Woke SJW sees the light!


IT’S SWEET TO SEE a leftist come to her senses.

In case you are unaware of the #WalkAway movement, which exists in real life and on YouTube, it is full of folks — more and more every day — who once voted Democrat but have seen the light.

I am one of those people though I’ve made no YouTube video, nor am I likely to. I walked away in 2007, earlier than most.

This woman, whose name is Bree, was a Bernie fanatic and a self-admitted, brainwashed, intolerant Social Justice Warrior. But after the 2016 presidential election, her eyes were opened. The first video predated the second by about a month.

Watch both. She’s a babe. Both videos were made in the summer of 2018, and the #WalkAway Movement has grown even greater since then. The movement was begun by a gay, New York hairstylist named Brandon Straka.

Note that there is no corresponding movement of people jumping ship in the other direction. The flood runs one way, away from the left toward clear thought and liberty.

If you suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome, if you believe government owes you a living, if you think capitalism is the root of all evil, if you regularly read The New York Times and The Washington Post, thinking they keep you politically informed, if you watch CNN and MSNBC, if you think the United States is a terrible place and always has been …

… if you think blacks are always victims, that Jeffrey Epstein did commit suicide, that it was “Hillary’s turn,” that all cultures have equal value (except America’s, which is racist!), that women never lie about sex, that people don’t kill people, guns do …

… if you wear a pink pussy hat without feeling like a fool and if you cut contact with friends and family on Facebook and Instagram because they have different opinions …

… if you think President Trump hates gays, “people of color,” Mohammedans, Chinamen, and Mexicans, if you think Trump abuses women, and pimps out Melania whenever the Secret Service looks the other way, take a moment and listen to the words of this once-Woke woman who used to be your Soul Sister. You could be redeemable too.


24 thoughts on “Woke SJW sees the light!

  1. This woman makes some excellent points.

    Read history. That implies get some understanding of history. Know what the Marxists really wanted. And, what that direction gets you in society.

    Anarchy is not really a good idea for anyone.

    Evil in humans is not determined by political party.

    Excellent message(s), sir!


  2. I think there are getting to be more and more people seeing that the tolerant left is being less tolerant all the time, thinking they can just hammer the same message over and over and it will be believed.

    Many believe they will get a different outcome but hoping and wishing but it will not change history no matter how much you believe it will.


  3. I’ve made this journey myself since about mid-2016. And as time has gone on, it has become increasingly clear to me that the Democrats have become a rather intolerant, oppressive, and frankly racist party. How else do we know that the most important qualifications to be Biden’s VP are race and gender? MLK must be rolling in his grave right now.

    Meanwhile, the Republicans, who were toxically anti-gay, religiously intolerant, and other bad things in the 1980s have now truly become quite a bit more open minded. Yes, there are still a fair number of homophobes in the comments sections of some right-wing sites. But overall, Republicans have come a LONG way. And you can have a discussion with a Republican as they are willing to argue facts. The left and many Democrats have become an irrational, screaming mob. So sad.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we’re hoping that the left wakes up to its original values before it’s too late.


    1. Kim: You were a late bloomer, but it’s nice to see you’ve landed on the right side of history. As for Democrats waking up to their original values (slavery, the Klan, voter oppression?), don’t hold your breath.


    2. Kim, P.S.; I was far from being Republican in the 1980s, but consider this before you paint them, back in those days, as the homophobic end. General gay acceptance 30 years ago was nothing like it is now. I think you would have encountered anti-gay sentiments in both parties, especially in small-town and rural America, including those who were Democrats. You guys just weren’t nearly as stylish back then.


      1. True enough, but Republicans were definitely worse than Democrats in those days. And I haven’t forgotten that both Obama and Clinton ran anti-gay marriage platforms in 2008. Only after the Supreme Court gave them cover did they see the “light.” And yet they now act like they’ve been bravely fighting for gay equality since the late 60s. Sorry, I ain’t buying that bridge.


  4. The essence of conservatism is that everyone gets to make up their own minds on issues. It is a huge tent; there is room for everyone. Some may have been hostile to gay life, but most couldn’t care less. Don’t take the statements of a few as the opinion of the whole party. We are a diverse lot. We do not follow a party line.


  5. We try to be better. I don’t think it was Republicans who were hanging black folks. The Republican party was founded in Racine, Wisconsin, with the aim of ending slavery. Ask most black folks what party repressed them, and yet they will say the Republican. Somehow history was twisted, and now most black folks vote for the Democrat Party. Why?

    Minneapolis is in trouble. Yes, the cops shouldn’t have killed that guy, but how does that give people the right to burn the liquor store, the auto parts store, the McDonald’s and Wendy’s and loot the Target store? It doesn’t make sense. Do those people really think that those businesses will return to that neighborhood? They may have to go far to buy groceries in the future.


    1. Señor Gill: Most people today, especially the younger ones, will tell you that Lincoln was a Democrat. Most blacks today vote Democrat because they’ve been brainwashed, but lots of them are seeing the light, a good thing. Thank Candace Owens, et al.

      Black rioters burning their neighborhoods and making their own lives worse has a long history going back decades. Sad.


  6. From what I see on television, it looks like the better part of the mob are Anglos. It appears they are burning Chinese restaurants.


  7. I am the reverse. I was Republican since 6th grade. I was strange. When the other little children were reading the Weekly Reader, I was reading Time magazine. In 1981, when I turned 18, I registered as a Republican. I changed party affiliation to Democrat in 2016. I don’t agree with all of the platform, but I am more comfy in the Democrat party than with the right-wingers. I won’t hold your views against you. Unlike the hyperpartisan fellows on both sides, I can have friends who are of the opposite persuasion. Mostly, I just ignore their political posts and views on social media. I know where I stand, and I am comfortable with who I am.


    1. Laurie: “I was strange.” I submit you still are, but that’s okay. Odd that someone would switch from GOP to Democrat in 2016, the cusp of the Glorious Trump Revolution. I hope that before much more time lapses, you will come home to the correct side. I will pray for that.


  8. This reminds me of a saying my brother was fond of when talking about conservatives who were liberal in their youth: “When I was young I had a narrow waist and a broad mind. Since I got old I have a broad waist and a narrow mind.”


    1. Tom: A better way of looking at it, I submit to you, is that one matures and gets wiser with age. Doesn’t happen to everyone, but it happens to enough of us. More would be even better.


  9. Hopefully, everyone would mature and become wiser. But that isn’t entirely up to the individual. Environment plays a large role. If you grow up and remain in an ignorant society, you’ll probably remain ignorant. That environment rarely produces an enlightened individual.


  10. Well, I sat up watching television reports of cities being burned down. Luckily, it was 112 degrees here yesterday, and by nightfall, it was still too hot to riot.
    And what would they burn down here, empty malls?


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