No porch pirates

My latest delivery!

I’M A FUN-LOVING fellow, and last December I had Amazon send a gift to my last wife for her birthday. The fun-loving part is what I sent, a red MAGA cap because she is not a Trump fan in spite of being otherwise quite intelligent when we were married.

I never received any acknowledgement from her, so I do not know if the gift was seized by porch pirates, which I understand is a big problem above the border, or if she simply has lost her sense of humor, a widespread affliction of people who still vote Democrat.

(In Mexico, we don’t have porch pirates because few people have porches accessible from the street. We have high walls like God intended.)

I’m guessing it’s about a 50-50 tossup as to whether porch pirates grabbed my gift, or if she got it, scowled and threw it into the trash. We both were staunch Democrats during our almost two decades together, but I have wised up. I’m hoping to find her #WalkAway video on YouTube in the near future. So many Democrats have seen the light.

We Mexicans have our own version of Amazon — its warehouse is in Mexico City — but we also have Mercado Libre, which is sort of a Latin American Amazon. Both have tons of merchandise, and both offer speedy delivery. I got one this afternoon.

Fad or not?

I left a comment on another blog today, saying the gender-transitioning thing has become a fad. It’s not like hula-hoops or bell-bottom pants, of course, because those fads were harmless fun, but I think it’s a fad nonetheless, a sick, demented one.

News stories of people “transitioning,” which is a nice way of saying they take lots of drugs and have body parts sliced off, have ballooned in recent years. You even read of parents, especially celebrities, assisting their children in the madness.

This was almost unheard of 20 or 30 years ago, but not now. Has the percentage of people who actually feel they’re in the wrong body skyrocketed or is something else going on? Is it a “cool” thing to do, i.e. a fad? I think so.

There are so many nutty notions accepted in Western society these days, e.g. white privilege, ideas based on ignorance, that “transitioning” is just one in a long and growing line.

A woman responded on the other blog that my saying it’s a fad is “disgusting.” I think I am just stating the obvious. If it’s not a fad, what is it?

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  1. Felipe, your ex-wife probably got it, and I can imagine what she said, probably wishing she could divorce you again or worse. I have friends who use both Amazon and Mercado Libre. Some get things almost daily. I have used Amazon a couple of times, but I like to hold things in my hand before I buy, and I like to support local, so I have them around when I’m looking for something today, not next week.

    People make their own choices all the time, a sex change is life-changing, but I guess that’s the idea. I don’t understand it, but then I don’t have to understand because I’m not doing it to myself. I would think it is getting easier all the time to get it done. If you’re in prison, the government will pay, and I think the Canadian healthcare will pay for it. I don’t want to say I don’t care if people have it done, but I really don’t. If you’re looking for understanding from me, you won’t get that either as I have my own beliefs and thoughts.

    I don’t understand a lot of things that people do or think, but if they can think the way they think, then so can I. One hundred people shot in Chicago this weekend. The youngest kid killed was 3 years old and not by a cop, so it doesn’t matter. What is wrong with these people? I have my own thoughts on that also.


    1. Kirk: Of the two options, it’s probably more likely that my ex-wife did toss the nice cap in the trash. Sad.

      As for sex-changes, I had forgotten that it’s available at taxpayer expense in some prisons, or at least I have read that too. Shouldn’t use public money for it, even in Canada.

      As yes, people are getting murdered willy-nilly in ghettos, especially in Chicago, but no big deal because white folks aren’t doing it. Sad, no?


  2. Interesting information tidbit: the little city of Trinidad, Colorado, was a center of sex-change operations more than 50 years ago. If it’s a fad, it isn’t a new one.


  3. Christine Jorgensen became a woman in 1952, but the process started nearly a hundred years ago. You surely heard of Renee Richards, the U.S. eye doctor who went the gender reassignment route in the mid-’70s. Transitioning is nothing new. What is new is the recognition of the non-binary kinds, those who prefer to identify with neither male nor female or who perhaps consider themselves a little of both. Or a third gender. So what?

    People feeling out of place in their own skin, uncomfortable with the schlong they were born with — or without — are nothing new. They’ve been around ever since G-d created humans. Let them be.

    What is new is the lack of civility and respect for others’ points of view expressed by so many on the left. What that woman on the blog you’re referring to should not have referred to your point of view as disgusting. Her words have a chilling effect, not that she would ever understand the phrase, on others. She’s suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, and she can’t help it. Shelve her right next to John Bolton.


    1. Ms. Shoes: As I responded to Creigh, I did not say sex-changing is new, that it has not been done in the past. Of course, it has, but the hubbub about it now is 1,000 times more prevalent than even a few years back. It seems to have become stylish to say you’re doing it. Faddish even. As for that non-binary nonsense, that’s just what it is, nonsense. There are only two genders, male and female. Perhaps there are three, male, female and deranged.

      As for the “disgusting” remark, it had no chilling effect on me, but I get your drift. I don’t get chilled easily.


      1. Why? Because now the government will pay for it. Before you had to pay for it or find a rich uncle.


    1. Señor Cotton: It works great. The main difference that I see between Amazon and Mercado Libre is that Amazon has its own warehouse. It sells its own products and also has independent vendors that use Amazon’s site to sell their stuff. Mercado Libre is just a way station for independent vendors. There are protections for your payments and other things on Mercado Libre. The vendors don’t get their money till the customer is happy. And the vendors get graded by buyers, so they have reputations, etc. Try it. You’ll like it.


  4. I’m increasingly coming around to the idea that sex-changes are often a form of internalized homophobia. Say you’re a boy who is attracted to other boys. Well, you can either grow up to be gay (and in my book, essentially normal), or, if that’s too horrifying to you, you can convince yourself that you’re really a girl trapped in a boy’s body and go for surgery. (And in my book, never ever really have a chance to be “normal” as few transsexuals are ever really able to successfully “pass.”)

    I came out in 1977 at a time when it wasn’t exactly “cool” to be gay. Even where I lived, at the edges of Silicon Valley, it wasn’t a cool thing. We met in secret and lived in the closet mostly. We’d also discuss things like, “If you could take a pill that would make you straight, would you take it?” Most of the crowd I ran with said they wouldn’t. But we knew plenty of folks who would wolf down that pill in a nanosecond, given the chance. I think those “pill-takers” of the days of old are today’s sex-change candidates. And frankly, I think that’s a little sad.

    No, I don’t think sex-change operations should be banned. Nor do I think those folks should be shamed in any way. But I do think it’d be a good idea for folks to thoroughly explore the idea before committing. Because in many cases, surgery doesn’t appear to cure the underlying angst. And frankly, I’d wager that it’s easier to live as a gay person than a transsexual, especially if you’re a guy who’s just too big to really ever be a girl. In any case, I think we need to treat everyone with respect, whatever we think of their life decisions in this regard.

    And on a lighter note, if you haven’t seen this video about one-upping porch pirates, you really owe yourself.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we too believe you’re either one or the other, however you got there.


    1. Kim: Interesting perspective on the sex-changers. I had never thought of that, but it does makes some good sense. And no, I don’t think sex-change operations should be banned either. I just think they are nuts. These are very conflicted individuals. And, of course, it would be easier to live gay than be a transsexual. Given those two choices, I’d go gay any day.

      Thanks for the video link. That’s a hoot. The follow has tons of talent. Thankfully, porch pirates aren’t a thing in Mexico.

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