Candace the truth-teller

AMERICAN LEFTISTS, both white and black, are bowing and genuflecting toward the image of the Holy Martyr George Floyd. He was an upstanding citizen — or at least a guy turning his life around — brutally murdered by that white cop because Floyd was black, another instance of “systemic racism” in America and particularly in police forces.

I swear. Blacks just cannot catch a break.

Let us go march in the thousands down the streets and highways. Let us throw bricks into windows and set fires and loot businesses, all for poor George. Make sure to grab a Samsung, not one of those cheap TVs made by Chinamen. Steal something good that has internet capability. It’s all for George, and it’s all Trump’s fault.

Here is one of my favorite women, Candace Owens, doing a wonderful job of putting the George Floyd mess into proper perspective.

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  1. Oh, my God! Did I feel her pain! She’s so smart, upstanding, and hardworking and yet has to live with all of that crime and nonsense propagated by the George Floyds of the world and visited largely back onto the black community. And instead of being lauded for her success in life, she’s called a “coon.” And she knows all of those stereotypes that people silently project onto her, not because they know anything about her, but they know the statistics she rattled off.

    A white person can’t say what she said, but many of us paying attention know that it’s exactly the truth. When Hillary Clinton had Michael Brown’s mother speak at the 2016 DNC, I couldn’t help but think, “Why is the DNC lauding this woman who raised a criminal son who was stupid enough to get himself shot by the police before he even turned 30?” This isn’t exactly some model of motherhood. Lauding those folks is sending the exact wrong message.

    And my late, African-American stepfather thought the exact same thing.

    And let’s talk about the evils of the media for a moment. By totally ignoring the truth, they feed a constant stream of negativity into the black community. This both programs them to expect failure, and absolves them of any responsibility for their own lives. It’s all the fault of white people. Honestly, if you wanted to destroy the black community, you’d be hard pressed to find a better long-term method of totally undermining them.

    This situation is turning into national mass hysteria, and the near absence of truth-telling is just making it WAY worse than it needs to be.

    No one should be killed by the police, but George Floyd was a drug-addled thug who clearly had some karmic debts to pay.

    I agree with Candace. Let’s not pretend it was otherwise.

    By the way, (and I’m surprised this is still up on YouTube given how not “politically correct” it is) Chris Rock had something very similar to say in 1996. He’s playing to a nearly all-black audience and they are just eating it up. Because he speaks the truth.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we’re dying for some national healing that just isn’t going to happen.


    1. Kim: You are right. A white person couldn’t say this no matter how correct it is.

      Your stepfather was black? Well, that’s interesting. I think that makes you half a brother, or something like that. Gives you street creds.


      1. I have a LOT more experience with the black community than most white people. My mother lived with my stepfather in a mostly black, frankly kind of ghetto neighborhood. I was once mugged there when I was about 16. The cop was absolutely THRILLED that I was willing to go to court and testify against my assailant, as most victims were not, and this was a very high crime neighborhood. Before the judge, I identified the guy, explained what happened under oath. And what did he get away with? The perp was charged with “violating the peace,” and given a slap on the wrist. Now, in all fairness, he didn’t hurt me. I handed over my wallet when asked, and he removed the money and gave me back my wallet. So it was the absolute mildest form of a mugging known to man. But it was a mugging and I was traumatized as violence was threatened.

        Anyway, I don’t talk about this much, but I DO know a lot more about what goes on in a black neighborhood than your average white, upper-middle-class guy. And yes, my stepfather and his friends all shared Chris Rock’s take in that video. They don’t like the criminality and bad behavior any more than Candace does.


        1. P.S. I spent most of my high school summers in that neighborhood, passing through on my bike. After the mugging, I didn’t stop for anyone.


        2. Kim: Interesting. Thanks. I was mugged once in about the same manner that you were. I was about 30, however, and living in Puerto Rico. Couple of Latino guys, and they returned my wallet minus the money too.

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  2. I wrote an essay today where a lawyer friend in DC raised the question, “What is going to happen when the police officers are acquitted?” He is more pessimistic than I am about the outcome of that trial. But he does have history on his side. Prosecuting police is difficult.

