Mystery of the loathing

Democrats, with some notable exceptions — people who are to be praised — do not just dislike President Trump. They do not just dislike him a lot, as I did President Obama. No, they absolutely loathe him with a burning fury.

What on earth is up with that? I truly do not understand it.

He did, after all, win the presidency fair and square.

I especially do not understand the loathing given that, from what I see, he’s one of the best presidents in American history. Lists of his numerous achievements are available online. I won’t repeat them here because it would fill too much space, but here are three links with the headlines of the lists. Many more are available online.

Probably best to do a search that’s not run by Google. I recommend DuckDuckGo.

One-hundred-twenty-give amazing accomplishments.

Trump Administration accomplishments.

And, in the interest of fairness, here’s, from Business Insider, a List of accomplishments and failures.

You will not find these accomplishments in the mainstream media. If you do encounter a reference to one or more, you will likely be told it is false. It is unlikely to be false. This denial of his accomplishments is part of the burning fury, of course.

Again, the burning fury mystifies me. Maybe some rational Democrat can explain it, politely, of course, which is a challenge for many of you. Don’t say he’s racist because there is no indication of that. There is lots of proof to the contrary. See photo below.

And now, Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for negotiating the deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. He will not win, of course, due to the makeup of the committee that decides, the people who gave Obama the Peace Prize 10 minutes after his inauguration simply for being (half) black.

Obama’s winning the Peace Prize was political. Trump’s not winning is also political.

Much of the loathing has to do with Trump’s confrontational manner, but why is he at times confrontational? Is his brusque manner the chicken or the egg? If you pay attention to his grenade-tossing, you will note that it’s invariably a response to something. If you fire a slingshot at him, or even toss a rock, he will respond with a bazooka.

I find that appropriate and highly entertaining. He’s today’s Teddy Roosevelt.

But the list of his accomplishments is long and impressive.

A photo you did not see in the NYT or Washington Post, did you?

26 thoughts on “Mystery of the loathing

  1. Like you señor, I await the explanation. It is mystifying. I have asked a couple of people I know well who suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome to explain the source of their hatred. I have yet to receive an understandable explanation.

    I am quite certain of one thing: TDS has much more to do with those persons than with the Trumpster.


    1. Ricardo, P.S.: Lots of the loathing, of course, is based on the incredible misinformation spread by the mainstream media, also known as the mis-leadia or the Democrat National Committee. All one and the same. Sad.


  2. He is not a creature of the deep state. They cannot control him. He stands between them and their goal of transforming our nation into a one-party kleptocracy.

    No more endless and pointless wars to enrich the deep state.


    1. Señor Gill: That explains the over-the-top resistance in Washington D.C. and its octopus extensions around the nation and world, but it does not explain the fiery loathing of a good number of average citizens. It’s not FBI agents and Maxine Waters who are yanking MAGA caps off people in the streets or stealing Trump signs or painting graffiti on walls or simply standing on a corner and screaming bloody murder, things we see all too often. That is, those of us who get our news from reliable sources, not the mainstream media/DNC.

      That’s all something quite different. Much of it is fueled, of course, by media lying, but it still strikes me as mystifying.


  3. People believe what the media tells them. If the media takes a statement made in honesty, and deletes part of it, and then joins it to another part of the statement, well then, you have President Trump saying that Nazis are fine people. That has been proven to be just another hoax, but Biden keeps referring to it.

    People say, “But I heard him say it myself.” Do you really think he would say some of the things that they put into his mouth? There is a difference between reporting and propaganda. Those who have fed off fear and profited very well from the defense industry are not about to give up a good thing.


  4. Somebody, somewhere must have done a deep dive into why people develop such a mass hysteria. There are numerous parallels to Nazi Germany, I believe, when the Germans were convinced that all their problems were due to the Jews, then the Gypsies, then the gay people, etc.

    How can we break this hysteria when the media serves up the bullshit on a platter 24/7?

    I ask you?


    1. Marco: You may ask me, but I may not have the answer. As long as people continuing reading the NYT, the Washington Post, the Houston Chronicle, and listen to NPR and watch CNN and MSNBC, etc., well, we’re gonna have nincompoops among us. Sad.


