Going full Swede

SwedenENOUGH ALREADY! We’ve been doing what many are doing for the past five weeks, which is staying at home except for essential activities. But now we’re adapting the Swedish system instead of the shoot-yourself-in-the-head routine. And perish of boredom.

Today, we’ve officially gone Swede even though we kinda started yesterday when we drove downtown to visit a favored pastry shop on the plaza for breakfast biscuits. I bought 10 to go. And today, we’re lunching in a restaurant, a big breakthrough. Then we’re passing by the Downtown Casita to measure a spot in the carport which we’ll fill with ceramic tile. And then we’ll go to the tile store to buy (or order) the tile.

When we have the tile, we’ll call “the guy” who will install it. He needs work.

We’re going to lead normal lives, but we’ll do it like Swedes who do it smart, which is wear a face mask when convenient and maintaining distance from others when we can. If we can’t, we’ll do whatever is required. It’s hard to pay someone from six feet away.

Or have a waiter put sushi on your table.

I’ve done some calculations regarding this Plague Year hysteria, much of which is being pushed for political purposes in the United States, and the hysteria has affected the Mexican media too, though Mexicans are, for the most part, at least in my area, going about their daily lives as always. When we went downtown yesterday, I noticed some businesses were closed, but many were open, probably the majority.

Most were nonessential except to the owners, of course.

When the Kung Flu appeared on the scene a few months ago, it looked frightful. It was very contagious, we were told, and each sick person could infect five or 10 others, and each of them would do the same, and on and on. By God, in no time, the entire Earth would be either dead or breathing heavily. That’s what we were led to believe.

Now, when many are saying it’s on the point of winding down to some extent, I’ve done some calculations. Mexico’s population is about 128,700,000 souls. The number of people with confirmed Kung Flu now sits at 0.002 percent of the population.

The death rate, of course, is far smaller than even that minuscule figure.

Here in my colonial mountaintop town, with a population of about 93,000 people, the confirmed-case percentage is 0.015 percent. Do you have your reading glasses? Can you even see those numbers? Our fatalities? Just one, over a month ago.

But I’m an old dude, and more at risk, you’re thinking. Well, I am an old dude, but how much of a higher risk am I? Unlike most people my age, I have no known health issues. I do not take daily pills for this, that and the other. Not one. I’m not fat. I don’t have diabetes. I breathe just fine, and my heart pumps on a regular basis. My blood pressure is excellent, ditto for the pulse rate. Cholesterol is normal.

So off I go, to live like a Swede. Call me Nils or Ludvig.

And if I die of the Kung Flu, etch Call Him Stupid on my gravestone.

I won’t care.

* * * *

(WARNING! If you live in the United States, unilaterally adopting the Swedish lifestyle may land you in jail and/or facing a steep fine. This is much more likely to happen in zones controlled by Democrat politicians and judges. Proceed with caution, and always vote Republican if you value your liberty. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s because you read the NYT and listen to CNN.)

18 thoughts on “Going full Swede

  1. Back in 2016 we were impressed with the standards that many of the establishments in your beautiful ville kept. One of special note was the ice cream cart/stand near the bank. The lady that served the ice cream did not touch money. There was a tray for the money and another lady took it and made change. Being a retired restauranteur, I try to peek in the kitchens and was always impressed with their practices.


    1. Steve: Yeah, we run tight ships around here quite often. We are famous for the ice cream outlets there on the sidewalk. There are three of them, if memory serves, but they are not near any bank. There are no banks on that side of the plaza.

      I did not notice during the trip downtown yesterday if those businesses are still functioning due to the Plague Year. I bet they are.


  2. The alternative is to wait until somebody with power tells you it’s safe to leave your home and move about, or open your business, or sit inside a restaurant. I have access to the same statistics they do and can make that decision for myself. If others aren’t comfortable with moving about, I respect their decision to stay put, assuming they can support themselves.

