A good scrub


SOME MAY RECALL that we totally renovated the upstairs terraza a year ago, putting a glass roof overall and improving the space 100 percent.

Over the past year, it’s gotten dirty up there, so we hired José to clean it with his pressure washer. He arrived this morning. You’ve heard of walking on water? José is walking on glass, but it’s 1/4-inch tempered glass. That’s shade cloth over much of the opaque glass.

The yellow building with the red roof just beyond is the sex motel next door.

Here’s how it looks below. Due to the Kung Flu, we’ve been spending more time there with limeade on late afternoons. Come sit a spell. It’s sweet.

José is standing atop of this in the above photo.

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  1. I expect to sit awhile up there with you on my next visit — whenever that is.

    I have considered buying a pressure washer for a number of chores around the house. The solar array. Bird droppings. Unexplained stains on the concrete in front of Omar’s bedroom. Or I could just hire a guy now and then.


  2. Nice area, señor. Wish I was there.

    Take care not to become too spoiled in your old age.

    I’m sure you won’t. You come from humble beginnings, giving you understanding and thankfulness.


  3. Looks lovely. As America burns, Mexico looks better and better. I rather doubt there will ever be riots in Pátzcuaro.

    ¡Viva México!


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where, for the first time in my life, I’m seriously thinking of buying a pistol.


    1. Kim: I was thinking just yesterday that the troubles you people are experiencing now just do not happen down here. Oh, we have little, similar things hereabouts now and then, but nothing like what you Gringos get up to. Some months back, a snarly pack of feminists defaced historic buildings and monuments in Mexico City, for instance, to make some point or another. But that’s mostly the extent of our radical acting out. Mobs all over the nation rampaging through the streets, busting windows, torching buildings and cars? No way, José.

      Of course, the majority of rioters in the U.S. the last couple of days are not rioting for that poor black guy. The blacks are doing it, for the most part, to get things from Target, etc., without paying, plus the pure love of childish violence, and the whites are trying to create chaos for a number of reasons, one of which is to make Trump look bad … they think.

      It’s great to live where I live.

      As for arming yourself, it’s way overdue. Look at where you live. Get something big and scary-looking, an AR-15 or such. Get training at a range, and you’re ready to go.


      1. Basically you are right, but don’t forget the “Gasolinazo” of early 2017. There were riots in Mexico too, and I wrote a blog post about them. But what’s going on now in the USA is literally off the charts. My heart aches as I watch the news. I just saw a video where white Antifa nuts were spray painting BLM slogans on buildings as a black activist tells them to lay off as they don’t want black folks blamed. Antifa is basically framing the black community for Antifa’s violence, and it’s outrageous.

        As much as these riots are ostensibly for the benefit of the “poor and marginalized,” it is the poor and marginalized who will suffer the brunt of the consequences. It is truly sad.

        Meanwhile, state governors don’t seem to have grasped that their powers are limited by what people are willing to put up with. And they don’t seem to have grasped that keeping folks trapped in their homes for 2 months has now literally unleashed the whirlwind.

        If anyone thinks this is over, they are sadly mistaken. The riots and civil unrest have just begun. It is going to be a long, hot summer of discontent.

        My heart bleeds for my country.

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    2. Kim, P.S.; I’ve found a great option for you, the Taurus Judge pistol. It’s a real bad boy that shoots both .45-cal. bullets and .410 shotgun shells. Here’s a link:


      Shotgun shells from a pistol! You could almost stop a water buffalo. I love that, and it costs less than $600. Go for it.


  4. Steve: Get a pressure washer. It’s a great toy! My wife bought one that looks like the one that Filipe showed José using. It works great for washing rugs. It really gets the sand and dirt out. Which we get lots of here in the desert.

    Kim: Forget the pistol, unless you just want to carry something when you go out. For in-home use, a short-barreled pump shotgun is much better. You don’t aim it, just point it in the general direction and it does its job. Also in the middle of the night, nothing sends shivers through a bad guy (or anyone else for that matter) than the sound of a shell being “racked” into the chamber of a big gun! Maybe get one of each to cover all the bases. However, Massachusetts has some wacko gun laws. I recall once, many years ago, seeing big billboards at the state line warning folks about bringing a gun into their “safe and secure” state.

