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AS RIOTERS CONTINUE nightly nincompoopery above the border, and famous people and big businesses pile on as virtue-signalers, here’s a brief video of the lovely, sharp Katie Hopkins with a little logic for you. True, it’s not so interesting — or as long — as my previous video, the one featuring the incredible Candace Owens, but it’s worth your while.

Katie mentions the term BAME. I had never heard it, and perhaps you haven’t either. A little internet sleuthing* uncovered its meaning. Appears to be more of a Brit thing.

Katie is a Brit.

And now back to your regular programming. Who’ll be the first to toss a cinderblock through a window in the name of Justice, or kick an old person to the sidewalk or spit in the face of someone who does not vote the way you do? Don’t be shy now.

Here are Black Lives Matter’s goals, straight from their mouths. Read down to the bottom where it states they want to “disrupt the nuclear family” and “free ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking,” and “dismantle cisgender privilege.”

Oh, dear.

* Notice I did not say “Google it.” One should never Google anything due to Google’s nefarious censorship of search results. Not to worry. There are alternatives, and better ones at that. I use DuckDuckGo.

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  1. There will be no answers forthcoming for Katie’s questions. Murder rate in Chicago is up by 60% over May last year. There is no hue and cry from around the world about that. If you are in the BAME group of people, you need to work on your own health. no one is at fault but you.

    If the BAME people, or any other groups, have any questions, call Katie. She can fill them in, I’m sure. She sounds very bright.


  2. Is this racism or business as usual?

    MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Mexicans protested against police brutality on Thursday in the second-largest city, Guadalajara, calling for authorities to be held accountable for the death in custody of a local man allegedly arrested over not wearing a face mask in public. Protesters in the historic center of the state capital of Jalisco vandalized buildings, including the palace, and set ablaze several police cars, footage from network Milenio showed. Police were seen using force against protesters. Alfaro said six police were injured, including one set on fire, with 22 male and two female protesters detained. He promised an investigation and condemned the violence, which he described as having been “never before seen.”


    1. Jax: Yep, we’re aware of that one. The cops did not kill him for not wearing a face mask but for something else. Police down here often are less than strict with one’s “rights.”


    2. Jax, P.S.: The death in question took place not in Guadalajara but in a small town 40 kilometers south of there, near Lake Chapala, Today, I see that three officers have been arrested, the entire police force has been disarmed, the mayor has hightailed it into hiding, and the state police have taken over policing duties in that town. Never a dull moment south of the border.


  3. Question #2 is the key one: what do the protesters want? Everyone from the President to congressional leaders to the average man in the street is in total agreement that George Floyd’s death was horrible and inappropriate. But what do they want us to do about the system? Dismantling the police seems like a terrible idea. Not only would it deprive the “most vulnerable” of the protection they most need, but it would essentially force the privatization of police forces. Neighborhoods which could afford it would band together and hire private security, which would be less accountable to the public than the formerly government-employed police. Is this really what all those lefties proposing this really want? Or did they just not think it through?

    As for question #3, that’s one for the authorities too. I remember a lot of scolding of the protests against extended lockdowns in places like Michigan and elsewhere. Now? Those same people are mouthing nonsense like covid deaths stemming from the protests are caused not by a virus, but by racism. Uh, OK. I don’t think that does anything but diminish the already-questionable expertise of the “experts,” who have mostly not missed a single opportunity to appear ridiculous during this whole epidemic. First we were told that masks were useless and by the way we ought to save these useless masks for health care providers. Uh, they’re useless, but healthcare providers somehow need them? Now U.S. authorities think masks are a good idea, but the WHO (which qualifies as “expert,” though it’s pretty clearly a political organization now) says masks are unnecessary. And let’s not even get into the rat’s nest of hydroxychloroquine, which has been politicized more than I’d ever have guessed possible for a mere well-established drug.

    In any case, George Floyd died 12 days ago. Yesterday I went to the Minnesota website with Covid data to see if there was any evidence that the protests/riots had spread coronavirus. Much to my astonishment, coronavirus cases and infections continue to fall quite steeply in Minnesota. Well, it was just one city, you might say. But the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area accounts for 65% of the state’s population, and apparently people came from far and wide to protest/riot. So if these riots were a mass spreading event, we should have seen something in the numbers. But the last data point I have, is Friday June 5th, on which day the state performed 11,144 tests of which 6 (six!) were positive (0.054%). The 7-day average positivity rate is down to 3.6%, the lowest rate in the series, and falling steeply.

