And on it goes …

Newish awning shades the dining room in the morning, which is nice.

I DON’T RECALL when we started our stay-home routine. Been a few weeks, but when you get older, you lose track of time. Time often flies incredibly fast.

Like a bullet.

The grass is growing yellow, but some plants are blooming. The bride’s bouquets and the red-hot pokers. The two datura bushes are coming back in force, and both have flowers.

Red-hot poker or, as it’s dubbed in Spanish, a cigarette.

Yesterday, I briefly dreamed of a jailbreak. Near the Bodega Aurrera supermarket on the route toward downtown you’ll find a Japanese restaurant, fairly new. We did a jailbreak a couple of weeks ago and ate lunch there in the open air. Seemed okay, and we know the owners a bit. They seem smart, health-wise.

But then I thought, just hang in there for a few weeks more. Life will return to normal, and we make good lunches here at home. Before the Kung Flu descended, we ate lunch in restaurants four days a week. The memories!

A big change happened this morning. Since we ran out of biscuits that we buy in a pastry shop on the main plaza downtown — we don’t go there these days — we’ve returned to bagels and Philly cheese for first breakfast. Been months since we did that.

I anticipated this and bought the bagels and cheese last Monday during our weekly shopping visit to the state capital. I think ahead, which is not as common a personality trait as you might believe. Only the sharp possess it.

This morning I’ll hose down the yard plants, which I do now and then, just the plants, not the grass which I want to remain dormant and dry. Lunch will be spinach-cheese ravioli that I bought in Costco. Just have to boil it and apply jarred tomato sauce.

The excitement builds. I dream of sushi.

10 thoughts on “And on it goes …

  1. Thinking of food and anticipating the next meal seems to be quite common during these times. We did the same. I use the past tense because we have advanced beyond staying put in our part of Texas.

    I’m okay knowing there are several therapeutic treatments that would lessen the blow if I were to get the stuff. My yard looks quite nice too, but not as nice as yours.


    1. Bev: Well, you lucky dog! You’re out and about. I’ve read that Texas was going to do that. Maybe it’s time to fly to Houston for a visit, if Houston is open too. I was thinking of visiting Houston just this morning, even though I know full well I’m not going to do it. It’s a pipe dream. Just the thought of fighting with the Houston airport makes me cringe.

      Enjoy your liberty.


      1. The borders are closed anyway to nonessential travel. I fear that my mother will get CCP virus and that I won’t be able to see her before it takes her. I have seriously wondered whether there’s any way I could drive into Mexico, but it’s a long way to go to find out.

        Being stuck at home sucks.


        Kim G
        Boston, MA
        Where we wonder if the once-extended stay-at-home order will ge extended again. Probably.


  2. Your yard does look very good, nicely laid out. Our new yard is starting to look better, a little color here and there. Coming across lots of interesting recipes to try out, but today is our anniversary so we’re going to go pick up a nice dinner for tonight.


  3. I have noticed the same thing about the passage of time. My Mexican days have always tended to meld one day into the next, but The Pestilence has sped up the process. Not only do I not know the day, I am not even certain what season we are in. It will be good to get back on the road to add some signposts to this highway.


    1. Steve:

      Not only do I not know the day, I am not even certain what season we are in.

      Maybe you should run for president on the Democratic ticket. I hear that confusion about time and location are qualifications for office.

      Best of luck,

      Kim G
      Boston, MA
      Where it’s clear that whatever questionable judgment the incumbent might have, it’s nothing compared to that of those who wish to elect an “alternative.”

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  4. I can testify that Texas is open. Well, sort of. Not like it used to be and will be again.

    La Gringa has put some more wear on the sewing machine (which normally gets little action these days) supplying the grandkids and great grandkids and cousins with face masks.

    We are restricting ourselves but not completely shut down. Everyone will be glad when it’s back to normal.


    1. Ricardo: This is two comments of yours in a row that have gone to spam. I just noticed. Got no idea why it’s doing that. Maybe it’s the Kung Flu somehow.

      About Texas, I hope the entire nation gets back to normal ASAP. Of course, everyone hopes that.


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