    Our governor and AG are at odds with a Dallas judge that jailed a woman for opening a hair salon before she was allowed to do so. In her words, she needed to feed her family. The judge jailed her and fined her because she wouldn’t apologize for “being selfish.” This was all inevitable. At least Abbott and Paxton had enough sense to not side with the judge. Their base would have come unhinged.


    1. Bev: Your lieutenant governor has offered to pay the $7,000 fine, and both the Texas Supreme Court and the governor have come down hard on the nincompoop judge, a Democrat, of course, The business owner is being set free, if she’s not already free. So all is good. Plus, a number of GoFundMe accounts have been set up for her and her employees. When I checked early yesterday, it was already totaling more than $250,000. Power to the people!

      Again, if you like liberty, vote for Republicans.


  3. I do believe that the shutdown orders may have helped stop the spread of the virus. I will give credit for that. But, the orders themselves, with their bizarre exceptions, are a helpfull reminder that government knows far less than do individuals in how to take care of their own economic and health concerns. Those concerns belong to individuals, not to governments.

    Some of my radical friends are taking the position that they are not leaving their homes until the government tells them everything will be safe. If that is the standard, they will be stuck in their homes for the rest of their lives. At some point, individuals and families need to be released to live their lives.

    If the government does not release them, they will simply do what you are doing, and what I started doing a couple weeks ago.


    1. Señor Cotton: You have radical friends? Oh, dear me. Why? Dear God, why?

      Democrats want to be told what to do. Let them coast into oblivion inside their safe houses.

      So, you’ve gone full Swede too? That is a good thing. Congrats.


  4. I think they have your number.


    And to think I was referring to it as the neighborhood kids are, “Wuhan, Wuhan, Wuhan on you.” Seriously, it is starting to look like there are a lot of variables in this situation. The virus seems to be mutating into different forms. And also, it seems as if some people have a resistance to it. There may be some sort of genetic component to this.


    1. Señor Gill: San Antonio was such a lovely city when I lived there a few months in the early 1980s, and now they have a bunch of loons running city government. Just one more example of the rot infecting what used to be a great nation. As for all aspects of the Kung Flu, God knows, but it will play out in time.

      Hang in there. Or be a Swede like me.


  5. With the weather improving, people in my hamlet are starting to relax and congregate in larger numbers. It was inevitable. We’ve been doing our best to isolate ourselves for two months, but our leaders keep telling us “just a few more weeks” every few weeks. Everybody’s tuning out the daily briefings and meaningless numbers and going outside, which is probably the best thing for you. We’re due to reopen May 19 in a four-phase approach. Most people are saying to heck with it. Our Wu Flu deaths are now down to 1-2 per day, and they are mostly in seniors’ care homes. They are now revising these numbers as many deaths marked down as COVID were people about to die of other complications. I saw this interesting video of the hidden agenda behind COVID-19. YouTube is trying very hard to suppress it, but it keeps popping up in other places. Today this is the only place I can find it. You decide if there’s any truth to it or just a wild conspiracy theory.



    1. Brent: Yeah, enough already of staying home. I am not the only one who feels this way, of course. Not only is it wearying, it’s counterproductive.

      As for the video, I recently saw a briefer version of her somewhere. The truth? Who knows?


  6. I do miss our regular nights dancing to live music at the American Legion. I don’t expect that to resume anytime soon. Those legionnaires are all high-risk types. I also miss traveling in our RV. That should resume sooner. It’s really a natural way for physical distancing. Unfortunately, we won’t be using the RV to go to music festivals, as those have all been cancelled for now.

    New cases would have to get pretty low before I’d be comfortable in a festival crowd.


  7. Well, I guess you will be the guinea pig. If you and the wife go out there and survive, we may consider the situation. But it only takes one person to reignite the plague. Keep us advised.


  8. Sr. Z, I hope this works out for you, but do keep an eye on those local numbers, and don’t hesitate to adjust accordingly.


    1. Creigh: I keep my eye on local numbers daily. They’re pretty calm. Whether they are accurate or not is another question. Oh, well. I cannot die young. There is that.


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