The dawn of August

Out in the yard, a’blooming.

AUGUST DAWNED chill and gray. I like the chill part.

The first day of any month brings chores. I pay my Megacable bill online. I do my monthly car checks — air, water, oil, etc. And sometimes the first of the month falls atop other chores unconnected to the first of the month. That was the case today because I had to drive downtown early — to avoid heavy traffic — and check my post-office box, which I do every second Saturday. Only one item in the box, which is about par.

Often there is nothing, which I prefer.

I very rarely get mail these days from above the border, and 99.9 percent of the mail in the PO box comes from above the Rio Bravo, invariably pension stuff.

And since it’s Saturday during the rainy season, Abel the Deadpan Yardman came to cut the grass, something he’s doing at this moment as I write to you.

August is the month when the incessant rain becomes obvious in the yard, which gets very beefed up, so to speak, greenery thick and abundant. It looks nice.

We’ll be having beans, rice and sausage for lunch today, and this afternoon we’ll drive to another small burg abutting our lake to look for some religious thing to attach to my mother-in-law’s tombstone in the not-distant town of Taretan.

My child bride and some of her sisters had the tombstone renovated recently because it was in bad shape. She died over half a century ago at the age of 31.

8 thoughts on “The dawn of August

  1. Beautiful little Taretan. I love Mexico’s little parks and plazas. A great way to pass a few hours people watching. I’m sure there is a great little place to have a bite to eat somewhere nearby.


    1. Leisa: My favorite spot in Taretan is an ice-cream parlor right on the plaza. I get good stuff there every visit. Have you been to Taretan? It’s certainly not on anyone’s tourist route.


      1. Felipe: I can’t be too sure if we’ve been there. The palm tree threw me at first. We would get on the small mini-buses and cruise places and get off to explore the smaller towns, so it’s possible. Love mingling with the locals. Oh, how I miss Patzcuaro!


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