Days of our lives

YESTERDAY WE ate tuna lasagna in The Lasagna Factory in the nearby capital city. We wanted vegetarian, but none was available. So tuna it was, and it was good.

Then we visited Costco and Chedraui for various staples before heading home to our mountaintop abode where peace reigns.

This morning I stepped out to the service patio and noticed, just past the steel stairway to the kitchen roof, a sizable spray of bird crap and a baby bird, deceased. Crap! I uttered to no one in particular. I glanced up, way up, and saw no nest. Strange.

I swept up the birdie corpse, tossed it in the trash outside in the Garden Patio, returned and looked up again, which is when I saw movement. Here’s the situation: There is a huge wasp nest up there, long abandoned, and so high I had never knocked it down.

Swallows had somehow turned a part of the wasp nest, a part that was drooping, into a home of their own, and there’s a family there, minus the one who plunged to his demise. I’ll keep an eye on the situation, and when the little buggers bugger off, the extension ladder will put me within range to knock the whole shebang down, and I will.

Why can’t swallows mind their own business? Nest under bridges or in the house of the people out back who blare music too loud? Where is the justice?

Tomorrow will be a big day here. More plant murder is planned.

The monster aloe vera which resides at the bedroom corner in what I’ve long called the Willy Nilly Zone will be uprooted and toted to God knows where.

That aloe vera will go, but the datura will stay.

We once had three of these big babies, but Abel the Deadpan Yardman removed one a few years back. It was somewhat smaller than the one in the photo. I have a crew coming in the morning with machetes and a pickup truck.

It’s the same crew that removed the towering nopal, the monster bougainvillea and the annoying loquat tree.

After that’s done, Abel comes the following day, and I’m going to have him remove most everything in that area. It’s not clear from the photo, but there are tons of weeds. I will plant new stuff, but not plants that grow enormous.

More on this in a few days.

Our mayor has tested positive for the Kung Flu virus. He posted a video announcement on Facebook yesterday while sitting at a desk, which I assume is in his home, in normal clothes, wearing a facemask, to say he’s staying put for two weeks.

He’s a real glad-hander, so his getting Kung Flu is no shock. I wish him a speedy recovery, or maybe he’ll be one of those who never show symptoms, if such a thing exists.

He looked fine in the video.

In closing, here’s a little humor on the state of America. I might make this a recurring feature. Send me stuff.


11 thoughts on “Days of our lives

  1. Now that is an aloe vera plant. l think it kind of got out of hand. I see why a crew is coming for the demolition. Swallows are rather a pain. They don’t really seem to care about the mess they make.

    It’s a sad state of affairs up north. Don’t know how people can watch the protests and then watch people killing one another and think it’s someone else’s fault. Watched a guy on the news saying it’s the same message for the last 50 years and nothing changes. Vote the same people in and then be surprised that nothing changes.


    1. Kirk: The final aloe vera we will have is even bigger than the one in the photo, but it’s not against the house, and we need at least one for burns, etc.

      Swallows are pretty birds but rather loathsome. They make mud nests and crap all over the place. They try to build nests in various places around the house exterior every year, but I pay attention and knock them down before they get built. Never noticed this one, however. It’s two stories up!


  2. I’ve never had tuna lasagna before. It just doesn’t sound very appetizing to me. I think if I were going with a meatless version it would be a cheese lasagna.


    1. Thirsty: Truth be told, it wasn’t the best lasagna experience of my life. We really wanted the vegetarian. The third option was the traditional with meat, but that’s really unhealthy, which we prefer to avoid. Live and learn. Cheese? Sure. I think all lasagna has cheese. Ours did.


    1. Carole: Before I read your next comment, I was scratching my head for a moment wondering about the data.

      I never have auto-correct enabled. It causes more problems than it fixes, I think.

      But yes, that’s where the datura lives, one of them at least. We have two.


  3. Mud Swallows: the final solution. Paint the ceiling blue (as in sky blue). Never again will they build there.
    Works every time.

    Go ahead, murder some more plants. it’s much more entertaining that what we have in some large cities NOB.

    Always a little drama in your abode. Still, it’s really calm place.

    Tranquilo, señor!


    1. Ricardo: Where the little birdy buggers have settled is on an overhang two stories up. Painting it blue isn’t a practical option. Anyway, this is the first year they’ve pulled this stunt, and when they leave I’m knocking down the old beehive that they’ve adopted. In the future, in late spring, which is when they appear, I’ll add that area to my daily inspection tour. I’m smarter than they are, generally.

      As for the plant murder, as I write this, I’m anticipating the crew’s arrival. They should be here in about 90 minutes, I think. Machetes in hand.

      Keep your head down up there.


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