A quiet day at home


THAT’S CHICKEN pozole of the green variety, lunch today.

By 1 p.m., I was showered and back into my pajamas because it’s going to be a quiet afternoon. All the busyness happened earlier, before 11, which is when we had Second Breakfast. I did some tidying in the yard, gave the garbageman up the street a couple of bags, did our exercise walk around the neighborhood plaza and so on.

I’m writing this just before lunch at 2, our usual lunch hour. While I’ve slipped into lazy mode, my child bride continues full blast as usual. Doing chores. There are no lazy days for her. She wouldn’t know what to do with one, not a problem I have.

We’ll be quite busy mañana because we’re heading down the mountainside to the nearby state capital to run errands that have stacked up for weeks due to the Plague Year. Plus, we’ll eat in a restaurant there, something we haven’t done in about two months, and we used to do every week.

I’ve been watching the Gringos go nuts above the Rio Bravo, and I’m so happy not to live with them anymore. The United States is demonstrating spectacularly why it’s a lousy idea to encourage multiculturalism and diversity. It just leads to violence.

America has been through hissy-fits before, of course, but I was surprised by the numbers of people taking to the streets, the sheer volume which seems much higher than similar uproars in the past. I think this demonstrates how successful the leftist educational system has been in convincing American youth that it lives in a horrible nation.

As for that rogue cop who killed the George Floyd, I think public hanging would be an appropriate punishment, perhaps preceded by some additional Medieval tortures. But let’s not overlook the scores of black citizens who are killed weekly across the nation not by cops but by other black dudes. Where’s the uproar, the trashing of Targets and police cars?

Nowhere in sight.

Our pozole will be accompanied by cheese cubes, avocado, diced onion and tortilla chips. It goes real good with Coca-Cola, but we have none, so it’s gonna be filtered water.

There are clouds in the distance. Perhaps it will rain. We’re about due for the start of the rainy season, which will cool things off quite a bit. Life is good. Here at least.

Mexico is mostly uni-cultural. It works best. We don’t have race wars.

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  1. Trying to do chores in the morning, working out in the morning also before it warms up. We are looking forward to the rain starting. Also had a few showers so far but that’s all. Soup looks good. I have never made pozole. I need to give it a try. I usually fall back on ones I have made before.

    I have never understood how you can have over 1,000 people shot this year so far in Chicago — women and kids in that number, not just bad guys — and the only people protesting are the mothers of the dead and wounded. The reasons for the latest protests, and idiots doing the rioting, will go on forever as people think you can wish it to get better, and that is not going to happen.

    Haven’t been to the big city since it all went crazy and can’t imagine going now, having to wait at roadblocks and such, so we will just keep watching the sky for the rain clouds. Maybe the rain birds will quiet down then.


    1. Kirk: No roadblocks usually between here and our capital city, so it’s better than over in your area, thank God.

      You don’t hear much from the media about the endless carnage in places like Chicago because, of course, it’s black people killing one another, and that does not fit into the political agenda they’re pushing.


  2. The weird thing about the protests is that everyone agrees that what happened is horrible. The president thinks it’s horrible, the Democrats think it’s horrible. The Republicans think it’s horrible. The mayor and governor of Minneapolis and Minnesota respectively, think it’s horrible. They’ve arrested the perpetrator, and the FBI is also investigating. Everyone is determined to bring to justice that horrible cop.

    So what’s the point of protest when everyone is on the same side?

    So odd.

    Kim G
    Boston, MA


    1. Kim: Not so odd. There’s a large number of Americans, primarily young but not entirely, who just want to destroy. They are nihilists. Plus, there’s a large number who want a huge plasma TV for free. There’s a wide swath of American society that is rotten.


    2. Kim, P.S. 2: Here is a good look at the situation by the ever-sharp Bill O´Reilly:

      “The protests are driven by three separate groups that have basically merged. The first is inhabited by sincere protestors who believe America does not police the police in a rigorous way and that allows constant law enforcement violence towards African-Americans. That violence is reflective of “systemic” bias. That is the belief.

      The second group on the streets are criminals who want to steal. These looters use social media to pick out targets for destruction. In Los Angeles, SUVs full of thugs are cruising areas looking for opportunities knowing the police department does not have enough officers to stop the carnage.

      The third crew are the hardcore anarchists who also use social media to zero in on soft targets. This is the Antifa movement that is actively trying to destroy the fabric of America. These are ultra-dangerous people who burn and kill with no conscience.

      So let me ask you: have you seen or heard those facts reported anywhere? If the answer is no, ask yourself why.”


      1. Are those facts about protestors/looters/whatever being reported? Very much yes, on the much maligned mainstream media.

        I’ve attended a few rallies/protests and the number one concern of organizers is carefully instructing participants how to act and warning participants to be alert for people hijacking the situation for their own purposes, whether that be undermining the protest, opportunistic looting, or just general mayhem.


      2. I basically have heard of the three groups, though not described in that precise way. I’m quite familiar with Antifa due to my following the work of the brave journalist, Andy Ngo. And I personally believe that Antifa is 85% of the reason these riots went nationwide. I believe Antifa placed pallets of bricks in places destined for riots, cannisters of gasoline, and other things. I also believe they paid young (and stupid) black kids to create mayhem that they may not have done on their own.

        What I DON’T know is this: why hasn’t the FBI been monitoring Antifa and preventing this kind of nonsense? Had they spent half the time investigating Antifa as they did trying to overthrow Trump and harassing Flynn, we’d likely not have seen these riots.

        Combine that with state and local “stand-down orders” to the police, and we’ve got a complete failure of government at all levels.

        It is literally OUT-FRICKIN-RAGEOUS at all possible levels.

        And now? Time is of the essence, and these idiots (on both sides of the aisle) are arguing with each other about what should be done. Meanwhile the destruction is off the charts.

        Am I angry? You bet!!!!!

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  3. With the mess up here in the U.S,, Mexico may end up gladly paying for Trump’s wall after all.


  4. Not mentioned in the mainstream media very much was the arrest of three very suspicious people. The first one was a 27-year-old female from the Catskills, firebomb. She’s had run-ins with police in two other states. The other two were attorneys who lived in Brooklyn, one female, one male. Early 30s, good jobs, but they were firebombing police cars. They even threw one in a police car occupied by four police. They even have a recording showing one of them handing out these Molotov cocktails.

    This is definitely the work of a organized group determined on undermining the government. Where is the FBI?? It almost looks like they’re dragging their feet.

    My source in this story is the Wall Street Journal. I tried to find more info, only a couple of small news station stories. It seems curious that something like this isn’t front and center in all the media.


    1. Nomad: Sounds like Antifa, which obviously has members who aren’t just sitting in their parents’ basements all of the time. Should have been declared a terrorist group long ago.

      Not front and center in all the media? Surely, you jest. Most of the media are spokesmen for the Democrat Party.


    1. Laurie: My wife makes the tastiest and most healthy that one is likely to find. I’ve been spoiled by hers. Restaurant versions are always too full of gristly meat, grease, whatever.


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