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I scan the websites of The Washington Post, The New York Times and their ilk on occasion just to see how ridiculous it has become, and it’s become pretty ridiculous.

The Post has, not surprisingly, endorsed Sleepy Joe. I glanced down the long editorial in which they sing his praises while simultaneously dissing President Trump. According to The Post, Sleepy Joe is “exceptionally well-qualified by character and experience.”

(Pause for tear-inducing hilarity.)

The Post also says Sleepy Joe “would restore decency, honor and competence to America’s government.” Joe is “deeply empathetic.” The corrupt newspaper then mentions the completely debunked claim that President Trump referred to wounded and fallen U.S. soldiers as “losers.” Never happened.

Tip: To pull off a lie, make it at least remotely plausible.

And get this: Sleepy Joe chose as his running mate Round-Heels Harris, the woman who “almost everyone agreed was the most qualified.” You might recall that Harris dropped out of the primaries early on because pretty much no one wanted her.

Tulsi Gabbard ripped her a new one during a debate. Fun to watch.

The Post then — hilarity alert! — claimed Trump has “few accomplishments in his first term and no agenda for his second.” I imagine the editorial writer gets all his news from The Washington Post, not from the wider world.

President Trump has been nominated not once, not twice, but three times so far for the Nobel Peace Prize. Here’s a brief video in which an Australian law professor points to a number of the great works done by the Trump Administration, none of which, I am sure, were reported by the corrupt, mainstream, U.S. media.

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  1. The news industry has come to be dominated by people who see government as a way to better their lives by providing them the benefits that other people must work for. Their idea of news is cookie recipes and feel good articles.

    They see the world divided into the good and the evil. Evil being those who succeed and the good being those who just need the help of other peoples’ income. They seek the justice of kindergarten, where all get two cookies, no matter how hard one tries.

    What they want out of life is what others have. Social justice is what it is all about. God forbid that they publish something about all the gunshots in the night or about all that smoke rising up on the horizon.


    1. Señor Gill: From my point of view, after spending 30 years in the news biz, the industry has severely lost its way. You’ll find far more honest reporting from strictly online sources these days, not the websites of traditional newspapers.


  2. Feel-good articles and feel-good speeches from politicians and those who would like to be politicians, and quit working for a living, are all the rage now. Look no further than the great white north where Truedope got elected by him and his wife holding their hands over their hearts and saying wonderful things about sunny ways. Two liberal female cabinet members ended up leaving because of his conduct. There was a new election, and he was elected again by speaking softly and loving everyone.

    This is what is coming to the U.S., being peddled by the media and the education system. It has infected most companies on the top end, and gets filtered down by those who want to get promoted. There are getting to be fewer people willing to stand up, and they are just going along to get along.

    Many people see nothing wrong when it gets under-reported that some people did some things, (Those people did some very bad things.) The news business is long gone, I think, never to be seen as real reporting again.

    Chicago, 42 shootings and 9 dead, 7-year-old child stabbed to death this weekend, just in case you missed that in the news. It’s a very sad day when very few people care about this.


  3. Because the NYT operates behind a paywall, I’m posting the full content of “Meet a Secret Trump Voter” here:

    Chris is a registered Democrat in her 50s who lives in Manhattan. She’s well-educated, well-traveled and well-informed. She has voted for candidates of both parties over the years and was enthusiastic for Bernie Sanders in 2016.

    She’s asked me not to publish her last name. It would not go down well for her at the store where she works as a manager if her colleagues knew that she plans to vote for Donald Trump.

    Chris is also gay. “Being a lesbian who’s voting for Trump is like coming out of the closet again,” she tells me.

    Readers of this newspaper who conjure an image of a Trump voter probably think of people like Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the couple who pointed guns at protesters outside their St. Louis home in late June. But if Trump defies current polling and wins again, it’ll be thanks to a discreet base of support from voters like Chris, who fit into none of the cultural or demographic stereotypes of the Trump base.

    It’s worth understanding where she’s coming from.

    Start with the economy. “I haven’t seen double digit [gains] in my 401(k) since the internet boom of the late ’90s,” she says. “It went up 19.6 percent” in the year before the pandemic. “Look at the stock market,” she says. (Up about 35 percent from four years ago.) “Look at gas prices.” (About the same as what they were when Trump took office, but well below the $3.31 per gallon at the midpoint of the Obama administration.)

