A morning shot


UNLIKE MOST mornings when I stay home till past noon, today I drove downtown just before 9 to open the Downtown Casita for the maid. The place had not been officially tidied in two months. Normally, it’s done once a month when there are no tenants.

But the Plague Year has made me fall behind on my responsibilities. However, last week a pack of kin from the nearby state capital spent the night there, so it was a good excuse to hire the maid even though the kin always leave the place neat.

I scooped up the used sheets and towels and drove two blocks to a laundromat. As I got out of the Honda, I looked back up the hill that I had just descended and decided to take a photograph. There’s a VW Bug up there. Bet you don’t see them much anymore above the Rio Bravo. They’re still common here.

It rained a bit last night, so the morning was cool and fresh.

My father will die tomorrow. Stay tuned.

8 thoughts on “A morning shot

  1. Great picture. You can’t swing a cat without hitting a Bug or VW van down here. I send pics to a friend up north. He loves them.


    1. Kirk: In the final year or two of my first marriage, we had a white Bug convertible. Was that ever fun! But when I departed that relationship, I left the Bug with her. She ran it into the ground in a year or so. Let the floor rot out. Sad.


  2. In part of my misspent youth I worked as a mechanic at three different Volkswagen dealerships. Knew them inside and out. They are still kind of a cult thing up here.


    1. Creigh: Not really a cult thing in Mexico, just cheap transportation. About 10 months after moving over the border, when Bugs were still available new here, I decided I needed a car, but I did not want to spend much. I narrowed my choices down to a new Bug or a Chevy Pop, which was very similar to the old Geo Metro. The Pop was obviously a better choice, and it only cost about 500 bucks more than the Bug. I got the Pop, which was short for Popular. Kept it for 14 years. It was a great car.

      I’d like to have a Bug right now for fun.


  3. I used that laundry while staying in your very nice downtown Calista. Excellent service for a very fair price.


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