Understanding Democrats

In the next block, there’s a little grocery store, what we call abarrotes in Spanish. With few exceptions, they are very small, and they are all over the place. Some might say they are ubiquitous, but I just say they’re all over the place.

We patronize that store often. There’s another, perhaps 20 feet closer and just around the corner, that we long patronized, but the owner is such a distrustful sourpuss, we gave up on her years back. May she go bankrupt. Her husband is quite nice, however.

The store we now use has a fair stock, far better than a year or so ago when it was so poorly stocked that it was mostly useless. The owner has a daughter with severe Down’s Syndrome, and the owner is also the mother of the wife of the couple who own the house directly next to the Hacienda, a sour pair also. If someone tells you how friendly Mexicans are, come to my block for a dose of reality.

Lots of Mexicans are friendly, of course, but not as friendly as your typical resident of small-town Georgia or Mississippi or Alabama. Not even close.

Lots of Mexicans are friendly, but not as friendly as your average rural Georgia Cracker.

Our abarrotes sells us tomatoes, avocados, eggs and tostadas more than anything, but those are staples, so we go down there almost every day.

What has this to do with “understanding Democrats,” which is what the headline says? Nothing. I just thought I’d provide a little local color first. You’d like my abarrotes. No one wears masks in there. It’s like the olden days.


A year or two ago I opened a Facebook page for a while. I come and go on Facebook. I should go permanently, as should we all. At that time, I opened the Facebook account to see what my former Houston newspaper colleagues were up to. There are lots of them, and every one, 100 percent, were swimming in the Sea of Trump Hate.

A couple of old amigos who worked in the composing room downstairs exhibited good sense, but the newsroom types were all dizzy with Trump Loathing. This perplexes me. You’d expect some to dislike him, but 100 percent? And why not me? That’s the even larger question especially since I was a lifelong Democrat until 12 years ago.

Perhaps I’m just smarter than they are. Or maybe it’s because I live outside the United States. International living tends to make one less myopic.

It’s clear to me that Trump is doing an excellent job in the face of the rabid opposition he sees every day. His list of accomplishments are long and excellent. Of course, you must know where to get accurate information because most news media do not provide it.

They lie, slant and omit. CNN “fact-checked” the speakers at the Republican convention. It did not “fact-check” speakers at the Democrat convention. Could the bias be more bald-faced and arrogant?

This morning, I glanced at the Facebook page of a close, former coworker. She snarkily mentioned Trump’s “militias.” Of course, he has no militias. She was referring to Trump’s having legally and sensibly sent federal officers to protect a federal building in one of those Democrat cities where Antifa and Black Lives Matters tried to destroy it, and where the Democrat city administration looked the other way on purpose.

The Democrats’ four-year insurrection will worsen after the election.

Interesting how people can look at the same situation and come away with polar opposite impressions. I wonder what my former coworker thinks of President Eisenhower’s sending in the 101st Airborne to help black kids enter a desegregated school in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1957? The desegregation was opposed, of course, by Arkansas Gov. Orville Faubus.

Like Abe Lincoln, Eisenhower was a Republican, and Faubus was a Democrat. No surprise.

The U.S. Army is better than a militia. Perhaps Trump will have to send in the troops, just like President Eisenhower did, after he wins the November election.

To New York, Seattle, Portland, Chicago and their disruptive ilk.

I doubt Democrats will settle down and accept democracy after Trump’s re-election. Their apoplectic, four-year insurrection will just worsen.

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  1. I was wondering where you were going at the start of your essay. I find most people in most places to be friendly, but there are the ones who are unhappy with good reason or not. I try to not pay any attention to those few.

    Hillary is already telling Sleepy Joe to not concede when he loses in November. There are a lot of Democrats with a real hate on for Trump and anyone who thinks he is great or just okay. They take no prisoners and are sure that he did nothing good in the last four years and yell and scream if you try to talk about it with them. There is no discussion to be had. The party of love unless you disagree, then it is the party of hate.

    Well, peace and groovy brotherhood to the rest of you.

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    1. Kirk: While I have no doubt that far more people support Trump than don’t, I am apprehensive about the election due to the extreme divisiveness. First, there is the mail-in lunacy. Then there are the people who actually man the election process. Is anyone objective in that job these days? This year I think the election resembles what might be thought of as the Jews on one side and the Nazis on the other. Where will we encounter objectivity in the people handling it?


  2. Interesting stuff up here NOB, señor. You might consider coming up for some entertainment somewhere around November 3. I will furnish the popcorn.

    Never mind. You can watch from down there. That will be more fun.

    Up here, some old guys are about to get fed up. Things will not be pretty.


    1. Ricardo: I get as good of a view as I want and need from where I sit out of the fray. Little did I know when I crossed the Rio Bravo in January of 2000 that I would have this added benefit of not having to witness first-hand the American Downfall.


  3. The first thing Marxists do when they gain power is to purge the Bolsheviks. Remember, they got into power because someone else would not provide law and order. The trouble-makers have to go. They have served their purpose. Where are those Red Guards now? Gone, like a fart in a high wind.
    Let’s see how Comrade Kamala handles the issue. They can’t win the election, but they sure think they can steal it. No matter the result, they will refuse to concede a loss.


