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OUR PRESIDENT in Mexico has a problem with the Kung Flu. At the outset, he basically said don’t fret about it, and he continued trekking around the nation, hugging and kissing everyone within reach. He loves to connect with his people.

And, sadly, his people love it too.

At times he seems to take Kung Flu seriously, other times, no. Just a couple of days ago, he announced the problem was resolved. So go about your business.

While his medical appointees have advocated the usual recommendations of social distancing and staying at home, as do most governors and mayors, our president says the people are wise and know what is best. Stay at home if you wish. Or don’t.

Make up your own mind. You are wise.

Meanwhile, his medical spokesman, Dr. Hugo López-Gatell, holds obligated (by the president) daily news briefings, and the president later contradicts him.

The president also stages daily press briefings, something he’s done every weekday at 7 a.m. since he was inaugurated in December 2018. Every freaking weekday. He loves to talk, and he loves to be on camera. He often rambles, and he compares himself with Benito Juárez, the indigenous president (1861-72) and national hero.

Reporters during his morning news conferences at times ask him difficult questions. If he doesn’t like where the issue is going, his standard response is that he has “other information,” and that’s the end of that.

He inherited a presidential plane, which he’s never used, preferring to fly commercial with “the people.” This creates issues for other passengers who sometimes just get off the flight entirely because they worry about security issues.

While many Mexicans love him, others decidedly do not.

Like Bernie Sanders, he’s fond of “free stuff,” and the people who get his “free stuff” just love him all the more. His party controls the legislative branch, and I fully expect him to have the constitution changed to make reelection possible.

Currently, Mexican presidents are limited to one six-year term.

President for Life? Sounds good, and the people are dumb enough to do it. He’s always speaking of “the poor,” “the poor,” “the poor,” which is well known as the cock-a-doodle-do of that fowl called the Common Demagogue.

Our president has been bad news for Mexico. Here are just two examples. One, he canceled a new and much-needed Mexico City airport that was almost completed. It would have been a financial boon to the entire nation.

Another is that he canceled the education reform that was under way. The public education system here is bad and corrupt. Teachers, on retiring, can hand their jobs over to friends and family, no qualifications required.

Our president caved to teacher unions that are famed for corruption and violence.

Both the new airport and the education reform were initiated under the previous administration, and our president hates with a blue passion all things done by previous presidents. He absolutely loathes them, something he often makes clear during his rambling morning news conferences.

And then there is Pemex, the national oil company. International rating agencies have reduced Pemex bonds to junk status.

It brings to mind the quote of H.L. Mencken: “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

Megalomania: A symptom of mental illness marked by delusions of greatness.

18 thoughts on “Face of megalomania

  1. Sadly, your heading and description should be aimed further north where the megalomaniac is recommending his flock to drink bleach and shove light sabres up their rear ends.

    Of course, I’m only pulling your distant leg, Felipe, as you know we are all straddled with leaders of dubious merit although I feel ours has really come up to the plate so far.

    I’m sure AMLO is fairly stressed out by the antics on the other side of the wall, and hopefully he will be able to keep all of you safe in the meantime.


    1. Colm: I’m sad to see you have swallowed the myth, pushed by the media, that Trump recommended drinking bleach, etc. I have listened to the tape of that incident, and he did nothing of the sort, of course.

      Yes, Mexico is straddled with a leader of dubious merit, Lord knows, but the United States? Nah.

      As for AMLO, he is what he is, and the citizens are getting what they deserve. On the bright side, every day they are noticing their error a bit more.

      Your comment went to the moderation pile. I did not do it. Also there was some garble in the second paragraph that I repaired to the best of my ability.

      Enjoy the day!


      1. Colm beat me to the point, of course, but you have added the perfect touch, Sr. Felipe: “every day, [citizens] are noticing their error a bit more.”


        1. Creigh: I recommend that “you people” brace yourselves for the results of the November election. It’s going to be shocking. Not for me, of course. I send sympathy in advance.


  2. Trudeau and AMLO are both idiots, which reminds me: Justin Trudeau said: “Why don’t we throw $100 bill off the plane and make some person happy?” AMLO said: “Why don’t we instead throw ten $10 bills off the plane and make ten people happy?” The pilot looked at them both and said: “Why don’t I just throw the two of you off the plane and make 100 million people happy?!”