    There’s two possible explanations, maybe three. The first is that Minnesota has done a good job of testing and tracking, and virtually all infectious folk have been quarantined. So there were few positive folks at the protests/riots. The second is that masks, even at only 50%-75% compliance, work brilliantly. The third possible explanation is that it’s very hard to catch CV outdoors in fresh air. If the latter, we need an immediate lifting of restrictions on large outdoor events such as parades, football games, the opening of parks, etc.

    I hope those in charge are looking at the science. Meanwhile, here’s one more question: has anyone seen a any BLM leadership interviewed on what, exactly they want? I haven’t even heard the name of DeRay McKesson mentioned, and he’s the last BLM leader I could name.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where the government’s policy seems well behind the rapidly-evolving science of this pandemic.


    1. Kim: I find only one problem with your comment on this wide situation. You are being sensible and logical. But what’s going on is anything but sensible and logical. It is pure emotion and nutty notions. Defunding police? That’s about the most idiotic proposal imaginable. Coming from the left, of course, i.e. those who vote for Democrats. Apparently, lots of people view this proposal seriously in spite of American police being among the best in the world. As for what the protesters want, lots just want to loot and burn. Others want to be in the streets, virtue-signaling while mouthing silly stuff and screaming.

      As for the Kung Flu aspect, the lockdowns are far more extensive and Draconian in areas run by Democrats. This is no coincidence. They want social and economic pain to continue till the presidential election. Russian collusion? Nah. Impeachment? Whoops. And now we’re in the home stretch, something, anything, must be done to derail Trump. That’s a big element of the Kung Flu lockdowns, plus Democrat politicians, to a great degree, are egging on the protesters in various ways, some none too subtle either.

      As for BLM, it is a terrorist organization quite like Antifa, which has been declared a terrorist group. Declaring BLM a terrorist group is more of a sticky-wicket due to having Black in its name. Oh, the racism! were it to be declared a terrorist organization. It’s also a loony, PC organization, which is quite clear if you read their own stated goals.


      1. How is BLM a terrorist organization? I don’t believe they are advocating violence. Frankly, they seem too disorganized.

        And yes, this situation is completely emotional, which is why it is so dangerous. And terrifying.

        There was a lot of violence in the ’60s. Was it this irrational? I don’t recall.

        I’m hoping we all get through this more-or-less intact as a society.


        1. Kim: If you don’t recognize the violence of BLM, well, I cannot help you.

          I remember the violence in the late 1960s and early 1970s quite well. You were too young. Most of it was due to the Vietnam War. It was more rational.


          1. I see a lot of violence. What I’m less sure of is whether it is either propagated or endorsed by BLM. If it’s so easy to prove this, then please, enlighten me. Bold claims require bold support. This is only fair and just. And this comment is not a criticism.


            1. Kim: On the more recent post, the video shows, albeit briefly, one of the participants with a BLM sign. But that’s just one small thing. BLM’s tactics are well-documented. And, as with our recent back-and-forth about whether Obama is black or biracial, I consider this topic closed. Thanks for understanding.


    2. Kim, P.S.: What will Democrats propose next? Perhaps dismantling the military. Then we can face other nations, holding hands and singing, “We Are the World” and humming Kumbaya.


  4. The general consensus seems to be that they want the right to commit crimes with impunity. I support the police because my car has never been stolen or vandalized by a cop. My house has never been broken into and robbed by a cop. I have never been assaulted and robbed by a cop. I have never had a friend beaten and raped or murdered by a cop. Cops don’t play loud rap music all night and break those big beer bottles all over the place. Cops don’t dump garbage and old sofas all over the neighborhood and then complain about the trashy place. When I go shopping, I don’t see cops shoplifting as if they had a God-given right to take whatever they need or want. I don’t see cops stealing the copper plumbing and wiring from empty houses. Cops are not drunk in my alley.

    I could go on forever.


  5. Yes, and I see a racist hurricane is headed for your former home of New Orleans. The constant harping of the news media about the hurricane is a relief from the constant harping of the riot.


    1. Señor Gill: One of the many, many positive aspects of my moving to Mexico is that hurricanes and race riots are not anything I must worry about any longer.


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