    I have received several emails now asking me how it could be possible that the police might be acquitted. Based on video footage, some question the need for a trial. Of course, we used to call that a lynching mentality — and reality.

    This video points out several facts that will provide the foundation for a defense at trial. But that will be a matter for the jury to decide — and it will be decided solely on the evidence admitted at trial. That is how we do things in America. People are accused of crimes, and they get the benefit of constitutional protections — rights that protect all of us.

    Does it make sense for governmental agencies to look at their policing procedures? Of course, it does. And if reforms need to be made, they should be made at the state and local level that actually have responsibility for police services. Those elected officials can then weigh how those reforms will be implemented while retaining the prime function of the police — to protect our communities.

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    1. Steve: I lived in Los Angeles during the Rodney King Riots, which were not provoked by the beating of Rodney King, but by the acquittal of the cops later. Unfortunately, the media in its initial reporting omitted 13 seconds of video showing the 6’4″ 240# King leaping and attacking the police, throwing them around like rag dolls. The two passengers in King’s car laid on the ground as the police ordered, and went home that night without a scratch.

      What makes me nervous is that we’ve had now a week of riots based on, at best, incomplete information. It’s clearly not the policy of the Minneapolis police to put knees on necks when arresting anyone. So there has to be some reasons the cops felt the need to use so much force. That’s the piece of information we are all missing.

      Now if there was no good reason to use such force, then yes. Throw the book at the cop and lock him up forever.

      But I suspect the truth is more complicated than what we’ve all been led to believe.

      Kim G

      P.S. Keith Ellison possibly over-charging the cops also increases the potential for an acquittal, and subsequent riots. This is what happened in Kate Steinle case, where an over-zealous SF DA over-charged Zarate, making it impossible to convict him.

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  3. “George Floyd is being uplifted as an amazing human being.”

    Neither true nor relevant. I suppose one could find examples — a funeral is famously no place for the truth — but no. The response is about the police action, and the fact that it keeps happening with no accountability, Mr. Floyd being just the latest and most visible victim.


    1. Creigh: If you think Floyd has not been elevated to near-saint status, you are not paying attention, or you just don’t want to notice.

      What happened with Floyd does not “keep happening with no accountability.” It very rarely happens.

      Didn’t watch the video, did you? You may have watched a few moments, but you did not watch the entire thing. Way back when, you should not have confessed that you don’t watch videos … or go to the movies either.


      1. People like Candace Owen and Ann Coulter have discovered that there’s good money in being the member of minority group X who is willing to tell conservative white men that the rest of group X are exaggerating, undeserving of sympathy, causing their own problems, etc.


    1. Tom, P.S.: I can’t stop chuckling. I put a video of a smart black woman here, praise her, and that makes me a racist? Do you pay attention to yourself? You folks really need to update your epithets. Open a dictionary or thesaurus and skim the list for sensible alternatives.


  4. This issue will never heal as long as some politicians keep pulling the scab off. Perhaps the problem is not so much the actions of the police as it is of those suspected of a crime. First off, never fight with the cops. You will lose. Secondly, never run from the cops. You will get shot. Don’t argue with the police. That is what lawyers are for. Just cooperate.

    The truth will win out. But if one is guilty as sin, well, maybe one should not be doing what got them in trouble. Play by the rules and stay alive.


    1. Señor Gill: The truth will win out? Did it win in the O.J. Simpson case? Sometimes the truth wins, other times no.

      This current hubbub is just another textbook example of how multiculturalism/diversity leads to mayhem. Diversity should never been encouraged if you want a relatively peaceful nation. We don’t have race riots, for example, in Mexico because we are uni-cultural. Apart from the occasional lip service given our indigenous groups by leftists, we’re mostly all the same here, color, religion, race, beliefs, you name it, and that’s how a nation should be.


  5. We can be thankful we have Candace Owens and a few more like her who can see the truth and speak it as needed. The guy should not have died as he did at the hands of the cops. It would have likely helped him quite a bit if he had not been high on drugs and passing a forged bill.

