’s toss in a few American Indians and Australians for flavor. So that means 85 percent of marriages are not interracial, the massive majority.

      According to Hollywood these days, the majority of marriages are interracial. That’s what we see on the screens, both large and small. That’s their message. That’s what they want to convince us is normal. And not just interracial, but black-white almost exclusively. You rarely see Latina-Anglo and even less white-Asian. Hollywood is fixated on black-white relationships. I wonder what percentage of that 15 percent they comprise.

      But it is all PC propaganda. They promote diversity and multiculturalism as a positive thing when history clearly shows us that it is destructive.

      It is a very bad thing to do.


      1. I will soundly disagree with you that there’s anything inherently bad about interracial marriages. Even whatever disapproval they might draw is not a “bad” that’s inherent to the marriage. It’s completely external.

        But yes, you are correct in that Hollywood would like to promote it as something FAR more common than it truly is. And as I pointed out elsewhere, that’s not virtue, rather signaling of virtue that doesn’t actually exist in reality. And thus, as a falsehood, or an insincerity, it is bad.


        1. Kim: I did not say there’s anything wrong with interracial marriage. Pay attention! Couldn’t care less. Wasn’t the point of the post at all. I take the same approach as I do toward “you people.” To each his own. I do think, however, that children of interracial marriages have a far higher probability of suffering identity issues. That’s likely one of Obama’s problems.


          1. I am paying attention, and you clearly said that the kids of interracial marriages would likely have identity issues in the comments as well as the reply I’m replying to. That counts as something “wrong” with interracial marriage. At least in my book. How could it possibly not? You are explicitly saying that interracial marriage causes problems for their offspring that single-race couples don’t have. You should pay attention!


    3. Señor Cotton, P.S.: I just decided to do a little sleuthing on my own, something I did not do before writing the post because it was irrelevant to the point I was making, which is that Hollywood is blatantly pushing PC, multicultural propaganda.

      The interracial marriage stats vary. One place says it’s 17 percent. Another says it’s 8.4 percent. Another says it’s 10 percent. Seems no one knows with certainty. But one fact that does relate to my point is that the most common interracial marriage is Anglo-Latino. The least common is black-white. That latter fact is pertinent to my point because the rampant Hollywood propaganda pushing that interracial marriages are all over the place is almost always illustrated by black-white. That’s the one they push, and that’s the least common in actuality.

      Watching TV and movies these days would have you think it’s downright routine and, again, it’s not. Not even close. They lie. As did Goebbels.


  4. Yes, us faggetim should include Trump in our gratitude prayers when going to bed at night. And when Trump comes out in favor of extending protections against discrimination of gay people in housing, employment and other areas of everyday life, I’ll be sure to pray doubly hard.


    1. Señor Lanier: Gays have all the legal protection in Trump’s America in the areas of housing, employment, etc., that they had in Obama’s time. If you think otherwise, again, you just gotta stop reading the NYT.

      Faggetim? Oh, dear.

      And, of course, this has nothing to do with the topic of my post.


      1. Yes, we have the same protections, which are NONE. If I were working, I could get fired for being gay and there’s nothing I could do about it, unless there are state or local ordinances to protect me. Felipe, you’re starting to sound like a flat-earth guy.


        1. Señor Lanier: In today’s America, you cannot get fired legally for being gay … or black … none of that stuff. What are you smoking?

          I am not a flat-earth guy, but my paternal grandparents thought the moon was a hole in the sky. Really. They also did not believe anyone had landed on that moon either. Seeing as how it was just a hole in the sky.


    2. I guess you’ve been praying doubly hard since 2016, then. Because Trump has been 100% behind the gay community since he ran for office, and I suspect also well before that.

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  5. You, sir, have crossed the line. Anything you say on this subject will get you in deep doo-doo. Dangerous truths are something almost everyone is aware of, but most people know that they better not voice an opinion. Those dangerous truths are only expressed among trusted family and friends.

