Sunlight and tacos

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7:30 a.m. Sunlight hits the arch that separates the living room and dining room.

BACK IN 1999, just before I packed two bags and moved over the southern border for good, an artist and gallery owner acquaintance who sold my stuff in Houston told me he had lived a spell in Puebla and that what most stuck in his mind was the light.

He had the Gauguin eye.

I’m not sure the light is any different here, but at moments it’s more noticeable than at other times. We’re approaching the rainy season right about now, and that should diminish the blinding sun of springtime, which is mostly a good thing.

I need to haul the lawnmower to the shop for servicing.

9:30 a.m. Stone, big succulent, bridal bouquets, aloe vera and dead grass beyond.

Tuesday was a breakthrough day for us here in the Plague Year. We barreled down the mountainside to the nearby capital city, and we ventured farther afield than just Costco, which has been our sole destination, along with the Chedraui supermarket, since early March, maybe even late February.

Those two stores are on the relative outskirts of town.

We went to a bank. We went to a Soriana supermarket in a shopping center to buy lemon-pepper spice, which is a nightly salad essential, and we ran out last week. Not available at Costco or Chedraui for some reason. While my child bride was in the bank, I entered a monster mall to buy vitamins at GNC. For the first time, I had my temperature checked with one of those pistol things, and I was declared free of Kung Flu.

The day’s high point was going back to our favorite drowned-taco eatery, Las Ahoganitas where we downed four each, accompanied by the best horchata you’re gonna find anywhere in this life or the next.

On returning to our hardscrabble neighborhood on the mountaintop, we noticed it had rained. Perhaps there is some urgency in getting that lawnmower serviced and running. The lawn rejuvenates rapidly with just a few good gulps of rainwater.

6 thoughts on “Sunlight and tacos

  1. I think quality of light is mostly due to altitude and humidity. Here in New Mexico we’re very proud of our light

    On the other hand, our light behooves one to wear sunscreen and a hat.


  2. Oh my, my. I just saw Mexico’s Hoochie Mama on live TV, boobs and all. Senator Malu Mícher, apparently believes in full transparency. It would be interesting if Nancy Pelosi would follow suit.


    1. Sue: I have no clue what you are talking about. It’s probably too subtle for me. My mama once told my second wife that I don’t understand subtleties. My mama was mostly correct on that one.

      Mexico’s Hoochie Mama? Senator Malu Micher? I do know who Pelosi is, and I’m not a fan.


  3. Light here is also special. Especially in the morning and afternoon. I bought my house because oif its lines, and the light certainly puts those angles to good use.

    But I do need to make a photograph expedition up your way to sample yours. The clouds in the highlands are fascinating to me.


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