The truths of the matter


THERE IS NO white privilege in America. There is black privilege, loads of it.

If two equally qualified people apply for a job, and one is black, the other white, then the black person will get the job. The same applies to university admissions.

This is no systemic racism against blacks, but there is systemic racism against whites. It’s not as dire as the systemic racism against whites that exists today in South Africa and Zimbabwe, due to U.S. population numbers. Be thankful for that.

There was systemic racism against blacks a century ago. But not now.

Black Lives Matter. White Lives Matter too. Ditto for Oriental lives, Latino lives and the lives of American Indians. Buildings and businesses also matter.

Michael Brown was not shot by a white cop while saying, Don’t shoot! Numerous investigations, including by the Obama Justice Department, proved that.

Police shootings of unarmed black men are significantly fewer than police shootings of unarmed white men. The greatest source of violent death faced by blacks in America today come from other black people.

Having one drop of “black blood” labeled you black a century ago, and that put you at a serious disadvantage. Having one drop of “black blood” today still paints you black, and that delivers big advantages. It can catapult you into the White House.

That’s black privilege.

Women are not paid less than men for the same work. Not these days.

There are no more than two sexes.

Multiculturalism and diversity unsettle society.

The party for blacks is the GOP, not the Democrats. See video in comments.

Truth matters.

21 thoughts on “The truths of the matter

  1. Democrats are superb at rewriting history. But for a clearer perspective, here is Carol Swain, former professor of political science and law at Vanderbilt University.


  2. Espouse those sentiments here and you would consider yourself lucky to end up on skid row, lest the mob burns your home to the ground.
    Crazy here man, it’s bat shit crazy right now… 🙊🙉🙈


    1. Marco: I know, I know, but from where I sit, I can say any ole thing I want.

      America is in a serious downward spiral, and Trump is just a temporary finger in the dyke. I am not optimistic.


    2. Marco: I added a great video to the comments that you may not have seen. Take a look.

      And thanks for the comment too because this type of post rarely attracts feedback. People are afraid of Democrats. They see these posts and head for the hills. which is the main problem conservatives face. Lack of pelotas.


      1. I did catch that video by Prager U, yes.

        I’m still on FB and have actually begun thinning my “friends” list due to the constant white-person bashing as well as genuflecting to the anarchists and leftists that just pisses me off to no end.

        I appreciate your willingness to speak truth to tyranny. 👍


  3. We should be able to say what we think. Some will agree, some will disagree, and others will agree to one of your thoughts but not others. With the cancel culture that is prevalent now even your friends or family will be attacked, and fired from their jobs or, through the school they attend, have their house spray-painted or burned down.

    It’s a crazy time we are living in.


    1. Kirk: Ah, another brave man who’ll state the obvious. It’s not so much a crazy time as it is a dangerous time. It’s a good time to be in one’s twilight years.


  4. Chris Rock tells white audiences “None of you would trade places with me, and I’m rich! That’s how good it is to be white!”
    (If I wasn’t a tech-ignorant geezer, I’d embed…)


    1. Creigh: No doubt about it. It’s generally better to be white, something every single person understands, and it’s true for a variety of reasons.

      The protesters, however, are protesting a world that ceased to exist almost a century ago. That’s how ignorant they are.


    1. Queen: Your link goes to a story about police stopping blacks in California more often. I imagine you intended a different link, but no matter.

      Oh, I’m sure you and lots of other folks still believe the pay-gap myth, but it’s no longer true if it’s FOR THE SAME WORK. Ah, there’s the key point. Here’s a link for you too. The inimitable Jordan Peterson addresses the issue. And, FYI, I do not intend to get into an endless back-and-forth on this. Enjoy the day.


      1. Didn’t intend a different link. It was to address this “This is no systemic racism against blacks, but there is systemic racism against whites….”.

        I find Jordan Peterson doesn’t form a compelling argument. We still have a patriarchal system embedded into a lot of different societies, for instance United States has still not yet had their first female president. Peterson talks about how women are more easily agreeable is not necessarily the case for everyone and is quick to jump to generalisations. Should also be noted that Hilary Clinton was the Former Secretary of State and was a senator yet still lost to Donald Trump despite his lack of political engagement prior to him becoming President in 2017.

        I would also like to say that your comment on “Multiculturalism and diversity unsettle society.” is a fallacy. Without multiculturalism and diversity, many countries wouldn’t have nearly as many educated, working-class individuals which contribute to the tax system.


        1. Queen: Citing leftist websites and the blatantly corrupt mainstream media — where I worked 30 years, by the way — will gain you no headway here, I’m afraid. The good news is that there are many leftist blogs where you will encounter folks who buy into the errors. Women are underpaid. Blacks are oppressed. Michael Brown was killed in cold blood. Diversity is grand, etc. In the meantime, I stick to the veracity of the truths I mentioned.


  5. If women supposedly earn less pay for the same work as men, then why not hire only women?


  6. Not pleasant up here NOB, señor. My hope is that the process of quelling the current anarchy will bring some sanity by its conclusion. In the meantime, I will buy more ammo. And practice using it. I am not in a rush to die. I am in even less rush to die without a defense.

    On another topic, I am constantly amazed at the Dems who are residents of Mexico who cannot see the caste system there.


    1. Ricardo: Most Gringos who move down here, from what I have seen, are Democrats. And no, they don’t seem to notice that they’re living in a world that, for the most part, runs counter to all their beliefs. Mexicans are blatantly racist, for example, making no bones about it. Sexist too. Ageist too. Help Wanted signs, for instance, routinely state the job is for a man, or for a woman, and someone between this age and that, all stuff that is illegal above the border. But it’s quite legal here.

      As for the grave problems you have up there, hang onto your hat. Sad.


  7. Most Gringos who live in Mexico manage to be amazingly oblivious to the reality of what Mexico really is. And by the way, according to Mexican friends, it’s illegal to discriminate on the basis of age and sex in employment. But as you note, it’s obviously not enforced since job postings very often have such qualifications in writing.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where the broader craziness is quite worrisome.


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