How far we’ve fallen


THE MORE THIS Kung Flu hysteria drags on, the nuttier it shows itself to be.

But the lunacy has roots far from China.

Western Civilization started coming unraveled a few decades back. It began with the Hippie phenomenon in the 1960s, but it really kicked into gear with the birth of political correctness in the 1980s and its ensuing growth rate which looks a lot like pancreatic cancer’s.

I blame Karl Marx. And ignorance.

It’s difficult to see light between PC and leftism because they are so closely connected. It’s like trying to see light between Vice President Mike Pence and his wife, Karen. Or between Michael Moore and a double-patty cheeseburger with curly fries.

Those of us of advanced age are fortunate. We’re probably going to check out before the entire shebang falls on our heads. And the Visigoths storm the gates. That is my hope.

24 thoughts on “How far we’ve fallen

  1. Four more years of Trump and most of the PC crowd will move out of the U.S. to other places that are so much more warm and fuzzy. Hopefully, that will keep the hordes away from the gates for many years to come.

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        1. I would argue he has given meaning to people of the far right. The ones such as those who dress like G.I. Joe to intimidate others. For them it is their wet dream come true.


          1. Tom: He has cheered conservatives quite a lot, true. And we love him for it. Now I’m going to the rear of my closet. Maybe my G.I. Joe gear is still there. I will wear it around the plaza this morning during my exercise walk!


          2. Tom, P.S.: I wore my GI Joe outfit — it still fit! — to the plaza, and it caused a stir of amusement among the locals. There were quite a few due to the weekly veggie/fruit market. Alas, I could not find my jackboots. I would have sworn they were still there in the closet somewhere. Same goes for the scarlet armband. I recall last seeing it in the bottom drawer of the chest of drawers in the bedroom. It was below the winter longjohns. But now? Lord knows. I’ll have to request another one from David Duke. I could use a new hood too. The Duke Store has reasonable prices.


  2. I didn’t come up with this line, but it’s funny as heck: “Haircuts are now illegal while marijuana is legal. Looks like after many years of trying, the hippies were finally victorious.”


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where my own lack of haircut is making me feel “deplorable.”


      1. Creigh: My wife has been cutting my hair. All one needs is female companionship and clippers. I recall you have the former, so get the latter. Since you don’t run the streets anymore, your appearance matters little.


        1. Actually, yes, my SO will be doing the honors soon. And she has to look at it, but I don’t, so no worries on my part.


            1. Actually, I proposed on Valentine’s Day, but planning anything beyond a trip to the county clerk’s office is nearly impossible right now. Even the county clerk is mostly online now.


    1. Señor Gill: Stacy Abrams is a choice piece of work. Having her run the Oval Office, which is what a Democrat vice president would do due to Biden’s senility, would be akin to having Al Sharpton do it.

      Would be another example of “How far we’ve fallen.”


  3. It’s a good thing the G.I Joes are there to show the undemocratic, Democratic governors that there are people who will say, Don’t tread on us.


  4. When we were young, we owned a house in a small town in Connecticut, on the RI border. It was the only place we could afford in an area known as the Appalachia of Connecticut. The interest rates were 17 1/2% so we assumed an old HUD loan on a house at 6%. and used my husband’s reenlistment bonus as the down payment. Every Memorial Day, the town had a parade down the Main Street (also a state highway, though it had little traffic) to the cemetery where a short memorial service was held and then the town’s people decorated the graves of the veterans. The neighboring town also held a huge VJ Day parade in August. We used to celebrate the heroes who preserved our freedoms. The local newspaper today is full of articles on how the coronavirus is impacting all the minority groups in the area and equating the coronavirus to a world war. The NY Times ran a list of the names of the dead on the front page, instead of an article honoring American heroes. The left cannot leave one holiday, one tradition alone. They have to destroy it all.


    1. Bonnie: We are living in perilous times though I do not think it is obvious to many people because the sun comes up every morning and goes down every evening as it always does. But things can change very quickly. Stupidity reigns in many places, far more than usual.

      I heard about that NYT foolishness which is just one more element in the left’s attempt to make things look as bad as possible because they want Trump to be defeated in November. The NYT could have chosen any serious illness or unsafe practice and found an equal number of fatalities to dramatically fill a page with. It’s just more leftist theater on their part.

      Thanks for weighing in. Haven’t heard anything from you in quite a while.


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