A yard corner


ABEL THE DEADPAN yardman came at 10 today, as he does every summer Saturday, to mow the grass and edge with his weedeater, leaving the Hacienda with a fresh feel.

What you’re seeing in the photo is a yard corner that faces the dining room window, so we look at this a lot. The rock wall is about eight inches high and 12 feet across, and it was built by a guy who rang the doorbell years back, hunting paid labor.

Normally, I would have just told him sorry, no, but he was quite persistent and pleasant, so I hired him for a few chores around the yard. This was one. He wasn’t very talented, but he got the job done. The plant was already there. It’s a philodendron, which I always thought was a smallish plant, and maybe it is above the Rio Bravo. But not here.

I have another philodendron in the small green zone of the Downtown Casita’s carport. That plant too has attained monstrous size, and makes quite an impression.

Not much on the Hacienda agenda today. I’ve been fooling around with an updated Windows 10* that took almost three hours to download last night while we watched Netflix, and my child bride has been housecleaning. Around 2-ish, I’ll drive to our roasted-chicken joint a ways past the neighborhood plaza and buy lunch to go.

In addition to chicken, we’ll get rice, cole slaw, chorizo, and a couple types of salsa. Before the Kung Flu, when my wife was selling her pastries on the downtown plaza every Saturday afternoon, this was always our lunch before heading off. Her business has been on hold since March, but we still eat the roasted chicken most Saturdays.

We do lunch in the Hacienda dining room, and admire that philodendron.

* I was strong-armed into doing this by my H-P All-in-One desktop machine that I bought over a year ago. This was its first Windows 10 update.

10 thoughts on “A yard corner

  1. So are the plazas of Pátzcuaro completely dead these days? Is your sister-in-law’s café closed? What’s the status? I’d be interested in reading a post about that.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where it appears dead outside more due to the heat than anything else.


    1. Kim: Both plazas were cordoned off for a couple of months. Then they were reopened about three weeks ago. That lasted less than a week, and now they are closed off again. The coffee shop has not closed for a moment. My sister-in-law changes habits like the Titanic changes course. This is in spite of her being frightened to death of the Kung Flu. But her greed is greater than her fright.

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  2. It is odd how plants that appear to be so domesticated in your grandmother’s parlor take on entirely different dimensions in the tropics. Maybe they are auditioning for a stab at playing Audrey II.


    1. Señor Cotton: My father whose hobby was gardening (and drinking) had a number of philodendrons, I recall. They were nothing like these big babies that I have. It’s night and day.


  3. I thought we previously discussed that at least some philodendrons have juvenile and adult forms. The little houseplant philodendrons are often juvenile forms that under the right conditions may become a much larger adult.


  4. With like 500 species of philodendron in the world, they come in all sizes, I like the vine type. Here in the grow-all-year-round area, I like that plants can grow into giants if you want them to. Not everyone likes that, but I make no judgments, and I don’t believe in the cancel culture if someone disagrees with me.

    It’s good karma to help others that need a little help, especially when they are pleasant. It usually means a warm heart.


    1. Kirk: I had no idea there were so many varieties of philodendron. Moon readers often improve my mind. Thanks.

      And I’ll accept any good karma that comes my way.


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