Another day at home

My neighborhood hat. My downtown hats are nicer, sexier.

ANOTHER DAY* in the Plague Year, hanging loose at home, chilling out or performing some necessary and overdue chores.

Watering potted plants in the downstairs veranda, shoving yard cuttings into a giant plastic bag to take to the dumpster, sweeping the terraza, thinking about what to make for lunch,** that sort of thing. Looking around, being grateful I’m not in sweat-drenched Houston or New Orleans in June though I do miss hot crawfish and cold Dixie Beer.

The crappy hat in the middle belonged to Al Kinnison, R.I.P.

On Friday I actually got down on the ground on my butt to cut, with hand clippers, a section of overgrown grass around the orange tree. For a person on the cusp of 76, getting down on your butt in the grass is no quick chore. Getting up is even less quick. Though we’ve had some rain to encourage the lawn, it’s still not high enough to warrant calling Abel the Deadpan Yardman for a complete mow.

I did get the mower serviced last week. It’s ready to mow! It’s a multicultural machine, Sears Craftsman down below, the body, and Briggs & Stratton above, the motor. Actually, more Frankenstein than multicultural.

Roof of downstairs veranda, home of bats.

I broke up my chores by sitting now and then on one of the rockers in the downstairs veranda. From there I took these photos. I think the roof tiles in that veranda will need to be renovated soon, maybe next year. They are 17 years old, some are broken or cracked, and raindrops fall through during a heavy downpour.

Not many but enough.

Here’s what will happen. My guys will remove each one, brush it off and replace it. If it’s broken, a new one will take its place. There are bats up there in some corners, so that will give my guys some interesting moments. Should I warn them in advance, or just let them discover the homesteaders on their own? Fun times.

In closing, here’s a bit of color to offset the dreary but emotive black and white.

Veranda pots purchased long ago in San Miguel where we visit no longer.

* This was all yesterday, Saturday, not today.

** Lunch ended up being a plate of spaghetti covered with bottled tomato sauce mixed with canned tuna (packed in water, never oil). Atop that we sprinkled Parmesan cheese that comes in the green plastic bottle. All was served with jalapeño strips to provide razzmatazz.

10 thoughts on “Another day at home

  1. Felipe: You have a great roosting spot for your bat colony. How fortunate you are to have these insectivores! It would be beneficial to your colony to make sure it’s not maternity season when you have your tile workers come in to make necessary repairs, if indeed you have females in your little group. Sometimes it’s just the guys hanging together.


    1. Leisa: It occurred to me after I wrote the post that I will tell the guys to just leave them alone if they encounter them, not to fool with those tiles at all. I think that is the best approach for the little beasties.


  2. I read that you miss Dixie Beer and crawfish but not the heat. Surprisingly this has been an odd summer until now. We’ve had mild temperatures and low humidity except for the fluke of a storm, Cristobal, which didn’t do much at all, save drive up the humidity and drop a bit of rain. This week, summer has finally arrived though strangely enough our night temps are in the 60s still due to weird cold fronts that mainly drive down the humidity. I need to do some weeding, maybe tomorrow evening, as the heat is starting to begin in earnest. Then afterwards an Abita Strawberry Lager, which just has a touch of sweetness.


    1. Laurie: Being a teetotaler, I can miss Dixie Beer, which I do, but even if I were sitting in the middle of the French Quarter, I would still be missing it.

      I’ve been reading of your weird temps on your blog. Hard to believe, but I believe you. Cold fronts? What’s up with that? Must be that “global warming” everyone is in a tizzy about. But I don’t think warming causes cold.

      Enjoy your beer.


      1. Tonight we can expect a low of around 65 but daytimes now are low 90s minus the humidity. I actually weeded and spread mulch this afternoon and I felt okay. No humidity makes a big difference.


          1. It has been oddly cool in Boston too. Today reached maybe 72°. While that’s not wildly short of normal, it has also been pleasantly dry. I’m wondering if the 20% drop in global oil consumption is giving us a small break from global warming. There’s also some chatter out there about a solar minimum, which may also be having an effect. Who knows?

            In any case, we are all doomed, whether it be from global warming, pandemic, pestilence, or merely global riots by the uninformed.


            Kim G
            Boston, MA
            The sustainability of which I’m beginning to doubt.


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