Why I left the Democrats

Sports Illustrated “model.”

AND WHY YOU should do the same.

It started for me in 2007 when it came to light that the Obamas had sat for 20 years in the church of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, he of the “Goddamn America” sermon. Wright was quickly muzzled by Obama’s handlers.

It went downhill from there between me and the Democrat Party for which my entire family had proudly voted for decades.

There was Political Correctness, that ham-fisted ideology that blossomed in the 1990s and just got worse. Later, the lunacy kicked in. Putting fat gals in the Swimsuit Edition of Sports Illustrated in the name of “equality.” Obesity is a serious health issue, not something to be glorified. Obesity isn’t just another valid lifestyle choice.

And there is Cancel Culture. Share our opinion or be fired. From the disturbing, it’s descended into madness. Take Aunt Jemima off the syrup jar. Change the names of sports teams. Don black clothing and masks to march and riot in the streets.

Can’t dress like Pancho Villa for Halloween unless you’re Mexican. Actors can’t play disabled people in movies unless they are themselves disabled.

Last night at the restarting of the NBA games, every player and coach on both teams, 100 percent, took to their knees before the national anthem, thumbing their noses at the flag of the nation that made them wealthy and privileged.

Conservatives are squelched online by Big Tech. Black Lives Matter — which consists to a great degree of white leftists whose aim is Marxism, a word they wisely removed from their website not long ago — still laughably states on its website:

We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family.

The film classic Gone With the Wind is blocked from online streaming. Statues are toppled, not just of Gen. Robert E. Lee but the Great Emancipator Abraham Lincoln himself, which demonstrates a dizzying level of ignorance.

And nincompoopery.

The owners of a Michigan Bed & Breakfast were browbeaten recently into removing a Norwegian flag outside their business because it resembles a Confederate flag.

Defund the police! Imbecilic.

Speaking of nincompoopery, here’s a very smart and brave girl who goes by Cringe Panda online. Her internet fame has skyrocketed since the first of the year. Watch her address the appalling state of public education.

No need to watch the entire thing. The first five minutes will educate you.

All of the above and much more flows totally from the left side of the political divide, those people who vote Democrat. All of it, 100 percent.

And if you are unaware of the things I mentioned, consider finding news sources other than The New York Times, Washington Post, Huffpost and MSNBC.

You’re being duped.

If you are aware of the things I mentioned, and you still vote Democrat, that is far worse, and I’m ashamed of you. But let’s move on to:


The presumed Democrat presidential nominee is that hated thing, an old white man, and decades-long political hack. How did this happen?

It happened because actual Democrat voters, most of whom are not Marxists, participated in the primary elections, and apparently grass-roots Democrats were not happy with the radical choices they saw on the debate stages. Every Democrat, for instance, raised a hand when asked if they supported “free” healthcare for illegal aliens. Even Joe.

Voters opted for the old shoe they knew, smelly as it is.

Tulsi Gabbard, the best of the sorry lot, would have shot her candidacy skyward had she the bravery to leave her hand down to the question of healthcare for illegals. The move would have stuck out like the proverbial sore thumb but in a positive way. She killed her chances with that one raise of the arm.

She was the only one who had a prayer of beating Trump.

Biden is old, older than Trump, and plainly has cognitive issues which makes his vice-presidential choice far more important than usual. If you vote for Biden in November, know that you’re actually voting for the vice president to be president.

He will nominate a radical woman “of color” because the leftist party bosses have him by the short hairs. He’ll do anything to be president. He’d get on all fours and bark.

Take a close look at the vice-presidential nominee, and think hard about how Democrats are running cities and states these days. The riots, lawlessness, Antifa, BLM, high taxes, vagrancy, high-priced housing, tent cities, and so on.

Again, if you’re unaware of these things, consider finding news sources other than The New York Times, Washington Post, Huffpost and MSNBC.

You’re being duped.

Consider doing what I did in 2007: Leave the Democrat Party.

32 thoughts on “Why I left the Democrats

  1. Mercy sakes, señor, we have again walked the same paths. The Right Rev. Wright (bless his heart) is what permanently knocked me off the “vote for the best man/woman stance even if he/she is a Democrat” forever.

    Many decades ago I spent some considerable time as a teacher and administrator in a small rural school district in Texas. Even then one could see the above described quagmire seeping into the curriculum.

    Although I’m still in rural Texas, I’m not that far removed from what the video describes. We are still mostly those Deplorables who detest the thought of presenting such concepts to the young in our public schools; however, it’s a lot closer than it used to be.

    Not for the good.

    P.S. Watch the rest of that Cringe Panda video. It will shove you over the edge.


    1. Ricardo: Yes, the Jeremiah Wright revelation was startling, and that is why they shut him up so quickly. But, as the saying goes, the cat was out of the bag. Anyone with a lick of sense saw what the Obamas were real fast.