    In our small rural community, it’s business as usual, no protests or riots. There have been small protests in Tucson and riots in Phoenix, though. As for being in Mexico, I remember AMLO causing riots (disguised as “protests”) by the teachers in Oaxaca, and wrecking a beautiful plaza. I’d like to be in Mexico, too. But now the Chinese virus seems to be getting worse in some parts there. In Sonora, we have a friend who died and know of many other cases. My wife communicates every day with folks throughout Mexico, and some formerly good places to visit seem pretty scary now. Mexico City seems particularly hit hard, but we never hear about it on the U.S. news. We have a relative who’s a hospital administrator in CDMX, and it sounds like they have it bad. Not just the Kung Flu, but folks are also having a hard time getting food, with having no place to buy food, and no money to buy it even if they could! Unlike here in the U.S., where we go to the city maybe once a month and stock up, in Mexico, it seems like folks have a ritual of going to the market each morning to stock up on that day’s needs, and not planning very far ahead. That puts you in a pretty bad spot if the market is shut down. We had planned to visit more ruins in southern Mexico in July, but I think we’ll sit this one out for a little longer.

    Pablo Ladrillo


    1. Pablo: Your pressure washer suggestion is a good one for up there, but down here, I and others think it’s better to just hire a local. First off, he’ll do it better. Second, he needs the money. Third, it won’t cost much. Fourth, it’s easier.

      The shotgun idea is a good one. And shotguns are, I believe, far less restricted than other types of firearms.

      AMLO may have inspired some teacher riots, but they riot on a regular basis no matter who is the president. They enjoy causing problems and disturbances.

      As for Kung Flu, I continue thinking the entire thing is overblown. Not saying it’s not a serious health issue because it is, but the chance of any one person getting it is low. If he or she does get it, it likely will be relatively mild. Hardly anyone dies. So come on down. Just fly over the border zone. That’s where most problems of all sorts are the worst.


    2. Pablo: thanks for the tips. I have a good friend who owns several guns and has volunteered to lend me one to take to a gun range to learn how to use it. In Massachusetts, yes, we have lots of restrictive gun laws. I have no intention of carrying a gun around. But I do live in the city, and I don’t want my home overrun by rioters. Frankly, it would be VERY hard for me to shoot even an invader as I loathe violence. Unfortunately, as noted above, IMHO this unrest is just beginning, and with 40 million (and climbing) unemployed, things are likely to get uglier before they get better.

      As for CV, for the vulnerable, it’s awful. For the rest of us, it doesn’t seem like a big deal. I started out terrified of catching it. Now that I’ve reviewed the statistics, even though I’m almost 60, I feel like I’d likely just be sick for a week or two if I caught it with likely no long-term consequences. Frankly, I kind of want to catch it and just get it over with. If I die, well, I’ve lived a wonderful life. If I survive, I’ll be immune and in a new sort of way, free.

      Freedom is worth a lot.

      Thanks for your comments.

      Kim G


  5. Well, I thought it was too hot to riot here, but it appears some lowlifes made the effort. A lot of expensive homes were burned in Cave Creek. Let’s see what tonight brings.

    I have to wonder why black Americans are always so angry. Black folks kill white folks all the time, and we don’t riot. It is business as usual.

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    1. Señor Gill: I’m guessing this Cave Creek is in your area. Keep your head down.

      Black Americans are angry because it keeps getting drummed into their noggins by the likes of Al Sharpton and Maxine Waters that they should be since they’re oppressed so. And, yes, far more blacks are killed by other blacks than by whites, but who notices that?


      1. Felipe: don’t forget to blame CNN, The New York Times, MSNDC, and all the other “liberal” news sources who are constantly trying to provoke a race war in the USA. Thankfully, the African-American community is smart enough to recognize this, but white liberals take the bait, hook, line, and sinker.

        Frankly, in the aftermath of Trump’s election, the Democrats and the mainstream mis-leadia have been the leading forces of destruction of our society. Sadly, they are steadily advancing their agenda. I fear for the future.


      2. No! Cave Creek is one of those neighborhoods that driving through it you can just feel the old ladies dialing 911 to report a scruffy fellow with a Mexican and two kids. The only thing worse is Sun City.


  6. Yes, it seems as if the media want a race war. But 12 percent of the population up against the rest, well, that is a recipe for disaster. Forgive them, for they know not what they do. And now the Democrats want mail-in voting. No matter who wins the next election, someone will call fraud. This will not end well.


      1. I am innocent in this case. But for what it is worth, the idea of all that steel and glass coming down on you in a shake is troublesome.


        1. Señor Gill: I think we’d be heading out to the yard in a big shake. Haven’t had a big shake in the 17 years we’ve been in the house. Some little ones, but nothing to worry about.


          1. That’s why the glass is tempered. The internal stresses from tempering make it explode into tiny pieces instead of coming down in big spears.


      1. A successful blog should make you proud. Boy, I wish I could have a blog as successful but I am a terrible writer.


  7. I might try putting a similar roof over my terrace, which gets awfully hot during the summer. What I wonder about is whether a glass roof would make the problem worse by turning the space into a greenhouse. More research is needed.


          1. Not at all. We have had shade cloth over our carport in Bucerias for around 8 years. The torrential summer rains have never damaged it in the least.


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