  5. The reason there’s unhinged hatred of Trump is that he threatens the Washington gravy train, best exemplified by the likes of Hunter Biden, folks like John Brennan who go on to lucrative media gigs, and generals who retire onto the boards of defense contractors, and others who go on to become lobbyists. While this doesn’t threaten the average voter, and indeed is in his favor, it causes hysteria among the swamp creatures who in turn need to make up lies about Trump, that sadly, are believed. There’s a lazy mainstream mis-leadia ready to pick up the story, and folks just believe whatever their preferred media feed them. I used to be stuck in a left-wing bubble and literally could not see the rampant bias. Fortunately, I broke out of it in 2016, when the invective against then-candidate Trump was so over-the-top that it became incredible. Then some research revealed that it was just that: mostly lies. Media bias is much more obvious these days, but there are still plenty of folks who simply don’t believe it’s anywhere as biased as it actually is.

    Oh, and the fact that Trump is unconventional seems to bother a lot of folks too, some for purely stylistic reasons (stupid, IMHO) and others because Trump’s unconventionality has allowed him some successes where others failed.

    Add in a touch of mass hysteria, and that’s where we are.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we’d prefer the derangement be something more productive. How about we all become livid about government corruption?


    1. Certainly, Trump deserves a Nobel Peace Prize more than Obama did. I’ll be highly surprised if he gets it, though. On the other hand, who can top peace in the Middle East? Nobel committee now on the horns of a dilemma.


      1. Kim: I don’t see Trump getting the Peace Prize for the reasons stated. Not a freaking chance. I would love to be wrong. Would be interesting to see the voters toss a Nobel winner out of the White House in favor of a nearly drooling case of dementia. Interesting times.


  6. In our area, and I would assume everywhere else, you can’t talk to people about being for Trump because these people are Trump haters, and if you don’t hate as well, then they hate you also. It’s a sad state of affairs.

    Even my family, who are from the frozen north, we used to argue politics regularly, not anymore. They are over the top with hate for Trump. I like bringing up lists that they can’t really argue about, but do anyway, just talking in circles.

    Being skeptical about conspiracies is like people thinking you’re paranoid because you think people are following you. Maybe they are.


  7. As you know, President Trump is not my favorite president. I have supported some of his policies; I have opposed others. Just as I did during President Obama’s terms.

    But, like you, I am astounded at the emotional firestorm that drives his opposition. I had an acquaintance scream in my face at dinner two months ago when I said that I did not care for some of Trump’s policies. He told me unless I hated everything Trump did, I was basically enabling fascism. It did not help that when I stood up to leave, I apologized because I had to be returning to the planet Earth.

    The rank hypocrisy is what irritates me. For eight years, I listened to the same people rattle on about George W. Bush’s fascist police state. They now praise Bush — for only one reason. He is not a Trump supporter.

    I am just tired of the whole thing.

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    1. Señor Cotton: Great line about returning to planet Earth, and if that had been my dining companion, it would be the final dinner with him. Sometimes I marvel at the company you occasionally keep.

      As for the eternal “fascist” charge, almost up there with “racist,” Trump won the election fair and square, and now they want to eject him by any means necessary. Who are the fascists in this picture?


  8. What is really scary though is that Kamala may be the de facto president until Biden is removed. The Democrats cannot win this election, but they sure can steal it.

    Kamala would be the first female to wield this power, but she also would be the first president to not come from our Judeo-Christian heritage. Yes, we have had some presidents that were not very good Christians. Lyndon Johnson and Bill Clinton come to mind. But they at least went through the
    motions of respecting the faith of the nation.

    Kamala has done what was necessary to advance herself. Just what the future holds for our nation worries me.


    1. Señor Gill: Harris claims to be Baptist, and her husband is Jewish, but I don’t think that would rank way up there in the problems category were she and Sleepy Joe elected. They have no chance of winning a fair election, but the Democrats could, and will certainly try to, steal it, especially with this mail-in nonsense.


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