Left-wing lunacy

HERE’S A DOSE of leftist lunacy for you.

First off, there’s the video above, less than three minutes for the attention-challenged, in which Fox commentator Tucker Carlson addresses the issue of The New York Times’ planning to dox him. That means print his home address so radicals can threaten his family. Carlson already was forced to move not that long ago due to an assault on his home by Antifa, the Black Shirt arm of today’s Democrat Party.

For those who still maintain the NYT is the Old Gray Lady of Journalism, well, there is no hope for you. By the way, The Washington Post is no better.

Recall that editorialist Bari Weiss, who recently resigned from the NYT, cited “the new McCarthyism (that) has taken root at the paper.” Click here for that.

It boggles the mind. A major newspaper that wants to incite violence against a public figure who holds opinions it disagrees with.

And then there is Michelle Malkin, a conservative pundit and “woman of color,” who was attacked by the Black Shirt arm of the Democrat Party while attending a pro-police rally Sunday in Denver. The police, ironically, did little to protect her which is not surprising since the Denver police chief has kneeled in support of Black Lives Matter.

Malkin survived intact, thankfully.

Lastly, teen hysteric Greta Thunberg has been awarded a 1 million Euro prize from something called the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation for her “contributions” in the fight against climate change. That’s $1,151,675 in U.S. dollars and over 25 million Mexican pesos, so we’re talking some serious moola here. Greta’s parents gotta be grinning.

Michelle Malkin Tweeted following her Denver visit: “I’m okay. America isn’t.”

Let’s broaden that: Much of the Western World isn’t.

That part north of the equator.

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(Update: It appears the NYT changed its evil mind about printing Tucker’s home address.)

18 thoughts on “Left-wing lunacy

  1. I’m not sure how people can look at a family getting terrorized like this, and then try to take what they think is the high road and say, But, but, Tucker said something mean, and he supports Trump, so they must all be hateful, including his wife and kids. But then for people to not care about the people who are getting shot and killed every day in places that are having protests about trying to keep their people safe but not really caring about them.

    Politicians are giving cover for these rioters, and how they sleep at night with the bodies pilling up every day is beyond me.

    As far as Greta getting money from the Europeans, it’s no surprise, I read an article today how the polar bears are endangered, not right now as was advertised and disproved but at the end of the century, Just believe me, I wouldn’t lie to you again (maybe, likely, if I can get away with it.)

    I hope there are more Libs like Bari Weiss who finally step up to be counted.

    North of the next two borders things are getting crazy, I do believe.


    1. Kirk: One must not expect the Black Shirt auxiliary of the Democrat Party to be rational. They are full of hate and no more rational than were Ernst Roehm’s Brown Shirts in early Nazi Germany.

      On another matter, it remains one of my life goals to convince conservatives to stop referring to leftists are “Liberals” or “Libs” for short. They are in no way liberal. It is a name they have wrapped themselves within to look attractive. We must not play along. This is the only accurate definition of liberalism:

      “Advocacy of private property, an unhampered market economy, the rule of law, constitutional guarantees of freedom of religion and the press, and international peace based on free trade.”

      Of course, today’s leftists do not embrace much, or any, of that.


  2. Felipe, I have always considered myself to be fiscally conservative. Looking at your definition, I would consider that conservative, definitely not today’s Marxist liberals. What I see of the leftists today, they look a lot like the Marxists of old.

    But you could be right. Maybe I’m your definition of a liberal. Don’t know if I will be able to sleep tonight now.


    1. Kirk: It’s not my definition of liberal. It’s pretty much the standard definition of classical liberalism. Leftists have simply coopted the term because it makes them look good. And they have been spectacularly successful in bending the definition.


    2. Kirk: I am fond of a quote from Dennis Prager that sits permanently in the right column of my website:

      “The usurpation of the word ‘liberal’ by the left has been a catastrophe.”

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      1. I have a vague memory of a discussion in Lewis Carroll’s classic “Alice In Wonderland” of words meaning whatever the person using the words wants them to mean. It’s just a question, it was explained, of who is boss.


  3. Yes indeed, sir. The theft of the term liberal is one of the most serious crimes to date in this universe.

    If you believe the media, Trump has already lost the election. I pray not. We old guys will not coexist with the anarchists. One of us will have to go.

