The nonstop knitter

Morning in the bedroom.

QUARANTINE FOR my child bride presents no problems. She knits. Hours and hours and hours of knitting sitting bolt upright. Women are strange.

Her days pass with knitting and calisthenics, the latter being quite time-consuming too. Her gym being closed has been hard for her. She has been going to the gym regularly for more than 30 years. These days, she tosses back a rug in the living room and finds gym classes on YouTube. She props up the Samsung tablet in front of her.

Then it’s bam, boom, bam, boom! On and on and on. Every freaking day.

After I shot the above photo this morning, I did a Hacienda walkabout, and came up with the photos below. I don’t knit or do calisthenics. Old boys gotta stay busy.

To date there has been just one Kung Flu case officially reported in my mountaintop town, and that person died. In the last two weeks, no further cases have been reported.

Amusingly, on an internet forum dedicated to Gringos in our area, the old coots, which is what most are, are chomping at the bit to get their “Economic Impact Payments” from Uncle Sam, in spite of virtually none of them having jobs or having suffering economically in the slightest due to the Kung Flu. They want their cash!

And that, mis amigos, is what’s wrong with America.

Ms. Bones has stood 17 years in the living room.
Wall on the downstairs veranda. That iron has a history.
Sombreros in the hallway.
Rockers, of course. At times, I’m off mine. Allegedly.

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  1. I really like your display of hats some of which they call Panama hats but are made in Ecuador. Their real name is, sombreros de paja toquilla. I bought a couple of them myself when I visited Quito last year. And I learned their real name the hard way…

    I know several people that knit and crochet. They love it. Apparently, it can be a stress reducer, as is exercise.
    You are lucky, she must be calm, during this time of the covid. Your wife is doing the right thing, keeping busy!

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    1. Andean: Those are hats from the olden days. The hat and caps I use now hang in the living room on a post, so these are just a decoration of sorts while simultaneously keeping them out of the way. Yep, I know Panama hats are mostly made in Ecuador. Should call them Ecuador hats!

      I never wore hats before moving to Mexico. Didn’t like the way they feel on my head. I started using them here to keep the sun off my noggin, and it works.

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  2. Take one of the nicer hats off of their ancient hanging spot. When else will you have a chance to wear it? Take a picture.


      1. Modeling no. Funny you are. I meant since you wear a hat to work outside, one of the nicer ones would appreciate to be worn. Or they get old and start to dry out and crumble.


  3. When that money dropped into our account, my wife jumped on it like a hen on a June bug. I have no idea where it went. We can’t go anywhere to spend it.


    1. Señor Gill: Were you two financially suffering in the slightest due to the Kung Flu? I’m guessing not. If not, tell your wife she must send it right back to Trump, that there was an error in accounting.

      The Gringos on the forum here have been told it will arrive before the end of April. If I get it, I’ll keep it. I wouldn’t know how to return it anyway. Send a check in pesos to the White House? I have no dollar account.


      1. It should drop into the same account that your social security does.

        Since you obviously don’t need it nor does President Trump, feel free to forward it to me.


        1. Señor Gill: I suspect there are needier people down here than where you are. Sorry. Maybe next time. Of course, I have yet to see any of this phantom cash.


  4. I had to explain to a young fella down here that those were for ironing clothes He was amazed. We were using some for doorstops. More pics to continue the story of your life in Mexico. They look good.

    My wife stands at her easel for hours painting and painting and talking to herself about what to do next. I’m missing the gym. When it closed I went to the football field. There was some outdoor exercise equipment to use, but it is now closed off even though there were no groups socializing around the equipment. From what I read this morning no cases close to us.


    1. Kirk: I brought that iron down from up north about 17 years ago. It had been owned by my maternal grandmother’s maid. As you may know, they were heated directly by putting them in front of a fireplace or some such technique. Really old school.

      No Kung Flu near you? Let us hope it stays that way. Same here.


  5. I haven’t got my check yet. Don’t need it and will donate it to our local food bank. There are lots of people without paychecks these days.


    1. Creigh: That’s a good plan. I may do something similar. Hadn’t really thought it through. Of course, I haven’t received anything yet, and am a bit skeptical that I even will. But I like that idea very much. Thanks.