  4. International living tends to make one less myopic.

    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. Even having spent considerable time in another country really opens one’s eyes. Whenever I see these spoilt brats complaining about microaggressions, mis-gendering, or even genuinely serious problems like police brutality, all I can think is, “Please, go to another country for a while, and then come back and see how good you have it here.” There’s a reason that people around the world all want to come to the USA, and it’s not to be wrongfully shot by some wickedly racist policeman.

    There are multiple frightening things about this election. First, the massive number of mail-in votes means that we won’t know the results very quickly. Why folks who work at polling places can tabulate totals within a matter of hours, but those sitting in offices need weeks I don’t know. But that seems to be the system. Second, we all know that the Post Office isn’t 100% reliable. My neighbor just handed me a letter that was dropped in her box. My ex-housemate, despite having long ago filed a change of address notice, still gets the occasional piece of mail here. Ebay package tracking says things are out for delivery, but they arrive days later. Whatever the reason (and I’m sure it’s not Republican sabotage), the Post Office is having problems. Third, you have folks like Hillary Clinton saying that Biden should not concede “no matter what!” I seem to recall that that particular harpy had big problems four years ago with the idea that Trump wouldn’t accept the results of the 2016 election. Well, guess who still hasn’t accepted those results and instead created the “Russian Collusion” conspiracy theory? Said harpy also claimed that Trump would threaten our institutions, but she’s been on that job now going on four years. Tearing down our electoral system is just her latest project.

    And here’s the rub. No matter who wins, the other side will be furious as the election hardly stands a chance to be credible. Frankly, to me, and I’ll fully concede that I’m as biased as anyone, it seems almost impossible that Biden could win. He’s been quiet on the looting and rioting. His coronavirus plan is already being executed by Trump. He has no new ideas, and Democrat governors and mayors around the country have been revealed as incompetent or worse. He hasn’t had any interviews of substance, nor does he do press conferences. If he follows Nancy Pelosi’s advice and reneges on the promise to debate Trump, he’ll only feed the fires of suspicion that it’s because he can’t successfully debate Trump. Finally, his entire campaign is based on one of the most destructive lies in American politics, the so-called “Fine People Hoax,” where the media has convinced half of America that Trump said there that some of the Neo-NAZIs in Charlottesville were “fine people.” He was referring to those who wanted to keep Confederate statues. Trump specifically said, “I’m not talking about the Neo-NAZIs; they deserve to be condemned totally.” However, the media cut out that part of the video, creating a disgusting hoax.

    Frankly, what’s been lost in the mis-leadia and on much of the Democrat side is any sense of fair play. They will literally stop at NOTHING to win. It disgusts and terrifies me.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where I’m also terrified of the day when the Minneapolis cops who arrested George Floyd are acquitted as the evidence will surely require. Floyd had so much fentanyl in his system that he was going to die no matter what happened.


    1. P.S. And the polls are tightening in the battleground states. Some of which, like Wisconsin, are becoming literal battlegrounds where Democrat mayors and governors are simply letting rioters run riot as Trump practically begs them to allow him to send in the National Guard. This can’t be good for Biden. Oh, and let’s not forget that gun owners mostly vote Republican and that there are something like 4 million new gun owners since Memorial day. This bodes ill for Biden too. And finally, given that the Democrats have become so violent, Trump supporters are being very quiet about their support. I know several folks here in bluely blue Massachusetts who are secretly planning to vote for Trump, and they voted for Harpy last time. This has to be distorting the polling.

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      1. P.P.S. And what did I just come upon? An article talking about how Biden’s lead has pretty much vanished and how Trump now could well win. His approval rating is now at a record 52%, and he’s polling decently with blacks, Latinos, and Asians.

        Last time, one of the best parts of Trump’s election was the completely crestfallen looks on the faces of all the news people on TV on election night. Even David Brooks, the New York Times’ token “conservative,” looked like he had just received a death sentence.

        Here’s the article: https://www.zerohedge.com/political/are-tables-starting-turn

        I’ll probably get moved to spam for posting a link.


          1. I too am concerned about fraud, both because it could swing the election and because even if there’s no evidence of it, folks on the losing side will allege it and create trouble.

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    2. Kim: Right on all counts. I’ll only add that the video that appeared late in the George Floyd saga showed him saying, “I can’t breath” while he was still sitting in his car. He had overdosed. He was not saying it because the cop had a knee on his neck.

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      1. You may not have seen the coroner’s report which came out a day or two ago. But he basically said that had Floyd been found dead, it’d have been declared a non-controversial drug overdose. Floyd was a dead man walking when the police found him, with too much fentanyl in his system.



          1. I’m not sure I’d put it that way. The best outcome would have been if he had been taken into custody alive, and had stayed alive so that justice (a trial) could have been properly done. But we seem to be in an epidemic of making judgments well before all the facts are known. That is sad, but likely to continue.

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  5. I am afraid it is starting to look like some people want the right to commit crimes with impunity. Fathers need to teach their kids not to fight with the cops. You will lose. Don’t run from the cops. You will get shot. Don’t argue with the cops. That is what lawyers are for. Just cooperate. If this doesn’t solve the problem, well, maybe someone was doing something they shouldn’t have been doing.


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