The Un-greening of Felipe

The Before Shot.

THE CREW came this morning with machetes and a chain saw, a pickup too.

Guys at work.
Wielding the axe.
No more aloe vera, at least not on that spot.

They got the stump almost level with the ground, so now the question is if it will try to pop up again. Probably. I’ve seen people pour motor oil on stumps in these situations, but I hope not to have to do that.

Background on this work can be seen here.

This ongoing process I dub the Un-greening of Felipe. When the Hacienda was young, and I looked at the yard with the attitude I developed in Houston, I made mistakes. I planted things thinking they would grow as they grew in Houston, a little bit or not at all.

But Lordy! I am now running in reverse. We had three stands of banana trees, and now we have one. We had three monster magueys, and now we have none. We had a towering nopal, and now we have none. We had a trash-tossing peach tree, a pear and a loquat. Now we have none. We had three aloe veras. Now we have one.

The un-greening, still ongoing, makes life easier, and ease is what I crave.

4 thoughts on “The Un-greening of Felipe

  1. Much nicer view of the house, and one should be sufficient for burns or other ailments, I use it for a patch of dry skin. Works great.


    1. Kirk: My wife said this is the only time my yard depredations have improved things.

      As for using aloe vera on dry skin, I never heard of that. Interesting.


    1. Señor Cotton: Yes, it was a good move. It will be much better after the ground cover extends over the butchered area. I must have patience. I was going to dig up much more in the area but decided against it.


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