The limeade days

The afternoon refreshment.

IN THESE DIFFICULT days of race-baiting and rioting above the Rio Bravo and other parts of the world, all caused by one rogue, white cop stupidly killing one black thug, we find tranquility here with simple pleasures, especially limeade.

Since my child bride’s gym remains shut and the downtown plaza too, which keeps me mostly at home afternoons, all due to the Kung Flu hysteria, we’ve developed other routines, and one is limeade, which I make myself roundabouts 5 p.m.

Up until about three days ago, the afternoons were stuffy, typical springtime weather, and the limeades have been very refreshing. But the rains have started, albeit sporadically, especially in the middle of the night, and life has cooled off sweetly.

This makes limeade less essential, but we’ll continue for a while if only because I have a nice pile of limes still in the kitchen. I squeeze four in each glass, add filtered water, Stevia sweetener and ice cubes. Hoo-boy!

No rain clouds at this moment, but the air is cool.

6 thoughts on “The limeade days

  1. I envy you your rain — or impending rain. We have had clouds recently, to no avail. Patience is now required while we wait for the hills to green. They are now a gray-brown. Almost puce. The tropics should not look like this.


    1. Señor Cotton: I slept straight through the night last night, so I don’t know if it rained. But the three previous nights saw rain. And there was a terrific storm in Morelia — yesterday I think — that left El Centro flooded. Soon I’ll be having the yardman over to cut the grass.


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