First film recommendation

I’VE NEVER recommended a movie here before, but today I will.

3I9A0595JoeShalmoniPhotoC2014-1It’s titled Uncle Tom, and it’s a work by black conservative Larry Elder, one of the smartest men you’ll ever encounter, and others. Here’s how the filmmakers describe the movie:

In a collection of intimate interviews with some of America’s most provocative black conservative thinkers, Uncle Tom takes a different look at being black in America. Featuring media personalities, ministers, civil rights activist, veterans, and a self-employed plumber, the film explores their personal journeys of navigating the world as one of America’s most misunderstood political and cultural groups: The American Black Conservative.

In this eye-opening film from Director Justin Malone and Executive Producer Larry Elder, Uncle Tom examines self-empowerment, individualism and rejecting the victim narrative. Uncle Tom shows us a different perspective of American History from this often ignored and ridiculed group.

It’s an online movie that lasts 145 minutes. Here’s a brief preview. It costs about $20, but with the discount code Brandon, it’s just $16.

It’s a refreshing look at a growing element in the black community and a great antidote to clips of race-hucksters like Al Sharpton and looters of Targets and Walmarts.

4 thoughts on “First film recommendation

  1. I saw the trailer for that movie. Looks interesting. I’d imagine that being a black conservative is about as delightful as being a gay conservative, as leftists take certain groups for granted and act positively condescending if you want to think for yourself. While we’ll never be able to say that Lincoln freed the gays, the Republicans have a much better long-term history with regards to black folks than do the Democrats, who were the party of Jim Crow and segregation back when that was a thing. And these days, Republicans are mostly cool with the gay community, though there is still a notable bunch who want to ban gay marriage. Fortunately they seem to be dying out.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where despite the fact that we do, technically have a “Republican” governor, R’s are generally scarce.


    1. Kim: I wasn’t going to dish out the cash for the movie because I thought it would be telling me stuff I already knew and, to a great degree, that was the case. But it’s far more than that. It’s very uplifting. I really liked it.

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      1. I kind of thought the same, but am inclined to pay up anyway as I support the cause. And you know as well as I do that this thing will never get any kind of theatrical distribution. I remember watching “No Safe Spaces” either early this year or late last year. I went because I wanted to support the cause. But it was a little bit sad as there were only about a dozen people in the theater watching along with me. Maybe half a dozen. It’s sad that Americans aren’t standing up for their free-speech rights, which are clearly under assault.


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