      I discovered Cringe Panda just a few days ago in a video where a number of conservative notables were praising her, including Don Jr. Wonder if she writes her own stuff.


  2. Hard to imagine you were actually a demonocrat back in the day, amigo. Just goes to show you, I can get along with anybody. LOL!
    Glad to have you on our side. You are a voice of reason and insight. Well, personally, I consider myself a libertarian, right leaning on a few issues.

    Not too crazy about those Republicans either actually. Two pigs in a poke those Democrats and Republicans.


    1. Marco: Yes, I was a Democrat, but I saw the light! Especially in these times, how can anyone with a lick of smarts fail to see it? And I too am not very fond of the Republican Party, and I embrace the libertarian label now. But given just two voting choices, GOP or Democrat, gotta go with the GOP.

      Trump is like me in that, I suspect. He’s on the GOP side because the other is worse, far worse now than, say, 20 years ago.

      Bad times in which we live. Stupidity and ignorance reign.


  3. Panda has hopes of being an actress, These videos are sadly killing that dream, I think. She will certainly be canceled. Can’t believe she has not already been stoned in the public square to save us all.

    I still have hope that there is a majority of people who will come out against the leftists around the world, not just the U.S. election. The Canadian PM is into his third ethics investigation after being elected five years ago, and if there were an election tomorrow people would still vote for him because he is so nice.

    Felipe, another good read. Thanks.


    1. Kirk: Regarding the Panda lass, I can’t help thinking of another YouTube wonder, short-lived, by the name of Mini AOC. She was even younger, and did parodies of Ocasio-Cortez which I imagine her parents wrote, but the girl did a great delivery job. Did not take long before she was getting death threats, etc., so her parents pulled her off the internet.

      Of course, the threats did not come from Republicans.

      As for your Canadian PM, he’s a pretty-boy dunce, and the Canucks who vote for him are dunces too. Sad.


  4. Well if you want to get a shock take a look at my website DemocratsAgainstUNAgenda21.com. I think you’ll appreciate it. I’ve spoken in megachurches, to Tea Party groups, on Glenn Beck’s show, etc., and the Democrats won’t have anything to do with me except to smear me.



    1. Rosa: Well, I did take a look at your website. Interesting, though I was not “shocked.” I too am no fan of the United Nations. I think Trump should toss the whole shebang into the Atlantic. I don’t see that it does anything for the United States. Quite the contrary.


      1. Nice to meet you. You might like to watch a couple of my interviews, if you’re interested. The one with the Huffington post exemplifies everything that is wrong with the press.

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  5. From [1876] until the 1960s, state and local government in the South was almost entirely monopolized by Democrats. The Democrats elected all but a handful of U.S. representatives and senators, and Democratic presidential candidates regularly swept the region — from 1880 through 1944, winning a cumulative total of 182 of 187 states. (Wikipedia “Solid South”)

    For those of you who’ve forgotten history…


      1. They told me if I voted for Hillary the government would close the churches and block us from escaping the country. National debt would skyrocket and the economy would collapse. We would depend on government handouts to survive, criminals would run the government, a gang of global pedophiles would operate above the law, and secret police would kidnap people off the streets. Feds would create concentration camps in empty Wal-Marts, and Black Lives Matter would infiltrate NASCAR. I voted for Hillary anyway and dammit! they were right.


        1. Creigh: I suggest you get your info elsewhere instead of listening to a minuscule minority of right-wing bozos. That’s my advice. I’d bet big money that the bozos were brought to your attention by MSNBC, the NYT, Huffpost, etc.


  6. Seems like no one can tell me why they’re voting for Biden without mentioning Trump.


    1. Thirsty: Well, of course, but in some instances, I think it’s entirely valid to vote for someone simply because you think the other candidate is worse. That was the reason I voted for Trump in 2016. But this year I’ll vote for him because I think he’s great! And this year many folks will vote for Biden — assuming he’s the candidate. I’m not convinced the DNC will not knock him off at the last moment — because they loathe Trump. Lots of people loathe Trump because of all the opposition to him from Big Tech, the media, etc. Alas, they are low-information voters.


      1. I’m a registered Democrat who hasn’t voted for a Dem since Al Gore. And both he and Bush are globalists, so now I’d never vote for either one. We make the most difference locally and that’s where we need to focus. We’re definitely coming from behind in every way.


  7. So you don’t like fat women, and you moved to Mexico which has one of the highest obesity rates in the world. Well, good luck with that.
    Meanwhile, bubba, fasten your seat belt, because come Nov. 3, your “blond bomber” is headed for a crash. Big time.


    1. Señor Lanier: Nobody likes fat women, least of all the fat women. Nobody likes fat men either. I am speaking, of course, of aesthetics.

