The nosy neighbor

The Before shot. Way bigger than it appears.
The During shot.
The nosy neighbor.

As promised a couple of weeks ago in Roses of September, the final monster aloe vera has been cut down to size, not totally eliminated as we did with the other one in July, but made more manageable, more petite.

One reason I did this is because when the rainy season fades away, we’ll be hiring guys to uproot the grass you see in the photos and replace it with stone and concrete as my ongoing lawn-replacement campaign soldiers on, perhaps to be completed before I die.

The aloe vera was poking way out over some of the grass, plus it was long overdue for some stern discipline anyway.

The rear gate was open during the butchery yesterday, so in walks the cheeky kid who lives out back, uninvited. I was sitting on the yard patio in a web chair overseeing the aloe vera trimming when he walks up and sits with me. I took his photo.

He had never been into our yard before and was quite impressed.

He, his parents and numerous siblings live across the street in what would accurately be called a miserable hovel. But he has a good attitude and is likable. When I stood up to go inside for breakfast, he walked to the dining room window and peered through the glass. I waved.

The work ended. The guys drove off with the green garbage in their pickup truck to dump God knows where — I don’t ask — and the neighbor boy was ushered out the back gate by me. Adiós, kiddo! Everything returned to normal.

The After shot.

The aloe vera appears as if it returned from a week at Weight Watchers.

Before you depart today, it will be fun to chuckle at the notions of the nutty folks on the other side of the political divide. Enjoy!

It neglected to mention the (half) black president!

10 thoughts on “The nosy neighbor

  1. Trimming a plant with a chainsaw, they do go big down here. Kids are curious and can see nothing wrong with checking things out. The door was left open and there was an empty chair.

    It is interesting that the leftist mob would choose drug addicts, rapists and now a guy trying to stab a cop as their shinning lights to show their oppression. Chicago, 54 shootings and 12 dead, Yah, police are the problem, racists are the problem. Paint another street. That will fix it.


    1. Kirk: Yep, the back gate was open, so in he came, and there were three empty chairs awaiting him. He seems like a good guy, but I am not optimistic about his future, given his home situation.

      The chainsaw worked well with the aloe vera. It was my idea to bring the chainsaw. It would have been much more work with a machete, or whatever.

      As for leftists, it’s impossible to view them rationally, so I don’t even try.


  2. So if aloe vera gel is good for human wounds, is human blood good for aloe vera wounds? I think you should do an experiment because that poor aloe is in deep pain.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we are as anti-grass as you, but less pro-stone.


      1. Other plants. When I bought my place, there was virtually nothing beyond a few shrubs and thousands of square feet of mown weeds/grass. Now? There are daylilies, hostas, catmint, anis scented hyssop, ivy, forsythia, blueberries, rhododendrons, creeping phlox, daisies, echinacea, lilies, and the list goes on. It’s both easier to care for and much more interesting to look at. Oh, and I did put a gravel patio alongside the garage, which is shaded by an enormous oak tree, so a lovely spot in the summer, and not bad in the spring and fall.


    1. Señor Gill: That’s likely what he hopes. As I was doing my customary morning exercise walk around the neighborhood plaza today, he pulled up on a bike and asked if I would give him some money. I declined.


  3. From experience, I know we northerners and our odd ways interest Mexican kids. And why not? It is as if some alien from a strange planet dropped into the neighborhood. Seeing me with a broom is a constant source of mirth amongst the local youth — and embarrassment for Omar.


    1. Señor Cotton: A couple of years ago I offered cash to my nephew to come do some street sweeping out back. He managed to get it done, but it was a hoot to watch. He hardly even knew which end of the broom was up, and he had no idea how to hold it. I had to show him. He was about 14 at the time. Pathetic.


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