A Viking view

ONE OF THE Moon goals is to raise the level of international consciousness. At times this can be done with videos. Personally, I prefer brief videos like this one.

I watch this fellow most every morning. He’s in Sweden, and his YouTube channel is called Sanity for Sweden. But he’s broadened his scope considerably beyond Sweden, and he speaks English quite well and calmly.

Seven centuries ago, he would have been a Viking. His name is Stefan though it could just as easily been Hendrik or Gottfrid.

He’s almost always sitting with a black shirt and vest in front of a stack of firewood. It gets cold in Sweden, of course. The only time I’ve seen him elsewhere was once in his barn sitting in front of an old tractor.

The reason I’m presenting this particular video is his addressing an issue of the U.S. political conflict, especially the #WalkAway movement which, apparently, and I did not know this, the leftists claim is a Russian hoax. Ha! And he speaks too of a longtime Democrat who, out of rare curiosity, decided to attend a Trump rally and what happened.

Drop a nickel in the jar on your way out.

14 thoughts on “A Viking view

  1. Thanks for the YouTube reference. I like the way he starts his statement: “…they are not all stupid.” I have this discussion with several of my close deplorable amigos here NOB. It is indeed impossible.

    Interesting indeed that this Swede is paying attention to us Gringos. Perhaps we have quite a lot in common with Sweden.


    1. Ricardo: I found that guy about six months ago. He addresses global issues far more than what’s going on in Sweden. He mentioned once that he began the channel just to address Swedish things, thus the title, but he’s long since moved beyond that. He’s fun to watch due, in large part, to being so low-key.

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  2. Thanks for the link. He is interesting. I will add him to my YouTube watch list. We should all listen to other viewpoints. I think it improves oneself. In my family we used to argue politics and other viewpoints, sometimes heatedly, sometimes not, but it is impossible now with some family members as they go off the deep end with just the mention of conservative views, or the most dreaded name Trump.

    We all need to listen calmly to other points of view. Other than myself, I can’t think of anyone who is right all the time. Well, maybe Felipe.

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    1. Kirk: I agree that you and I are two of just a handful of people worldwide who are 100 percent correct every day. It is a blessing. The Goddess smiled upon us.


  3. So in 2016 Mr. Trump held a rally in our fair city which was carried live on local media. I watched the whole thing. 90% of everything he said was a boast, an insult, or a lie. Needless to say I did not #walkaway.

    Mr. Trump did tap into a couple of important things, one being the effects of global capitalism which greatly benefitted a few at the expense of many, the other being resentment about challenges to cultural supremacy of white Americans. Unfortunately for the many people negatively affected by globalization he hired Wall Streeters like Mnuchin, Cohn, and Ross. These are people who are benefitting from the current system. They were never going to make the kind of changes we need.

    Incidentally, most leftists don’t consider #walkaway to be a hoax because they’ve never heard of it.


    1. Creigh: Most leftists have not heard of the WalkAway Movement because it’s never mentioned — or if mentioned, it’s done negatively, called a hoax — because the mainstream media/Democrat National Committee wants to keep a lid on it. I suspect you learned of it through me. I am very useful.


  4. That video could have been easily done in about 3 minutes. That said, yes, he makes sense. Totally. And it’s frightening the extent to which the Left will go to maintain power. Here in the USA, they’ve done all the things they accused Donald Trump that he would do in 2016: fail to accept the results of the 2016 election; undermine American institutions (they’ve suggested getting rid of the electoral college, expanding the number of Supreme Court justices, talked about ending the Senate filibuster, defunding the police, etc., etc.), colluding with foreign governments to influence the election (Christopher Steele & the one Russian, as it turns out), and plenty of cases of voter fraud, and now their Presidential nominee-to-be is running an overtly racist program to hire a VP. Not to mention racializing every last possible thing.

    Really, it’s disgusting, and a huge threat to the country.

    I’m saddened by it.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where I fear that our own, excellent police department will be defunded despite all evidence available saying it’s a terrible idea.


      1. Defunding the police is so breathtakingly imbecilic that one wonders why it hasn’t been immediately laughed right out of the public conversation.

        I’ll tell you something else. When I lived in an African-American ghetto in the 1980s, the law-abiding folks all wanted more, not fewer police. The only folks who wanted fewer were, not surprisingly, the perpetrators of mayhem.


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