    It constantly amazes me how some otherwise intelligent folks cannot see the truth of the current Democratic party.


    1. Ricardo: Ignore the polls. Remember that Hillary was going to bury Trump in the 2016 election. We have to wait till the fat lady sings in November.

      I too find it mystifying that the reality of today’s Democrat Party and its violent fellow travelers sails right over the heads of seemingly smart people. I think the reality is hidden from them, for the most part, due to where they get their information. They are being hoodwinked by the mainstream media.


      1. Felipe: maybe as you are reserving the word “liberal” from the leftist, perhaps you could start referring to that lying part of the media as the “mis-leadia,” which I coined and am trying to get into wider circulation. It’s appropriate because they don’t often lie, but frequently mislead.

        I’ll give you an example.

        My 40-year-old neighbor seems kind of sketchy. He doesn’t have a job, and he spends a lot of time with young boys, and he seems to prefer blond ones.

        He’s their father, married to their mother, and spends all of his free time with them because they are his sons and he’s a good father. And he left his last job because he didn’t want to move to New York.

        Both of the above are literally true, but the first one is wildly misleading, and causes readers to suspect something that is far from the truth. The second is what courts would call “the whole truth,” and is indeed the truth and not misleading.

        As for the NY Times, they appear to be beyond salvation.

        If Trump has done nothing else, he has forever exposed the mis-leadia for what it is, and America should be (but isn’t) grateful for that.


        Kim G
        Boston, MA
        Where I’m tired of living in a country where half the people seem to have completely lost their minds.

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        1. Kim: Mis-leadia is accurate, but I don’t think it will catch on. I could be mistaken. Sometimes I am.

          Yes, the NYT is beyond salvation. I suspect the Washington Post and many other media are equally beyond salvation. Sadly, many people still regard them as the voice of God.

          Yes, too many Americans have lost their minds. The percentage seems to be considerably higher than what exists in Mexico. Sad.


          1. Mis-leadia won’t catch on until people use it. At this point, you have a ground-floor opportunity to become one of the early adopters, if you so choose. And by choosing, you’ll be in the vanguard. Kind of like moving to Mexico.

            And yes, what’s happening in the USA is beyond sad. If you get a chance, check out Dave Rubin’s interview of Ted Cruz. They discuss a lot of what’s going on, including Democrat efforts to literally repeal the first amendment in the 2013/2014 session of Congress. Cheers!


            1. Kim: I’ll make an effort to promote mis-leadia, but I’ve been trying to put a stop to calling leftists “liberals” for years, literally, and I have made no noticeable dent. I think you overestimate my influence. Thanks for the Rubin/Cruz tip. I’m a YUGE Cruz fan. He was my first choice for the GOP nomination in 2016. He is very sharp.


  4. The parties we mistakenly accept as liberal and conservative are neither. They are corrupt, self-serving parasites. There are very few Pat Buchanans and Jimmy Carters in today’s current government. If we just let everyone serve two terms and then vote them out, things will change. Hopefully. Voting parties or directing rage at someone who identifies with one of these parties is senseless. Vote the person. If not possible, vote out the incumbent. Maybe once the message is out there that this won’t be a career, greed will not be the primary attraction.

    Sorry to be ranting, but after yesterday’s news about the speaker of the house in Ohio, where I’ve lived most my life, I’m upset. The speaker and many of his cronies formed a 510c to extract $60 million from a utility so they could write HB6 and get that utility $1.5 billion added to the the users bills. Then a group tried to get a referendum on the ballot for the voters to decide, and the same speaker and his cronies used some of the $60 million to bribe and obstruct signature gatherers and the companies who hired them. It went to court, and surprise, the court decided against the referendum group. The speaker and his cronies also managed to get money put into their personal investment accounts.

    Sex, greed and power. It doesn’t matter the party!

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    1. Nomad: Both parties are corrupt, true, and term limits would be a good thing. Don’t hold your breath till that happens.

      I know nothing of the Ohio situation you mention, but were I a betting man, I’d bet the politicos doing that are Democrats. Not that Republicans don’t do that sort of thing too, but I’d still wager they’re Democrats in this case. Am I wrong?


  5. Libertine is a word John Calvin coined. Its meaning applies in many ways to the lunatic leftists.


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