    “This is everyday stuff that affects me,” she says. “I don’t care about Afghanistan and the Middle East. I care about having a job. I care about having health care through my company. I was out of a job a few years ago. Obamacare priced me out [of private insurance]. It was like, $560 a month. Then Obama’s website blew up. He can’t get the website right?”

    Then there’s the pandemic. “Is Trump trying to play it down?” she asks. “Yeah. But when this first started, the news media was saying that millions of people were going to die. And look at it: 200,000, compared to the population.”

    What worries her more are the effects of the response to the pandemic in a liberal city like New York. “Crime is in my neighborhood now. There’s a homeless encampment near me that’s growing and growing. They have a living room and a shower curtain and that’s where they go to the bathroom. I have a guy who walks in front of the store every day. In a diaper! And there’s lawlessness coming into the store every day, with an attitude of ‘Who’s gonna stop me?’” Regarding Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York, she adds, “I can’t put into words how inept this guy is.”

    I ask Chris whether Trump’s behavior has ever come close to being a deal breaker for her. She asks me to name some of the lowlights.

    Continue reading the main story
    “Grab ’em by the. …”: “Didn’t bother me at all. For every cad out there, there’s equally a gold digger who will let you do it.”

    The media as the enemy of the American people: “These days, yeah. Whenever I read a front-page story and I get to a disparaging adjective, I stop reading.”

    The Brett Kavanaugh nomination: “I didn’t believe Christine Blasey Ford for one second. Her lack of recollection; the fact that nobody could [contemporaneously] corroborate her account.”

    Trump-Russia: “The Clintons’ fingerprints are all over this. I’m really glad we have Bill Barr as A.G. to look into it.”

    Trump’s truculence on the world stage: “Everyone kowtows to Iran because they’re crazy. Now we have our own bit of crazy.”

    “Very fine people on both sides”: This one stops her. “That was really bad. He didn’t think it through but I think he believes himself.”

    So how does Chris feel about the Biden-Harris ticket? “Fifteen years ago, maybe I would have voted for Joe Biden. But he’s weak. And what did he do with his 40-odd years in Washington?” As for Kamala Harris, Chris dismisses her outright. “She doesn’t know what she believes. She won’t be the adult in the room.”

    You don’t have to agree with Chris on any of these points. You can note some of the inconsistencies in her views, most of all between her support for Sanders, who as president would have waged war on Wall Street, and her support for Trump, whose pro-Wall Street policies are a big reason that she supports him. And you can easily dismiss Chris as an outlier, an anecdote, a red voter in a blue state.

    That would be a mistake. If good political analysis were merely a matter of looking at big data, Hillary Clinton would be president today. Analysis also requires us to listen attentively to individual voters. If the Democratic Party and its allies can’t hold on to a voter like Chris, who else might they be losing?

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    1. Ms. Shoes: I am utterly convinced there are countless throngs of people like that woman, keeping their mouths shut, but they will vote. Trump will win overwhelmingly unless the Democrat Socialists find some way to steal the election, and don’t think for a second they are not going to try.

      By the way, the link gave me the entire column. I think people get five free stories a month, or something like, before it blocks you.


    2. I see that The NY Times continues to flaunt its propaganda skills. Anyone who cares for the truth knows that Trump never said Neo-Nazis were “fine people.” In fact he said the opposite. It’s only through the use of “doctored video” that Trump appears to condone the Nazis.

      It’s quite telling that The NY Times is willing to boldly lie to this poor lesbian to her face. And here I thought they were on the side of the oppressed.


      1. Kim: Trump never said, nor would he ever say, neo-Nazis are fine people. And neither did he say dead and wounded soldiers were losers, which was debunked roundly and soundly by the military itself about five minutes after it was first “reported.” Trump is probably the most pro-military president since U.S. Grant.

        It’s amazing to me that some otherwise intelligent people, and we both know a few, continue to believe these ole ladies of journalism are what they were decades ago. They are not.


    1. Have you noticed that the rotting carcasses of these once-great news organizations are entirely ignoring the biggest story of this week? I’m referring to the ballot-harvesting scam in Minneapolis that elected Ilhan Omar. This was discovered by the truly intrepid James O’Keefe of Project Veritas, one of the few real journalists we have left.


      Kim G
      Guadalajara, JAL
      Where we’re living dangerously.

