The socialist convention

YES, BOYS & GIRLS, America’s leftist “convention” begins today with virtually no one in attendance due to the Kung Flu and lack of enthusiasm for their sad candidates.

To put a little hoopla into the situation, here is the delightful Katie Hopkins with her  entertaining take on this momentous week.

12 thoughts on “The socialist convention

  1. This British woman is pretty funny. Wonder how she feels about socialism in Britain?

    On a topic closer to home, where is the CBS, NBC, ABC coverage on the big city riots we’re enjoying here in the USA? Never mind CNN, MNBC, etc.


    1. Ricardo: Katie Hopkins is a national treasure of the U.K. I love her.

      I have noticed that the NYT and WP ignore the ongoing rioting of their black-shirt auxiliary, but since I never watch commercial TV, especially from the U.S., I was not aware CBS, etc., ignore it too, but no surprise there. Sad and lame.


    2. @ricardo Riots?!?! What riots?!?! Don’t you know these are “mostly peaceful®” protests? There’s nothing to see there! Any suggestion to the contrary is a conspiracy theory.

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  2. What riots? I think they are just mostly peaceful protests with maybe a few barbecues thrown in late at night. All the news networks are breathlessly covering the none convention.

    Katie is very humorous and to the point.


    1. Señor Gill: Just this morning, I emailed Goodyear HQ to tell them I’ll never buy Goodyear again, and unless I forget, I won’t. Don’t buy Gillette anymore either. Or Nike.

      Corporations should just keep their noses out of public politics. It’s really idiotic.


  3. Completely off subject but is it true Day Of The Dead has been cancelled in your area? Does that mean all those poor souls are going to be wandering around the neighborhood looking for those who love them?


    1. Larry: That seems to be the case though it appears the local government is still waffling on the matter, trying to find a way to minimize the economic blow. That would be trying to have your cake and eat it too. I’m not sure how it will be canceled. They can nix the monster sale on the big plaza, but keeping the locals out of their cemeteries in all the little towns in the area is an idea that will not fly, I suspect. And, of course, it’s the cemeteries that attract the tourists far more than the plaza sale. So, the answer to your question is, God Knows.


      1. Really, what better time to celebrate Day of the Dead than in the middle of a pandemic? Don’t these ridiculous city leaders realize what they’ve been handed? A once-in-an-eternity chance to dial it up to 11 and into the Great Beyond! If celebrating the dead means anything, it means not denying the very point of the day.

        This from the town that has a giant casket emporium right on the main drive into town.

        What’s next, a mass-less Christmas?


        Kim G
        Boston, MA
        Where we find Katie Hopkins quite amusing. Quite.

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