Of oranges & browsers

Last man standing. The cursed orange bush today.

IT’S OVERCAST and cool this morning, and I’m sitting on a web chair under the brown umbrella on the yard patio. It’s refreshing. I’m looking at this orange tree and wondering how long it’s gonna last. It drops fruit, a character flaw.

It’s the last of the fruit trees here in the yard, the only one I have not removed. The oranges are sour, not worth warm spit, and the bush drops them on the grass every day, stuff I must pick up. And it is growing because everything grows here. Fast.

I won’t whack it this year and maybe not next year, but it’s living on borrowed time.

A summer scene of green.

After a few false starts over the past few weeks, it appears the rainy season has begun in earnest. Abel the Deadpan Yardman came Saturday for the first cut. The grass is morphing from brown to green. I have disconnected the Symphony cooler upstairs, and I’ve moved the tower fan from the bedroom to the closet for its summer siesta.

We’ll be damp and cool until October at least.

The browser hunter

I am often on browser safari, hunting the best lion, tiger or giraffe that’s composed of bytes. Google Chrome, of course, is the world’s most used, a fact I find horrifying. One should avoid Google when possible, and there are excellent alternatives.

Since The Unseen Moon exists to improve mankind and womankind too, I’ll tell you about three, all based on Chromium, which means you can easily import your Chrome bookmarks and use the same Chrome extensions.

  1. Gab Dissenter, brought to you by the free-speech alternative to Twitter. Dissenter is a beaut, fast, sleek and good-looking. It even incorporates a function with which you can leave comments on any website, even those with no comment sections.
  2. SRWare Iron, or just Iron for short, comes to you from a German company, and it’s another lovely alternative to Chrome. Both Iron and Dissenter act pretty much like Chrome without being Chrome.
  3. Microsoft Edge which — starting last January, I believe — is a whole different animal than the original Edge that came with Windows 10. The first Edge was dreadful, but it’s now, like Dissenter and Iron, based on Chromium.

Give one or more a try. Don’t be a Google enabler. It attaches you to bad karma, affects your aura, and can make you smell bad.

10 thoughts on “Of oranges & browsers

  1. I’m beginning to understand why you have said you’d like to live in a desert. You’re not well suited for a climate that favors vegetation.


    1. Creigh: I’ve always been spiritually drawn to the desert, but I like vegetation too. In my yard, I want vegetation that minds its own business and does not make me work. Is that too much to ask?


  2. Wow. Your grass turned green very quickly. We ripped all of our grass out two years ago. Best gardening decision we ever made!


    1. Patzman: And it’s still not as green and abundant as it will be, not by a long shot. It’s just getting primed. I salute your removal of grass. That is my goal, little by little.

      I remember when I bought the house in Houston in 1986, the first home that I owned. I was out mowing the yard, and a neighbor walked by. I mentioned that it was the first time that I’d cut grass since I was a kid, true. He smiled and said: It hasn’t changed any, has it?

      No, it hadn’t.


    1. Señor Cotton: No, I have not. When I need marmalade, I go to the supermarket. When I want Cuban pork, I go to Cuba.

      But thanks for the suggestion that would have required work.


  3. When I saw that orange tree/bush, I thought, “Is he crazy? All those great oranges?”

    Then you said they were sour, I understood. I had a coffee house with some specialty food. Occasionally, I would make Cuban sandwiches. I would hunt all over for those sour oranges. I used a pork shoulder and the traditional marinade for it.

    You are right, a lot of work. I only had them for a limited time twice a year.


    1. Nomad: I am crazy indeed on some issues, but not this one. Yes, those oranges deliver a punch not far from that of a lemon. Not worth a darn as an orange in most cases.


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