  6. Nice pics señor (as usual). You have a real talent with the camera. But then you knew that. Please keep it up, and I know you will.

    No new Kung Flu in our barrio NOB for 6 days now. We have 41 cases in the county, one death. Sometimes it’s good to be rural.

    No welfare for the elderly funds here yet.


    1. Ricardo: And sometimes it’s good to live on a mountaintop in the middle of Mexico.

      Welfare for the elderly indeed. We already get welfare. Social Security and, for you people up there, Medicare to boot. And now the feds may give us even more welfare we neither need nor asked for? Incredible. No need to wonder why the federal budget is so deep in the red.


  7. Felipe,

    The gym here in our frac. has been closed since the middle of March. Like your esposa we have improvised by finding workout videos we like on YouTube. Thankfully, we already had a couple of resistance bands that we previously used exclusively for stretching. We now use them for complete total body workouts. LOL, we also found another workout that requires just two chairs and a broomstick.

    I’m still running four days a week despite the governor of Jalisco’s order to stay home and wear a mask when you do have to be out. Totally ludicrous to wear a mask when you’re out walking or running with no one around.

    Nice that your esposa likes to knit. As someone else already noted, it is a great stress reducer. My sister is a master at crocheting. There’s nothing she can’t make. I’m sure she does it for stress reduction as well.

    Like your pictures. Stay safe.



    1. Troy: YouTube is full of workout videos, and videos of just about any other topic imaginable. My wife ordered resistance bands from Mercado Libre and got them in less than a week.

      You’re right, of course, that wearing a mask out in public with no one around makes no sense. A lot of what’s going on makes no sense, however.

      Hang in there. Like all things unpleasant, this will end.


  8. I think I told you already that I will not be getting one of the stimulus checks. And that is fine with me. The virus has cost me nothing because I am retired — other than a slight dip in my IRA. In fact, the shut-down of air travel has saved me a lot of money.

    If I received the money, I would do the same with it as I am doing now — feeding neighbors out of my house and giving them a bit of money to live on. I am holding some money back. There are a lot of local good-works group helping with food right now. But, at some point, donor fatigue will set in. I want to have something available to help when the other sources dry up.

    Almost none of the people out of work here will receive a centavo from the AMLO government. They work outside the employment system and do not pay taxes. They are phantoms to the government.



    Use this link to see if your Coronavirus stimulus has been sent.
    From what I understand, just because you have direct deposit for SS, doesn’t mean it will automatically appear in your account. If you’ve filed taxes in the last two years and received a refund, it will then get deposited. If not, you will get a check mailed.
    Follow the link, they may need info to get a check to you. I have my SS check direct deposit, but I’m getting a physical check mailed. SS databases and IRS databases are not shared.


    1. Dave: Yes, I saw that link a couple of days ago. I filled in the info, and it said: Status not available.

      Time will tell. I hope they’re not dumb enough to mail a check down here. It may not arrive if it’s got U.S. Treasury on the outside, and even if it does, I don’t know what I would do with a check for over $2,000 U.S. I cannot deposit it into my sole bank account, which is a Mexican peso account.


  10. One of the things that’s wrong with America is the utter lack of any savings anywhere. Government? Already deep in hock. Corporations? The same. They spent the money on share buybacks. Consumers? A week into the shutdowns and an amazing number of folks were in those horrific lines of cars for food banks.

    Imagine a world, or at least an America, where most households had a year’s expenses in liquid, bank account savings. Would this be an economic crisis or disaster? Not yet. Folks would spend down their savings to buy necessities. Government would have ample borrowing capacity and wouldn’t have to be printing money to balance the books. Corporations wouldn’t be aggressively demanding government bailouts.

    Yes, CCP virus is a big problem. But it has revealed the fundamental economic problem that existed well before the virus.

    Never before in history has the USA had conditions so ripe to create hyperinflation as now. Frankly, it’s terrifying.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where it’s not even particularly easy to grow your own food.


      1. I’ve spent the last several years reading many articles to the effect that the average American household can’t put together $400 for an emergency. Well here we are, and they are literally at starvation’s door.

        Where went the value of thrift that built this country?

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