    I spent more than a few moments in the Third Ward of Houston, Texas. That was decades ago. I was there due to my work. It was a dangerous place for a white guy even then. I was usually there because other guys would not go. That danger was because of guys like our dear deceased.


    1. Ricardo: Candace is not yet old enough, but in time I’d like to see her as the first black and female president. The U.S. has not had a black president yet, of course, nor a woman. Obama was not black but biracial, no more black than white. Self-identifying does not count.


      1. Felipe: I don’t think it’s fair to say Obama wasn’t black. By doing so you are doing a number of unseemly things. First, you are endorsing racial purity concepts, which I don’t think is something you believe in. Moreover, there are very few, if any, blacks who are of 100% pure, African lineage. Most of America is a racial mix, Obama included. But we don’t live by a complex system of gradations of race. Second, anyone simply looking at Obama is going to say he’s African-American. And that means that his lived experience is as an African-American. Right? Whatever slings and arrows American blacks suffer for their skin color, Obama would also have suffered. We can argue what those things might be, but to imagine that Obama was somehow exempt due to something imperceptible is unreasonable. Finally, let’s not forget that the black community and indeed most of America accept Obama as black.

        So I think you should let go of your “Obama wasn’t black” routine. It is at best meaningless, and at worst somewhat inflammatory.


        1. Kim: Sorry, but Obama is biracial, no more black than white. His mama was white as the proverbial driven snow, and his daddy was a stereotypical African. Furthermore, he was raised to a large degree by his white grandparents in a middle-class, white neighborhood, making him culturally more white than black, I would argue. Obama later embraced his “blackness” intentionally, youthful rebellion. As for American blacks in general, sure, there has been racial mixing over the centuries resulting in Halle Berry on one end and Maxine Waters on the other. But Obama is flat-out biracial, not black.

          I find it interesting that Jim Crow laws, way back when, proclaimed that if a person had even “one drop” of black blood then that person was black, a baaaad thing. Silly, of course. And nowadays, Jim Crow has been flipped on his head, and we declare that if a person has one drop of black blood, that person is still black, but now it’s a glorious thing, giving people a leg up in modern society. The entire topic is loaded with illogic and emotion.

          As for my insisting that Obama is not black being inflammatory, no doubt it is in PC circles.


          1. I’m well aware of Obama’s heritage, but that does not address my points. Yes, technically “biracial.” In practice, black. Nor does Obama’s choice to live as a black man in any way obviate my point. Imagine the reverse. If he decided to try to live as a white man and proclaimed his whiteness, everyone including you would call him a fraud. Remember Rachael Dolezal? I don’t recall anyone running a DNA test on her. Maybe she was as black as Obama. I don’t know.

            But here’s a thought experiment. If Obama were an orphan of unknown parentage, who would say he was white? Certainly not you as you have a firm grip on reality and trust your eyes.


            1. Kim: Technically biracial (what’s up with the quote marks?). In practice black? He’s biracial, period. If Obama claimed to be white, I would still tell you, correctly, he is biracial. I would not call him a fraud. Everyone under the sun knows he is biracial. They just prefer not to dwell on it. By the way, being “black” played a major role in his being elected president. That and the bad timing of the economic meltdown that erupted two minutes before the election. He’s ridden the one side of his color to riches and fame.

              Rachael Dolezal? Now there is a fraud, a mentally ill one at that.

              As for your thought experiment, yes, he looks more black than white. Could have gone the other way, I suspect. A genetic roll of the dice. None of which changes the fact that Obama is biracial, not white, not black.

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              1. I’d argue that Obama can be both biracial and black. He had no choice about living the life of a black man as society would have permitted no other. He’s not even particularly light-skinned. And given that reality, it is quite unfair for you to declare he’s not black. And what’s the point? Why insist on denying him something that’s both true and key to his identity? This seems a bit churlish if nothing else. And it undermines your credibility on this topic.

                Extra credit: what do you know about Candace Owen’s racial makeup? Are you certain there are no white people in her heritage? I’ll bet the honest answer is “no.” Have you looked into the heritage of other public figures who identify as black? Dr. Ben Carson? Colin Powell? Larry Elder? Would you declare any of them “not black” if you find a white ancestor?

