End to a thug life

President John F. Kennedy
George Floyd’s funeral procession in Houston yesterday.*

SUPINE IN A horse-drawn carriage yesterday (no joke!), just like John F. Kennedy and Princess Diana, career criminal and ex-con George Floyd was carried to his final resting place in Houston Memorial Gardens in the suburban hamlet of Pearland.

Lordy, it was glorious. Streets were awash with tears.

Roads were closed to accommodate the millions of mourners. Sleepy Joe Biden, presumed Democrat presidential candidate, met with Floyd’s family Monday night. It is rumored that he entered on his creaky knees.

Race-baiter Al Sharpton, who calls himself a reverend, delivered the eulogy. High-profile guests included U.S. Reps. Sheila Jackson-Lee and Al Green, rap stars Paul Wall and Slim Thug. Floyd, whose rap sheet is long and who once participated in a home invasion during which he threatened a (black) pregnant woman with a pistol, was laid to eternal rest next to his mama who was well-known for her parenting skills.

And the service was streamed live.

Meanwhile, nothing has been heard of the funeral of retired police officer David Dorn, 77, an honorable black man who was shot dead by rioters while trying to protect a business in St. Louis. Same goes for David McAtee, 53, who was slain while serving customers at his restaurant during the riots in Louisville, Kentucky.

And then there is Patrick Underwood, 53, a federal officer killed while standing guard outside a courthouse in Oakland, California. And don’t forget Marvin Francois, 50, a photographer shot dead while documenting the riots in Kansas City.

None was killed by a rogue, white cop, so nobody gives a flip.

Let us not overlook the scores of black men, women and children, many innocent, who are murdered by black thugs every week in dysfunctional ghettos all over the United States. Where are those victims’ horse-drawn carriages?

Where is Al Sharpton?

In closing:

There is no “systemic racism” in the United States. It ended long ago. Black Americans now have more and better opportunities than do blacks anywhere else in the world. If you do not know that, you are a bona fide ignoramus.**

Systemic racism did exist in Nazi Germany against Jews, blacks, gypsies, etc. It existed in apartheid South Africa against blacks. Today it exists in South Africa and Zimbabwe against whites. Individual racism exists in all societies, always has, and always will.

Don’t be an ignoramus.

* Okay, a slight exaggeration.

** From Dictionary.com: ignorant, adjective: lacking in knowledge or training, unlearned.

20 thoughts on “End to a thug life

  1. An unnecessary loss of life at the hands of a rogue cop does not a hero make.

    One can obtain the criminal record and coroner’s report of the dear deceased online. It is interesting, to say the least. Not so much information on the rogue cop seems to be in the same location. It will be an interesting trial for the academically inclined.

    Should we be sad about this. Absolutely. And, about much more than the loss of this life.

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  2. Melissa A. wrote a fact-filled article under the banner @allblacklivesmatter, not an article for the Woke crowd as she wears a Trump 2020 hat, but for the rest of us who don’t get the vapors and keel over, lots of actual numbers.


  3. Oprah held court on TV last night in re “What Do We Do Now?” Fortunately, it aired only on Discovery family of networks, to include Animal Planet. Take the meaning of that for whatever it is.


  4. Seriously, it’s disgusting up here. I can’t even watch the news as it’s wall-to-wall with thug life coverage. Sadly, even Fox News has joined the lunatic parade.


    1. Marco: Fox goes where it thinks the excitement is, as do other networks. Plus, Fox is not as reliable as it used to be, especially its news division, as opposed to the commentators.


    1. Nelson: Interesting point that had not occurred to me. There were enough bigwigs involved that I imagine cost was of no importance. You can’t put a price tag on that level of leftist propaganda.

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      1. Four hours and even the main preacher announced to all that speakers needed to shorten their rants because they were due at the cemetery!


        1. Carole: Blacks can go on in church. It’s a cultural thing. Rep. Jackson-Lee, a thoroughly despicable woman who’s right up there in the category of Al Sharpton and Maxine Waters, declared during her talk time that Floyd’s death was comparable to the crucifixion of Christ. Seriously.


    1. Jax: Interesting. I was not aware of his having a gold-plated casket. I also just learned that he was positive for coronavirus, so that clearly was the cause of death. All the hubbub was, therefore, misguided.


  5. Thank Gawd I’m at the cabin. No internet. No TV. No phone. I just take screenshots of the headlines every few days from Drudge, Citizen Free Press, etc. The world has gone completely mad. Meanwhile in our little hamlet there have been over 550 drug overdose deaths since the onset of the Wu Flu, eclipsing the COVID deaths by a large margin. And if you love dogs, Black Labs Matter. See you in the funny pages 🙂


    1. Brent: The world has not gone mad. Western Civilization has gone mad. You don’t see this nuttiness happening in China, Japan, Russia, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, etc. They still embrace their nationalities and identities, as they should.

      Meanwhile, Black Labs Matter and Buildings Matter Too!


  6. …next to his mama who was well-known for her parenting skills. This sentence had me doubled over with laughter. Reminds me of the 2012 DNC (or was it 2016?) when they invited Michael Brown’s mother to address the crowd. Michael Brown being the young thug in Ferguson, who after holding up a store, attacked a cop.

    Yup. Great parenting and an example to us all.

    Meanwhile, the mob is trying to get Tucker Carlson canceled for pointing out that BLM doesn’t give a hoot about the weekly carnage of black-on-black murder in Chicago and elsewhere.

    Truly sad.

    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where as soon as they defund the police I’m going to defund my property taxes.


    1. Kim: Tucker better watch his backside because the mob succeeded in running Bill O’Reilly off the air. I love Tucker.

      Good one about defunding property taxes. All told, however, your nation is off the rails, and smart people are just watching it happen. It’s time to grow a pair or, in this instance, millions of pairs.

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      1. We need a real conservative televised news outlet. FOX is slipping into the PC quagmire.
        Perhaps OAN could fire up a new televised outlet. The time is right…


        1. Marco: Fox changed ownership some years back. I forget the details, but the network is not what it used to be, especially on the straight-news side. The commentators, however, still are pretty trustworthy, especially Tucker. Bless him.


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