    Yes, almost every advertisement must feature at least one black individual. They must always be a well-dressed doctor, lawyer or engineer driving a Lincoln or Cadillac. Never a truck driver, janitor or factory hand driving a 15-year-old Toyota.

    And, I ask myself, just what kind of person will drive a Lincoln or Cadillac to the store to buy sauerkraut or matzo meal? Not any black person I know. But then again, I don’t know a lot of black doctor, lawyer, engineer types. In fact, I don’t know a lot of Mercedes drivers of any color. But I do know a good many folks of all types that drive 15-year-old Toyotas and Nissans.

    I have to wonder just what black folks think when they see one of those upper-class black types in the media living that kind of life? Did he hit the lottery?


  6. Dangerous truths, just nodding and smiling, and in one’s mind saying to one’s self, “This is BS.” And yes, black folks do it too. We all know bullshit when we see it.


    1. Señor Gill: I imagine smart black folks do it too, and that’s quite a few of them if Candace Owens’ Blexit Movement is any indication, and I think it is. Bless her.


  7. Well, I’m kind of glad I’m late to the conversation.

    Marry an Australian? Surely you jest, sir. How could such a thing happen?

    Now for a random set of facts from the conservative frontier cowtown where I reside:

    Our main pastime as a couple is dancing, as in two-steps and waltzes and polkas, mostly in the traditional Country music genre. Our primary weekly bar-hop is to a little place downtown which is owned by a gay couple (female). Nice folks, but way in the minority here. In our little tight-knit group of dancers we have one couple with a Gringo husband and an Hispanic wife. Actually, she’s Gringa too. She just happens to be Hispanic from a border town to the south and has a nice tan.

    Do these two little facts raise any eyebrows? They certainly do. Does anybody really care? Not that much. If they did, they would likely not be present. And, to be clear, I know people who will not enter that downtown business due to the ownership of it.

    All this to make your point: such statistics hereabouts are clearly in the minority.

    Are the attitudes hereabouts kinder and more accepting than they were when I was a young man? Absolutely. Are they perfect? Does everybody love everybody else? Not so much.

    I’m with you, señor. The Hollywood crowd is shoving PC crappola at us. It’s not much of a problem for me. I have become really good at ignoring most of it. Still, I would like some realism in my movies or my sitcoms.


    1. Ricardo: A lesbian bar in your cowtown! Who woulda thunk it? Well, lesbian-owned. I guess that’s different.

      I prefer realism in movies and TV too, but that’s not what we get when Hollywood sees a chance to croon Kumbaya in our faces. Sad.


  8. It can be said that social change has always been lead by art. Films and TV series can be construed as art, even though many would disagree. Even bad art is art, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    I know the purpose of this lopsided representation of sexual and interracial is to subliminally change our consciousness. That being said, I can’t help but be insulted by the ever-increasing presence of this programming. I’m not an idiot, I get it. I don’t have to be told every day to be more tolerant. I have friends who are openly racist and homophobic. Of course, they think they are being discreet, and have somehow convinced themselves they are without prejudice. As we have gotten older, their filters have come down, and as a result I just hang out with my wife more.

    I’ve all but stopped watching almost all network programming with a few exceptions. Netflix and Hulu have many choices that don’t treat me like a prejudiced moron in need of life lessons.

    I think you should welcome Larry with open arms just for entertainment purposes and so we may open our horizons to better understand his world.


    1. Dave: Art, among other things, does lead social change, and Hollywood is well aware of that, which is why they are bludgeoning us daily with their Kumbaya mindset.

      As for Larry, he cannot return. I’ve blocked him as I block all rude people. If he’d only explained himself, but he couldn’t, of course, which is why he remained mute. We need to better understand his world? I understand his world quite well.


  9. I would like to know just what Larry thought you were lying about. The whole post is about how people perceive what the media is portraying. It is opinion, no one is stating facts. We need clarification on his statement.


    1. Señor Gill: The comment universe is full of rude and ignorant people, perhaps the majority. Most of them simply toss out profanities and name-calling. This is done, of course, due to the anonymous nature of the beast. Ole Larry didn’t think I was lying about anything because, as you point out, it was just opinion. It was just a form of epithet on his part. Instead of simply saying, Screw you, or You’re an idiot, he said I was lying. Made no sense, did it?