                See how complicated and ultimately uncivil this quickly becomes?


                1. P.S. Take a look at the Wikipedia page on Kenya and you’ll find that it’s multi racial and multi-tribal. Who among them is purely black?

                  Also, what percentage black blood would the first black president have to have to qualify as black in your book?


          2. “Middle class”? Obama attended Punahou High School in Honolulu, High. Private and exclusive. But maybe he had a scholarship?


  6. So now the drive is to defund the police. Yes, we are all entitled to equal protection under the law, but that will not happen. If we stint on funding for law enforcement, those neighborhoods that will be under serviced will be those that are hostile to law enforcement and human decency. That means that control of those areas will be abnegated to the local thugs.

    Businesses flee areas where there is no law and no justice. People end up taking the bus for hours to just shop or get medical service. They get just what they asked for.


    1. Robert: another way of saying “defunding the police” is “privatizing the police.” Because you can bet your last dollar that the rich aren’t going to go unprotected. They’ll hire private police forces if necessary. I don’t think this is what the idiots calling for defunding the police want, but it’s what they’re going to get if they proceed.


  7. I fear that some want to redirect those funds into “social action” agencies where they are more easily stolen or used in political efforts.


  8. I saw a few comments about being mugged. I had a little dance with evil myself.

    Around 1984, I got a job as a stenographer in Washington DC. Boy, was I excited. It was a real challenge getting a decent gig in DC in those days without a stellar resume or nepotism. First day, I got all spiffied up, drove to work, and parked some two blocks from my workplace due to packed street parking. As I merrily ambled toward my new gig, a black child of perhaps 10 or 11 years old approached me from the opposite direction. I smiled at the little tyke. He didn’t smile back. All business this one.

    He walked right up on me and said, “Give me ten dollars!” Incredulous, I declined his demand immediately. Told him I didn’t have any money.
    He then told me, “I’ll be here tomorrow. When you come, you better have my ten dollars, or I’m gonna cut you.” While he threatened me verbally, he flashed a knife he was holding in his right hand. All business, you know.

    I proceeded to my new job with an entirely new attitude. Walked in, told them what happened, and quit then and there. I learned that there are simply places white people cannot visit in the United States and be safe. Racism is a double-edged sword.


    1. Marco: there is some interesting debate here. Most argue that poverty causes crime, but there’s a growing school of thought that argues the reverse. Your case is a good example.


  9. Well, clearly there are people in law enforcement who should not be there. They should be selling shoes or used cars.

    Daniel Shaver was a white guy that had a job shooting birds that got into big-box stores. No one buys merchandise with bird poop on it. He traveled around the country killing God’s little creatures whenever they made the mistake of getting in the way of commerce. Apparently, it was a good living.
    He was staying at a motel in Mesa, AZ and ran into a couple of people. They were drinking. The guy left, and it was just Shaver and the girl. He showed her his air rifle, and some nervous nelly saw it. They reported it and the police showed up.

    It was hot, and Shaver was wearing only shorts. The cops ordered them to lay on the floor and then crawl toward them. Shaver’s shorts came down in the process. He reached down to pull them up, and bam! The one cop shot him not once, but five times.

    The cop was charged with second-degree murder. He got off! He was reinstated by the department but later retired with a nice income.


  10. Kim: I would agree when crime grows up in an area then business starts moving. When businesses move, then taxes aren’t generated so services disappear. There are not many jobs, so crime goes up. Teachers don’t want to go where it is unsafe, pharmacies leave, grocery stores leave. When this happens poverty grows and someone has to be blamed . Why doesn’t government help us? Don’t they care?


  11. Felipe,

    Thanks for sharing the video. While I knew there was more to the George Floyd story than was being reported I hadn’t invested the time to learn it on my own. It’s too bad the liberal media control what most of us see and hear.


    PS. Also had not heard about the violent protests in Guadalajara. Definitely not an everyday occurrence down here in Mexico!


    1. Troy, P.S.: I don’t call the media liberal because they are not. I urge you to stop doing it too. They are leftists, and so are all the other leftists who refer to themselves as liberal. They are not progressive either.

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