Fake news in action

The press has been playing defense for Portland anarchists for weeks, suggesting riots and arson against a federal courthouse were provoked by federal agents protecting it.

— The Wall Street Journal


So much for that. Over the weekend Portland police were forced to declare two riots.

— The Associated Press

I rarely read The New York Times, but this morning I looked at its home page. There is not one word about the ongoing riots in Portland. Zilch. There is a small headline down-page that says, “Seattle police chief to resign as council seeks budget cuts.”

Budget cuts! What the council voted to do was defund the Seattle Police Department by a whopping 50 percent. It’s a ho-hum, slanted headline.

Both Portland and Seattle are run by Democrats.

There are, however, numerous headlines pushing racial issues. “Racism’s hidden toll,” “Meet the Brave But Overlooked Women of Color Who Fought for the Vote” “For Doctors of Color, Microaggressions Are All Too Familiar.”

No lack of race-based coverage and obsession with victimization.

Then I turned to the home page of The Washington Post. Again, not one word about the nightly riots in Portland. To its small credit, however, down-page again, there is a story about the Seattle police chief’s resignation, and the defunding issue is mentioned in the headline as it should be.

One thing that stands out to this former newspaper editor, i.e. me, is that both papers, running down the right side of the home page, cite their editorial columns, most of which are either race-focused or pure Trump hate. This adding of editorial pieces to the home page/front page is not how things are normally done. It’s a tactic to promote the racial issues and Trump hate in the most direct way possible.

Opinions traditionally appear on opinion pages, not the front page, the new placement of which gives the opinions the odor of fact. Intentional, of course.

If you want a more accurate take on today’s news, there are various online news outfits that do an excellent job. One conservative site is here. Another is here.

A news website that covers both sides of the political divide is here.

Did you Democrats know this? Bet you thought it was the reverse.


27 thoughts on “Fake news in action

    1. Carole: The media are not blind, but they are feeding nonsense and lies to the blind who are blind because they get their “information” from the mainstream media/DNC campaign committee.


  1. So very true. And today Biden appointed Kamaltoe Harris as his veep. A black woman, but really an East Indian-Jamaican descendant.

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  2. The looting in Chicago prompted the raising of the bridges to keep the mob away from the commercial center of the city. Black Lives Matter seems to be a cover for the right to commit crimes with impunity. They said that it was just “reparations.” For what? No one alive today in this country ever was a slave or ever owned a slave. 618,222 men died to put this issue to rest. Is there no gratitude?


  3. It is interesting that when the Dems were in charge of both houses and the president was Obama, they didn’t get around to working on immigration, i.e. Mexico, but they are the ones who are going to get rid of the bad man now to save the world and probably get young Biden back into China to make a deal where he doesn’t get anything out of it.


  4. And so it goes. One must wonder when the Gringos will wake up to what’s being done to them. Apathy never wins. It takes so little effort to see the truth in most situations we encounter.


  5. And speaking of ‘fake’ (misleading) news: the 1964 filibuster was conducted by an opposing faction of the Democratic majority party — a group of 18 Southern Democrats led by Richard Russell of Georgia and, in an inspiring display of bi-partisanship, joined by the Republican John Tower of Texas. Most of the Democrats voted for the Civil Rights Act.


    1. Loulou: Nice try, señora, but they were Democrats. By the way, more Republicans than Democrats voted for the Civil Rights Act.

      And Democrats formed the KKK. And Democrats were the party of slavery. And Democrats were the party of Jim Crow. Bull Conner was a Democrat, and his dogs likely were too. The past of the Democrat Party is so sad, and look at it these days. Still sad.


      1. One of the major movers of the Civil Rights Act was Illinois Senator Everett Dirksen. He has since been written out of the history. He was a Republican.

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  6. Sadly, there are a lot of really good folks that still believe the Democrat Party’s line. They say they are there to help working folks, but their real goal is to turn our nation into a one-party kleptocracy.

    Think of all the federal funds that have been channeled into the big cities, and they are not one whit better for it. They build public housing that is too dangerous for working people. They replace private slums with public slums. Been to Detroit? Baltimore? Chicago?

    They say they will do things for the people, but once in office, they do things to the people.

    Government needs to serve all the people, not just those who can be bought off and herded to the polls.


    1. Señor Gill: I am convinced that many people who still vote for Democrats think they are voting for the sort of Democrats who were around a few decades back. These are primarily older voters. They simply are not paying attention and vote Democrat out of habit. The younger Democrat voters like the idea of socialism due to their being ignoramuses.


  7. Thinking about history, when those folks get into power, do you think they are going to let the little spoiled brats continue rioting, looting and burning? No! The first thing the Marxists do is purge the Bolsheviks. When they have served their purpose, it is over for them. Ever wonder what happened to the Red Guards?

    Black lives might matter now, but not after those folks get into power.


  8. This morning, National Propaganda Radio (or National Partisan Radio, if you prefer) managed to report on the Israel-UAE peace deal without once mentioning Trump or the Administration. They reported as if UAE and Israel had gotten together on their own to craft their own deal.

    IMHO that was a new height in fake news, which is why I call them the mis-leadia. Nothing in that story was exactly untrue, but it (again!) led to the wrong conclusions.

    Frankly, I understand that folks think that Trump is a bombastic boor. But that’s nothing compared to what the Dems have been doing these last four years, which is nothing short of scandalous. Meanwhile, I’m hearing that Amazon continues to take steps to extricate itself from Seattle, and Governor “Grandma Killer” Cuomo is begging rich hedge fund managers to stay and be taxed.

    Kim G
    Boston MA
    Which is full of leftists, but so far managed to avoid most of the insanity. I fervently pray that the lack of insanity continues.

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      1. It really is astonishing. Frankly, the rationale for the government operating a domestically-focused media company is on thin ground at best. Pre-internet, you could make a much better argument for it. Now? Seems like pretty much everyone has access to all kinds of news. No reason for the Feds to be part of it. I’d happily see it defunded.

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        1. Kim: It’s just one of scads of examples of what Ronald Reagan said about federal programs. It goes something like this: “There’s nothing more permanent than a temporary government program.” I don’t think NPR was initially intended to be temporary, but it’s crystal clear now that its partisanship should not be receiving taxpayer funds. It’s outrageous.

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          1. It really is, but if you make the perfectly rational argument that NPR should be privatized, then the Left acts as if you’re putting a dagger into the heart of American culture.

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    1. Kim, P.S.: I just noticed the big story in El Universal here in Mexico on the Israel-UAE deal. Again, not one mention of Trump. It did say it was a U.S.-brokered deal, but Trump’s name does not appear.

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