How Goebbels did it

Trump signs executive order Tuesday to improve policing standards.

NO, NOT TRUMP, silly. He’s not Goebbels. He’s the good guy.

The Blond Bomber took steps this week to improve the cops. He signed an excellent executive order, and here are its four main items:

  1. Certification: The Justice Department will now allocate certain funding only to law enforcement agencies that meet high standards for use-of-force and de-escalation, as credentialed by reputable independent bodies. As part of this new credentialing, chokeholds will be banned except if an officer’s life is at risk.
  2. Information sharing: The Attorney General will create a database for federal, state, and local law enforcement to track terminations, criminal convictions, and civil judgments against law enforcement officers for excessive use-of-force.
  3. Mental health: To protect both officers and our most vulnerable populations, the Administration will prioritize training for police and social workers who respond to incidents involving the mentally ill, addicted, and homeless.
  4. Legislative action: The Administration will develop and propose new legislation to Congress to build on these policies and boost community engagement.

I got this straight-forward information from the White House newsletter, which I have often recommended for honest news about the Trump Administration. For dishonest information, look to the mainstream media. Here is how the NYT/DNC and the WP/DNC reported the positive news:

First, the Washington Post piece, an exercise in sneaky journalism. The headline says:

Trump signs order on policing, but Democrats and activists say it falls short of what is needed.

You see what they did there? Were it a story about Republican dogs discovering a cure for cancer, the WP/DNC headline would say:

Dogs announce discovery, but cats say it’s no big deal.

Let’s turn to how The New York Times reported the positive news. It was a little headline halfway down their website, sneakily hidden. Clicking on the headline did not take you to the executive order, which it should. No, it took you to a list of “protest” stories, and when you scrolled down far enough, near the bottom, there was the item at last.

These are two classic examples of the fake news/slanted news you get from the corrupt Gray Old Ladies of Journalism these days. The Goebbels Playbook. It is political propaganda. Get honest reporting elsewhere. I am available for recommendations.

I imagine The Washington Post and The New York Times still provide great coverage in many areas, i.e. food, travel, high society, etc., but regarding politics, culture and related issues, they are now corrupt and wandering in the PC wilderness.

In closing, I leave you with a little humor. Chuckles are good.


(Note: When the Democrats and “activists,” who are one and the same, say Trump’s actions don’t go far enough, they mean he did not address “systemic racism,” a leftist catch phrase that refers to something that doesn’t exist. There is no systemic racism in the United States. There is no “White Privilege” either.)


8 thoughts on “How Goebbels did it

  1. Muchas gracias for this, señor. “Slanted” does not quite cover what the networks and major news sources do to the truth.

    Mercy, they cried, and there was no mercy is the statement that best covers our situation NOB.

    Saludos, señor!


    1. Ricardo: I thank my lucky stars daily that I do not live among you folks any longer. Sad.

      I would feel a lot better, however, were it not for the fact that what happens in the United States affects the entire world.


  2. Honest reporting? Who to trust? I’m open to recommendations you have. I only read two sources and it’s a brief drive-by to see what catches my eye. 1440 so far has been factual, but it paints a dismal picture for the most part. The White House blog, of course, one would expect all positives, but I’ve found it good for comparisons just to see how far any two vary. And it does report presidential happenings that we will never ever see in newsprint.

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    1. Leisa: Of course, the White House Newsletter reports positive things about the administration, and much of it you will not see elsewhere or you will see twisted.

      I read Breitbart, of course, though it is a bit sensationalistic for my taste, but I think it’s accurate. Also Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire. Interestingly, Shapiro is not much of a Trump fan, but he does take Democrats to the woodshed on a daily basis, pointing out their foolishness. Good stuff. Also, The Federalist, One America News, Real Clear Politics, and Gab Trends. There are many others, all of which are more honest than the NYT and WP.

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    2. Leisa, P.S.: All the above is written material. But one of my favorite information sources is the FNC commentator Tucker Carlson who I watch exclusively on YouTube. Why YouTube has not censored him yet is hard to imagine. Another great YouTube information source is PragerU, which often gets censored for their common-sense commentaries.

      The left loves to censor.

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  3. Another one I read is Whatfinger, I went through the channels this morning, and most had negative things to say about the order, and I was not surprised. HLN had an retired cop on there, and he was mostly supportive of the executive order, and they let him finish what he had to say.

    The Times and the Post couldn’t say anything good, or they would have to fire another editor, I’m sure there are more waiting in the wings to take over and with all the layoffs in the business there must be lots looking for work.

    Tucker is great to watch, I also like Gutfeld from Fox when he does editorials. Both of them take no prisoners.


    1. Kirk: I had never seen Whatfinger. Looks interesting. Truth is that there is a load of alternatives to left-wing media, and more appear almost daily, which is great.


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