Face of fanaticism*

Behold the stony mug of Sarah Iannarone who will face the current mayor of Portland, Oregon, in a runoff election on November 3. She is a fanatic, a supporter of the terrorist organization known as Antifa.

Give us a smile, honeybun! No?

For years, I’ve observed the United States circle the drain hole. The primary problem is that it’s a nation full of spoiled people who’ve never faced an existential threat.** With some exceptions, Americans, especially on the coasts, are self-absorbed and ignorant.

There are many upshots of this. The open-borders mindset because “all cultures are of equal value.” The embrace of diversity, which I’ve been telling you for years is a recipe for murder and mayhem. Have you listened? Sadly not.

And now you have anti-American Mohammedans walking the hallowed halls of Congress and terrorist groups handing up popular candidates for various political offices.

And plenty of nincompoops are voting for them.

Iannarone’s platform includes “housing for all,” defunding the cops, and Lord knows how many other “free” things. Iannarone says she’s an Antifan because “the Red Hats are coming after brown & black people, after Jews, after queer & trans people, and more.”

Someone forgot to tell her about Jews, that Israel is an oppressor nation.***

Vote for Trump in November even though a second term will only be jamming another ball of orange hair into that drain hole through which the nation is spinning. People like Iannarone and her ignorant ilk have plenty of Drano in their cupboards.

It’s a great time to live in Mexico.


* Alternate headline: The Face of Evil. Both are accurate.

** The last time was three decades ago when the Soviet Union collapsed.

*** No, it’s not.

11 thoughts on “Face of fanaticism*

  1. The current mayor is not doing very well. He says he is looking for a new place to call home, I would think his neighbors would like him out right now. I would not be surprised to see Wheeler pull out and head for the hills. There is no stopping people wanting to move to most northern hemisphere countries even if they are so evil and vile.

    Sarah is a very unhappy-looking woman. That is for sure, not happy like us folks who have seen the light and moved south. Mexico has been a socialist-leaning country for long time, but none of those people who think everything should be free are coming here. I guess they don’t think there is enough of other people’s money available for them.

    Give a man a fish, and he is hungry the next day. Teach him to fish, and he can look after himself. Give him someone else’s fish, and you have a follower for life.


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