One sharp Indian

A couple of days back, I posted a reaction to the presidential debate which noted how different it was from previous debates, specifically the polite one between Jack Kennedy and Tricky Dick Nixon in 1960.

I posed the questions: What is happening with the world? Where is decorum? Where is civilization? In this brief video. Dinesh D’Souza nails the basic reason. The political parties once agreed on goals while disagreeing on how to attain them. That agreement on goals has vanished, taking civility along with it.

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  1. Well, there you have it. It’s not that complicated. Now all we have to do is find out if there is a solution that we can all live with.


    1. Ricardo: Here’s my solution: Round up the lot of them and ship them to either Red China or Cuba. There, problem solved. Or, if that does not appeal, a touch of the lash sounds good too. I’m full of solutions.


  2. Indeed. This is why I’m no longer a Democrat in spirit. The Clinton Democrats of the ’90s seem to be a vanished breed, replaced by the screeching likes of AOC and the Squad. Worse, the Clinton wing of the Dem party seems to be hoping that if they ignore the radicalism of the Squad and their ilk that they’ll just go away.

    Frankly, I suspect that most Democrats don’t realize just how radical their party has become, partly due to the fake news media, and a certain inertia.

    I remember the Reagan-Carter debates and thought Reagan was rude to Carter when he kept saying, “There you go again.” Now I long for such a civilized “rudeness.”


    Kim G
    Ajijic, JAL
    Where the stink of American politics hangs over the town like a gust of Guadalajara smog.


    1. Kim: I know of normal people who cling to their Democrat Party credentials, and I agree that many, likely most, possibly all, are simply unaware of the drastic transformation that has taken place. This is due to their simply not paying attention and/or the mainstream media which has gone over to the dark side. Many folks simply are not interested in politics much. Their focus is elsewhere. To their peril, I might add. My entire, small, surviving family above the border and both my ex-wives remain stuck in place.

      The WalkAway Movement is either unknown to them, or they just don’t believe it, don’t watch it, don’t pay attention to it.

      The stink of American politics hangs over Ajijic? No surprise. The town is chockablock with Gringos, and almost all will be Democrats.

      Meanwhile, let us wish The Blond Bomber a speedy recovery even though I’ve been thinking that if Pence becomes president that might not be such a bad thing. He’s on the correct side, and he’s not bombastic at all. Be rather hard to hate him, but the lefties would do it anyway.

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      1. I’ve had similar thoughts about Pence myself. I think he’d be a much more unifying figure than Trump. But Trump would have to win first as Pence is not exactly an exciting, get-out-the-base kind of guy either. And probably a lot less appealing to folks like me who aren’t blind partisans.

        2020 is FAR too interesting. What’s next?


        1. Kim: With the current Democrat Party as it is, you should be a blind partisan. And yes, Pence is rather milquetoast, but smart Republicans, and that would be almost all of us, would embrace him with a vengeance, knowing the alternative.


          1. Pence is no dummy. If he became president and truly believed in Trump’s agenda, I suspect he could make way more headway than Trump himself. He has tons of D.C. experience and wouldn’t make all of Trump’s stupid mistakes. And he’d likely provoke less of that reaction that Trump gets from where the Democrats hate everything Trump likes and vice versa. Amazingly enough, Trump has almost gotten the Democrats to come out in favor of child trafficking.


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