      But that was not the point of my bringing up fat women in the post, as you well know.

      As for Nov. 3, time will tell. You better hope Trump wins. Do we want the entire nation run as Democrats these days are running cities and states? Nasty. I think not. You are a fairly rational man. Wake up and smell the coffee!


      1. Sr. Felipe, you might be quite surprised at what some people find erotic. As my friends in the used car business used to say, “There’s an ass for every saddle.”

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        1. Creigh: No doubt true, but that’s not why they’ve got that big gal shoveled into that bikini in Sports Illustrated. They are making a Woke point, as you well know.

          Nice try, though.


  8. I left the Democrats in 1980 because of Reagan. After Ross Perot showed us a different way, I tended to vote more for the candidate than the party.
    This year I’m faced with a decision. Do I vote for a person I dislike very much? Should I overlook the many areas of his incompetence and his insistence on loyalty that takes precedence over the good of the country, or should I vote for Biden? If Trump is re-elected, it will be painful. More demonstrations, riots and the incessant noise from the media. Many of his obnoxious supporters will become even more rude and less civil.

    We have no alternative candidates that I can get behind. I know a third party candidate cannot win, but I don’t care. I would just like to vote for someone who I believe would do the right thing. There is only one thing I am sure of. I could not vote for Biden.


    1. Nomad: Your very last sentence made me breathe a sign of relief.

      Your distaste for Trump indicates you get most or all of your news from the mainstream media/Democrat National Committee. Go to the White House website and subscribe to its newsletter. It’s about the only place you’ll get straight info about the president’s good works, and there are lots. It’s also about the only place you’ll see him smiling. If Trump is re-elected it may be painful, but it will not be because Trump did something awful. It will be because the Democrat hysteria, one imagines, will continue for another four years. If only they would accept election results contrary to their wishes. No matter. It’s something we must endure. Do you want the nation run like Chicago, Portland or the entire State of California? The incessant noise from the media and the riots are the fault of the Democrat left, not Trump.

      What you perceive as Trump’s bad personality is just him pushing back at the constant attacks. He has no choice, and it’s good he does that. If you pay attention, you’ll notice that virtually every “rude” remark of his is a reaction to something the Democrats tossed at him. He rarely initiates conflicts, but he sure does not take attacks lying down. Gotta love him for that. He is the polar opposite of political correctness. Do the right thing.


    2. Nomad, P.S.: Just off the top of my head. Things that happened during Trump’s time so far in the Oval Office:

      1. No new foreign wars. If memory serves, there were seven wars during Obama’s time.
      2. ISIS obliterated.
      3. The United States became energy independent.
      4. Lower taxes. Sure, it would have been even better to reduce spending too, but that’s way more difficult. Maybe later.
      5. Far fewer oppressive regulations endlessly mandated by an unelected bureaucracy. Trump promised he’d have two cut for every new reg. Far more than two have been eliminated for each new one. More like seven for each new one. This is very good.
      6. Unemployment rate for black Americans falls to lowest level in half a century. Black Lives Matter for real.
      7. Booming economy. Yes, the Kung Flu crisis dealt that a blow, but that’s not Trump’s fault.
      8. NATO nations forced to pay more of their fair share for their own protection.
      9. More border walls and better border enforcement.
      10. Much better relations with a vital ally, Israel.
      11. Treating known terrorist nations for what they are, especially reducing immigrants from them.
      12. Scrapping NAFTA and replacing it with a better deal for the United States.

      And that’s just off the top of my head. I’m sure a little internet sleuthing would reveal far more.


  9. You are absolutely right about his accomplishments. To be fair, most of this happened while he had the luxury of a majority in both houses. Of course that’s how Obama pushed through the Affordable Care Act. Trump has been harassed, poked, prodded and held in disdain by the Dems and mainstream media.

    I do not get my news from MSNBC, CNN, and other liberal mainstream media. The only publication I read daily is the Wall Street Journal. 80% of the reporting seems pretty neutral. The other 20% is clearly biased about 70/30 conservative/liberal. At your suggestion, I signed up for the daily White House letter. It does give more info than the media would ever do, and they do toot the president’s horn quite a bit. It did not seem informative in the sense I thought it would. No insights as to why he loses good people all the time. Again, my problem with him is he would rather have a yes man than a competent individual. John Kelly is a perfect example.


    1. Nomad: Good to hear. The WSJ is a good newspaper most of the time. I would recommend other info sources, however, to broaden the perspective.

      And sure, the White House newsletter does toot the president’s horn. How not? But I think it offers a daily antidote to what the mainstream media publishes about Trump, which is scandalous lies or twisted info or simply good news unreported. As for your other complaints, Trump is not perfect, but he is immensely better than what the Democrats are shoveling these days.


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