Rain in the night & flowers

TWICE OVER the past week, a premature and gentle rain fell in the middle of the night. The datura are blooming as are red-hot pokers, bridal bouquets, birds of paradise and little white roses. The occasional weed too.

I am of two minds regarding the rain, which normally does not begin till June. It’s good in that it cools our world down. It’s bad in that it encourages grass to grow, grass that will need to be cut, and the lawnmower has yet to receive its annual servicing.

red-bopAlso awaiting servicing is the Honda, which has reached 210,000 kilometers. I should have dropped it off at the garage a month ago, but we had this Kung Flu thing that put lots of chores on hold. Same for the lawnmower.

My child bride is getting skinny — well, skinny for her, which is still lovely — due to her gym being shut. What she’s lost is a bit of muscle weight, but the gym reopens next week, we were told by phone yesterday. She’ll be pumping iron soon. The Plague Year has caused many people to get fatter, not skinnier, but she’s always been a bit of a contrarian.

As previously announced here, next Sunday is our official end to staying (mostly) at home, no matter what everyone else is doing. Obviously, the gym agrees with us. I’ve already started to bust out. So far this week, I’ve gone to the post office and a carwash, neither of which was “essential.” This afternoon we’re driving downtown to visit a pastry shop for a sack of breakfast biscuits. I can’t abide by Costco’s version anymore.

During that same excursion, we’ll visit a yarn store because my child bride needs more of the purple stuff she prefers this month for a sweater.

Springtime, usually the most miserable season here, has been fairly bearable this year. Must be that climate change everyone is in a tizzy about. If that is the cause, I’m not a climate-change denier, I’m a climate-change lover.

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  1. Cooling things off is very nice and into every life a little grass must grow. We had about an inch last night, and it is nice. Should have known it would rain. I was getting some outside painting done today, but tomorrow is another day. My gym is, hopefully, open in about a week or so, and dining out some time in the future, we shall see.


    1. Kirk: It’s almost 5 p.m. right now, and it just rained again, but not much. As mentioned earlier, it’s way too soon to be raining, but Mother Nature does what she wishes. And now we’re heading downtown for biscuits!


    1. Señor Gill: Great God Almighty! I feel your pain. One of so many things I definitely do not miss about living in the United States is heat and hurricanes. And summer has not even started yet.

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  2. We did the grocery pickup at Wally World this morning. No bananas, no radishes, no beef, still no green onions. We did get some chicken. The bill was $175 originally, but when they finally filled the order, it was about $120 with all of the “out of stocks.” They substituted off-brand stuff for the name-brand stuff. God only knows what will be there next time we go. And I am afraid it is just beginning.


  3. I thought we might have rain here the last couple nights. Apparently, Guadalajara had quite a storm last night. All we got was a scattering of their used clouds. Is there anything as useless as a used cloud?

    My Mexican neighbors have jumped the gun on your scheduled escape to normalcy on Sunday. The weeks between Semana Santa and school summer vacation are always slow in our coastal tourist villages. So, returning to normal is always a bit more laid back than during the height of both the northern and Mexican tourist seasons. For the last week, my neighbors have been going about their daily lives. Almost no one wears a mask, and if it is worn it is shoved down around the neck like an inefficient drool cup.

    Traffic on the highway is picking up. Two tourist buses pulled into Melaque yesterday. No one seems to be the least bit interested in waiting for the all-clear order on 15 May. And why should they? Without any real compliance with social distancing, my neighbors are simply listening to our local politicians boasting that there is not a single reported case of the coronavirus in the entire municipio. Now, we all know there is a lot of self-aggrandizing hot air in those boasts, but the local politicians have decided to treat their citizens as adults, rather than controlling them by scaring them as if they were children.

    I do not know how this is all going to play out. But, I suspect the prophets of doom and the this-sounds-like-another-great-tactic-to-allow-the-government-to-control-even-more-of-our-lives opportunists are going to take credit for doing Something That Worked — even though there will be little data to support the boast. Because, no matter what happens, The Right People will claim they were right all along.

    And, even though it is only tangentially related to this topic, it is about time we introduced Tara Reade to Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, Leslie Millewee, and Juanita Broadrrick. She is about to discover she has a lot in common with them.

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    1. Señor Cotton: I think we’ll not wait till Sunday for our first restaurant meal in weeks, our official coming-out. I think maybe mañana.

      As for Tara Reade, I think the entire phenomenon of the pandemic of “sexual harassment” has long since gone into the Silly Zone. It’s right up there with, “You’re racist”!


  4. Supposedly a snowstorm is headed toward New England, but if that happens, it’ll be west of us. The lowest temperature in our forecast is 35° F on Saturday night, rather chilly for early May. And we’ve had a rather cold spring too. It’s making me wonder if there isn’t some short-term global cooling due to the collapse in petroleum consumption.

    As for the opening up, I’m beginning to think that’s the best course from here, at least if done in a sensible manner. That would include heightened hygiene, social distancing, and special protections for the most vulnerable. The latest information suggests that the infection fatality rate is somewhere between 0.5% and maybe (maybe!) 1%, and the folks who die almost always have some other underlying health problem. Also, I keep reading reports that 40% or more of the deaths are from nursing homes. Given that those folks aren’t known for their extensive gadding about, I think we should be able to protect them while letting the rest of us go back to something closer to normalcy. If there’s no vaccine on offer, and we’ve managed to prevent the healthcare system from being flooded (and in fact, many hospitals are nearly bankrupt from lack of patients), it just seems like we’re going to have to accept the fact that many of us will get sick and recover. Sadly, some won’t make it. But that’s the history of human pandemics. This is the first one where we’ve attempted to stop the world, and it’s pretty apparent that the costs, both monetary and in terms of human well-being, are literally horrendous.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where I kind of want to just get it and get it over with.


    1. Kim: The situation, to a great extent due to the news media, looked very frightful at the get-go. But now, it’s looking quite different.

      Yes, it’s way past time to open up both your nation and mine. Yours is far more shut down than mine, however.

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      1. Though the news mis-leadia deserves a lot of blame for a lot of things, I’m not sure they deserve much blame for the initial reaction. Like almost everyone else, they were slow to recognize the danger. Have you seen this clip from White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany? She turned the tables on the press, and I’d say rather impressively at that. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer group of people.

        As she walks out, you can hear the press cry, “You were prepared for that!” Poor losers.

        But now? Yeah, the press is busy terrorizing us. They’ve figured out that the longer the lockdowns persist, the worse the economic damage, and the more likely that Trump loses in November.

        These people are shameless. They’d rather see people lose their jobs, homes, and way of life than have Trump reelected. If that doesn’t qualify them for the epithet “enemy of the people,” I don’t know what does.


        1. Kim: Trump Derangement Syndrome is powerful and real and pathetic.

          Thanks for the fun video. I like that gal. But I’ve been very fond of all Trump’s press secretaries.

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    1. Leisa: I must come clean. I got that photo off the internet. It appears to be a different version of the Bird of Paradise plants that I have, but those I have are quite spectacular too.


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