  10. I was thinking about Larry for entertainment purposes. You could be just like the media and take his posts out of context. The caveat here is for entertainment purposes. 😉


  11. Remind us, Don Felipe, how many years has it been since you stepped foot north of the Rio Bravo? Things have changed drastically in the past couple of decades. Sixteen years ago at a large family reunion, one of my vocally homophobic older cousins insisted he knew no gay person (which in my opinion was one of the reasons he could hold onto his extremely intolerant beliefs). I knew that another younger cousin — whom the homophobic cousin clearly liked and respected — was gay. It was not my place to disclose that information, but I did advise my older cousin that he DID know someone who was gay, but who did not feel safe letting that fact be known. Fast forward about 10 years, and the cousin who is gay finally brought his husband to our reunion (with the encouragement of those of us who had known about their relationship for some time). The very intolerant cousin discovered his stereotype view could no longer withstand the reality of actually meeting a gay couple. No Damascus conversion, but at least not quite as bigoted. I have extended family across the U.S., and among my first cousins and their children there are at least 10 interracial marriages, four of them white-black (others white-Hispanic, white-Asian, white-South Asian). There are also at least four who are gay, possibly more (not everyone comes to the reunions). On my short block of single-family homes in a predominantly white, fairly affluent area of Toronto (wonderfully, beautifully multicultural Toronto — where we do get along quite well for the most part), there are at least four interracial couples, one white-black, one white-Mexican (mine), and two white-Asian. In terms of statistics, and 8.4% vs. 17%, the 8.4% is “all married couples” vs. 17% “newly married couples.” Of course, I’m presuming the many interracial common-law relationships won’t be represented in these stats, since they aren’t officially married. Indeed, indeed, the times they are a’changing. For the better, in my opinion, and on that I know we will certainly disagree.


    1. Miriam (Joanna): To answer your question, I have not been above the Rio Bravo since 2009. I am delighted you are swimming in a rainbow sea of diversity and multiculturalism with a smile on your face. Power to you. And Kumbaya.


    2. Miriam: Thank you for your comment. Felipe is a really nice guy, but he leads a rather sheltered life with his beautiful Mexican wife (doesn’t that count as interracial marriage?) and sipping cafes americanos at the Pátzcuaro main square, reading right-wing sites on his Kindle. Not sad, just curious.


      1. Señor Lanier: Let us not encourage “Miriam,” who wants to opine here so very badly that she makes up names for herself and opens new email accounts just so she can weigh in. I am like catnip for some people, especially women. As for my marriage, maybe it’s lightly interracial, but I see it far more as cross-cultural. My child bride looks like me but with a better tan. Actually, during the heyday of my sun-worshiping youth, my tan every summer would have made her look like Nicole Kidman.

        Of course, I am paying the price for that now with ongoing skin cancers.

        I do not read right-wing sites on my Kindle. Kindle is just books for me. I read right-wing sites on my desktop PC, which explains why I am so well-informed.


  12. Hollywood is so “woke,” so “progressive” that they managed to edit out of the movie, “Bohemian Rhapsody” about the life of Freddy Mercury the fact that he was gay, in the version for China.

    Yup. Those folks really have my back. At least when it doesn’t cost them a dime. When it does? They’re quite happy to throw me and my kind to the wolves. Ricky Gervais wasn’t wrong when he said to the assembled audience of “worthies,” that if ISIS started a streaming service, they’d all have their agents call to make sure their movies were included.

    Yeah, some folks will fall for the fake, totally insincere “progressivism.” But I’m not one of them.

    And count yourself lucky that you too have a gay friend. Too bad I’m not mixed race, something I’d love to be.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where I value genuine virtue much more highly than fake virtue “signaling.”


    1. Kim: I’ll take you as you are, a white-bread, smart, gay guy. Were you interracial, you’d likely just have identity issues. No one needs that.


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