Welcome to the right side

Want to have a good time? Watch WalkAway videos on YouTube. Staunch members of the Democrat Socialist Party, formerly known as the Democrat Party, will tell you it’s a fake movement of Russian bots, or something like that, but it’s quite real, formed by Brandon Straka, a gay, New York City hairstylist, two years ago.

Thousands of people are abandoning the Democrat Socialist Party and moving to the GOP. There is no corresponding movement of people going in the other direction. Think of it this way: Cubans paddle toward Key West, but no one paddles toward Havana.

What’s perhaps most interesting about the WalkAway Movement is its diversity. Blacks, Anglos, Latinos, Christians, non-believers, men, women, straights, gays, transsexuals, you name it, which puts the lie to what the Democrat Socialist Party would have you believe, that the GOP is just racist, straight, white rednecks. We are the real rainbow.

The video above is a good example. Meet Ricky Rebel from Hollywood.

If you’ve always voted Democrat, as I did till 2007, know that you can join the multitude that’s quitting the Democrat Socialists, and you can vote in your best interests. Don’t be a sheep. Don’t listen to CNN, NPR or read The New York Times or The Washington Post if you want accurate news.

Hop on the raft to our Key West. You’ll find free speech, a sense of humor, mojitos, black bean soup and empanadas waiting on the dock, nice and warm.

10 thoughts on “Welcome to the right side

  1. Our Prancing Prince Prime Minister’s father Pierre tried to paddle from Key West to Havana in 1960. He gave up the next day. A little off topic, but your comment reminded me of it. This speaks more to how ludicrous and ridiculous PET was than anything about Cuba. Unfortunately for Canada, his son is much worse.


    1. Don Guillermo: Your current PM’s papa was head and shoulders above the young twerp. No Canadian WalkAway? That means you can start one. Brandon Straka did it from scratch. It’s doable.


      1. I’m afraid I don’t have Brandon’s energy. Maybe 25 years ago when I was his age I may have, but I was a conservative back then. My liberal days left me in my 20s. You know the old saying:

        “If you are not a liberal at 20, you have no heart. If you are not conservative by 40, you have no brain.”


  2. I feel like that guy. Though I’m still registered Democrat, more out of laziness than anything else, I feel like the party has left me, an openly gay man, in favor of other, more radical causes. Worse, it has become everything it was once against: elitist; intolerant; opposing free speech; globalist; statist; the FBI and CIA’s best friends; the list goes on. And now we are faced with the spectacle of the Democrats denying the existence of the military industrial complex. As Mike Cernovich put it yesterday in a Periscope video, “We now live in the age of ‘pretend.’ ” We’re supposed to pretend that the FBI/CIA work for the American people. We’re supposed to pretend that one’s gender can change from day to day. We’re supposed to pretend that people who smash windows, steal goods, assault bystanders, and set fire to buildings are “peaceful protesters.” We’re supposed to pretend that racism is the biggest problem for anyone of color, completely transcending personal volition, education, wealth, whatever. How much do I owe LeBron James in reparations? Oprah? Obama? Surely, I owe Chris Rock. All of this is truly astonishing as it flies in the face of everything one could personally observe.

    Next up? We’re supposed to pretend that we’re going to have a fair election in November, and that the Democrats aren’t working on some kind of coup.

    I hope to see the reality of a landslide for Trump.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where I wonder how much danger wearing a MAGA hat would put me into.


    1. P.S. Did you know that Herschel Walker has a very queeny gay son who’s also stridently conservative? Oh, how times have changed. See one of his tweets at this link:


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