    There’s your joke for the day, señor.

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    1. Brent: Good one. I saw it coming before I got to the end, but it’s still a good one. But they are not idiots. Were they idiots they would not be where they are today. A better adjective, I think, for Trudeau is ignoramus, a correct word that means ignorant, of course, and he is. I do not know if AMLO is an ignoramus or not. Maybe, but what he is mostly is exactly what I said, a megalomaniac. And a demagogue.


  3. I don’t know about AMLO, but I still think Trudeau is an idiot. He got to be PM because he was groomed to be PM by his handlers. Plus having the famous last name didn’t hurt. He’s a second-string drama teacher who can’t deliver a sentence without an “Um” or an “Ah.” He dressed up in blackface three times, but gets a free pass because the media are infatuated with him. If our Conservative candidate had ever done that he would’ve been toast.


    1. Brent: Well, he sure is not the brightest bulb in Canada, and he got elected due to two factors: He’s cute, and he’s named Trudeau.

      Well, there is one more factor, Canadian voters. Clearly, too many are not bright bulbs either. It’s an ongoing problem with universal suffrage, which I oppose.


  4. Promises are made, and promises are forgotten. Wasn’t Peña Nieto the one who promised to return passenger trains to Mexico? I suspect the Mayan train will suffer the same fate. Gone, like a fart in a high wind.


  5. You know what’s weird? Though I don’t know hundreds of Mexicans personally, I only know one who’s an AMLO supporter. The rest of them, and they aren’t conservatives, don’t like him at all and consider him something of a national embarrassment.

    I’ve watched a couple of his press conferences, and I can’t believe he has two hours a day to do this rambling, discursive, seemingly interminable press conference every day. Seems like a huge waste of time.

    Did the raffle for the presidential jet finish? And is some Oaxacan campesino now the owner of a large jet?


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where only idiots sincerely believe that the President recommended drinking bleach. Sadly, at least one is a friend.


    1. Kim: I have a few AMLO fans in my family here. They are an embarrassment, but not to themselves as it should be. I’m not sure what’s up with the plane raffle. It’s not a raffle in the normal sense. There are lots of weird twists in how it’s been done. Frankly, I don’t keep up. No one individual will end up with it. Somehow the winner gets cash, not the plane. Or something like that.


  6. Because your post is not about the American president, I will not be so rude as to highjack it to rattle on about how President Trump is everything you say AMLO is — and then ignore the point. I have seen that same eccentric behavior on my blog. I could have written about the choice of chilies in various dishes, and one of the usual suspects will post something along the lines of “I hope President Trump dies of eating peppers. And I hope all Republicans do, as well.”

    It really does not bother me. I guess they think their outbursts are somehow going to change the minds of voters they label as “idiots” to support, when the flood of emotion simply makes their arguments inconsequential. All in the support, I suppose, of Joe Biden. Though a large portion of them would prefer their very own AMLO. I will confess that I am rather disappointed we will miss the fireworks of a Trump vs. Sanders campaign.

    You know my reservations about President Trump, but I have none about AMLO. I had high hopes that he would at least try dealing with corruption in Mexico. Instead, he celebrated the rot in education with his coalition with the teacher’s union. That other pit of vice, Pemex, he has skimmed over because the Pemex union that supported him has a stake in keeping the mess as it is. And then he played populist roulette with the much-needed airport. All of it while singing the tired tune of every other president since the Revolution — by declaring his opponents as being corrupt, and he will deal with them, while protecting the corruption of his own allies.

    The Mexican people thought they were getting a reformer. Instead, they have got a big serving of Mencken. Mexico is about to suffer an economic downturn partly caused by this administration — but mostly by circumstances out of its control.

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    1. Señor Cotton: Trump is a world away from AMLO, quality-wise, and thank God for that. People try to make analogies, but they are not valid analogies.

      As for some folks you allow to continue to comment on your blog, well, tsk, tsk.


  7. People support political causes because politicians promise to do things for them. Then when they get in to power, they do things to them. I can think of a long list of nations that thought they were doing the correct thing when they voted for something for nothing. Cuba, Venezuela, Zaire, Zimbabwe all probably would be better off if they hadn’t taken the bait.
    Before you vote, think! There is no free lunch.


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