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  4. Biden first got elected to the Senate when I was 7 years old, and I’m now 57 years old. Biden needs to go away and take his irritating wife with him.


  5. Hello, Felipe! I found your blog today quite by accident, and I am absolutely thrilled to find you. What I have read so far is refreshing and honest. I used to depend on Fox News for fair and balanced reporting but have since switched to One America News (OAN), also Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) which has the best streaming news. I live in two very different cities — one red and one blue, yet both publish liberal rag newspapers. Ugh! I am wondering if there are any decent publications anywhere. My family in England tell me it’s the same if not worse across the pond. BTW, I am a Naturalized American Citizen who will be voting for Donald Trump. 🙂

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    1. Joni: It’s not often I find someone who’s “absolutely thrilled to find” me. I am thrilled you found me too. If you comment in the future, and I hope you do, it will not be moderated. That only happens with first comments, at least in theory. I too like OAN. I’ve never heard of RSBN, but I’ll give it a look. Fox News, with some exceptions (I love Tucker Carlson), has gone over to the dark side. Pathetic. There are lots of decent publications available, many solely online. Here are just a few.

      1. Townhall.
      2. Washington Examiner.
      3. Daily Caller.
      4. Breitbart.
      5. The Daily Wire.

      England is worse than the United States now in many ways. For instance, and I imagine you know this, free speech is not cast in legal concrete there as it is in the United States. I am not optimistic about the future. I hope I am wrong.

      Thanks again for the kind words.


    2. Joni: Welcome to this group! I’d recommend, which is financial and libertarian oriented. It’s also ahead of most of the rest of the media. Also good are and



    1. Ms Shoes: Gad! Did you watch the whole thing? Trump blew a lot of opportunities. Tomorrow’s headlines will be that Trump failed to denounce white supremacists and that he’s against racial sensitivity training. Those are two big fails that could have been easy wins. I’m disappointed in Trump.


        1. Felipe: I disagree. He should be against critical race theory, which is founded upon the idea that being white is to be racist, a racist idea in and of itself. Racial sensitivity is just being a good human being and treating each other as individuals. Those are two very different things: the former is awful and evil; the latter is what we all should be doing.

          Trump also lost on climate change. The correct answer is that yes, human activity is warming the climate. But the USA now has the best record on carbon emissions. Our emissions peaked in 2005 and have been in gentle decline ever since. Meanwhile the now-largest emitters, China and India, are growing carbon emissoins by 15% annually. We need to address this, but the Paris accords are a joke as they allow the Chinese and Indians to continue growing their pollution. The Dems dreams of wind and solar are dead-end and America needs to move to fourth generation nuclear power, where we can lead the entire globe into a new era of cheap, clean energy.


          1. Kim: Racial sensitivity classes, which have been the rage for years, are not about teaching racial sensitivity. They are PC indoctrination camps pushing white guilt and other such nonsense.

            You are quite right about the climate issue. Didn’t see the debates, but I imagine there was a lot of emotion that often derailed straight, logical talk.


  6. As you have said in earlier posts señor, we are certainly in “interesting times.”

    The build-up to this election is wearing some of us old people out. However, lots of us have already voted absentee and are not swayed by the current manipulations in the news sources.

    Sometimes it’s really difficult to be patient. I was unable to watch the entire debate last evening. Whatever it was, it was certainly not a debate. Debates have rules and procedures agreed to and followed by all participants.

    Not optimistic that Trump won any new fans. I am hopeful that he has enough already to win this election.


    1. Ricardo: Yep, the whole affair has gone way past tiresome, which is why I did not watch the debate. Maybe I’ll watch some “high points” on YouTube today. Sad, all of it. As I’ve said repeatedly, it’s a good time to be in one’s Twilight Years.


  7. The other potential outcome of the debate is this. Trump was so exceedingly rude to Biden that he has given Biden a reason to cancel the remaining debates, much as Bill Barr has refused to send DOJ officials to testify in Congress following his extremely rude treatment there. Given that the media has now ruled Biden the winner, I would not regard that as a bad strategy were I a Biden advisor. He has now proved the most important point, namely that he’s not totally demented. And he’s a guy who has (mostly) overcome a stutter, to which his flubs may be attributed by folks inclined to do so. I personally maintain my doubts about how long Biden can remain capable, but I’d be lying if I said I thought he’d be capable of what he just pulled off.

    This was not a good night for Trump. I remain disappointed.


    Kim G


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