8 thoughts on “Opening the album 2

  1. Motorcycles and airplanes, you lived on the edge back in the day! Your wife is beautiful too.


  2. My mother didn’t want anyone to see me in a leather jacket. She was more worried about that than me riding.

    That kitchen is even brighter than ours and we get comments about ours.


    1. Kirk: I peroxided the very front of my hair yellow/orange when I was about 12 or 13. My mother had a conniption.

      The tile in our kitchen was supposed to be a lighter yellow. That is what we ordered at the place in Morelia. However, what arrived a week or more later was a truckload of mustard. It would have been a hassle and time-consuming to change it, so mustard it is. I’m okay with it, but I would have preferred what we ordered.


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