Fooling ourselves

Or rather, Mask Madness! It’s well known that people who (inexplicably) still vote for Democrats are far fonder of wearing masks than more sensible folks who vote for Republicans. Why is that? One wonders.

Medical experts from The New England Journal of Medicine to The World Health Organization and also the Centers for Disease Control, the Center for Infectious Disease Research, the Journal for the American Medical Association, the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons have all publicly stated that wearing masks is mostly useless.

Even the medical bureaucrat Dr. Fauci said in March:

“There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask.”

I hear that in some areas above the border, going out sans mask can actually get you attacked, either physically or verbally or both. Or arrested. Here in Mexico that is rare because we are peaceful people who mind our own business.

I only mask up when necessary, mostly to enter a store that requires it. Otherwise, I walk about breathing freely. We do have our mask fanatics here, and my favorites to laugh at are people driving alone in their cars or walking alone in the open air.

If you want more depth on the details I mentioned above, go right here.

17 thoughts on “Fooling ourselves

  1. Yep. The mask police are everywhere out here on the frontier. Misinformed folks enforcing useless rules. Sad.

    Be careful how you vote!


  2. Wear one when I have to, end of story. The newest scare from the quarantine-in-the-house crowd in our area is killer hornets. They never rest from warning us about something, stay in your house, hiding under your bed, and leave me alone. It’s interesting to see the number of loud-everyone-should-wear-a-mask people getting caught walking around without a mask when they think no one will report them or see them.

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    1. Kirk: So you wear a mask the way I wear one, when it’s required. Killer hornets? I’ve read about them, but haven’t seen one, and hope not to. Anyone seen a killer hornet in your part of Mexico?


    1. Brent: Good article. Thanks. Fact is one can find “scientific” studies that support both sides of the issue. But common sense sees through the mask fanaticism.


  3. JAMA published some updated information on masks within the past couple of weeks. Apparently they do help. But it’s silly to wear them outdoors unless you’re going to be shoulder-to-shoulder in some semi-enclosed space with thousands of others. Indoors they are some help. No, they’re not surefire, and they only reduce, not eliminate, risk. But they are a cheap measure, and they make our fellow man feel better.

    That said, like all the other non-pharmaceutical interventions on Covid, their benefit is fairly weak. And yes, I’ve seen all those infection graphs with markers showing mandatory mask use imposed just before Covid took off. Hawaii is the poster child for this.

    The sad truth that no one really wants to admit is that there’s precious little we can really do about this pandemic. Sure, staying at home and hiding under the bed tends to work. But it comes at a high cost, excessive in my view for otherwise healthy folk who would speedily recover from a Covid infection.

    Meanwhile, here in Ajijic, it’s not at all uncommon to see solo gringos strolling, no one else within 30 feet, wearing masks outdoors on sunny, breezy days. Those masks aren’t doing anything except signaling either some kind of religious obedience, or an excess of fear.


    Kim G
    Ajijic, Jal
    Where plenty of Mexicans are doing the same.


    1. Kim, P.S.: I follow a Mexican government website that provides data on almost every municipality in the country. Overall, the incidence level of Kung Flu is going down. Here is the data on my mountaintop town. The number of confirmed cases so far is 0.8 percent of the population. Almost all have now recovered. The percentage of our population who have died is 0.05 percent. Moving on to the state capital, their confirmed cases amount to 0.5 percent of their population. Again, almost all have returned to good health. The death percentage is 0.04 percent of the population.

      Hardly staggering numbers, to put it mildly. I often wonder what would happen if national and global numbers of other illnesses were hyped as much. When you add up over nations and, especially, globally, the numbers for almost anything will be staggering.


      1. Well, indeed. Alex Berenson has written that we treat no other disease like this one. Imagine if we kept the same obsessive track of automotive fatalities. We’d have to close all the roads for our own good.

        Meanwhile, (and it’s too early to declare total victory) Trump is fast on the road to becoming Exhibit A for just how over-hyped this thing is. He’s 73, and obese, and seems to have done pretty well. Granted his case was caught early, and he’s literally had every intervention known to man. But that won’t override the images of him emerging from Walter Reed in four days looking just fine.



        1. Kim: Actually, he’s 74, not 73. And as for his rapid improvement, I think at least part is untrue and politically motivated. From the many, many things I have read over the past months — and watched on YouTube — personal reports, the Kung Flu varies VERY widely in symptoms and intensity from one individual to the next, but I’ve yet to hear of one that lasted only four or five days. Could be right. Hope so.


  4. Yes, masks will not protect you from getting the virus. They help but not 100%. That said, I saw the video of the president (hours out the hospital) walking into a room of people wearing no mask. An infected person who shows such disregard for the health of others is not getting my vote this election. I had my ballot filled out for Trump but ripped it up this morning after seeing that. I have not voted for a Democrat in over 30 years and will not this year, but Trump will not get my vote this year.


    1. Doug: I don’t know the video to which you refer, but I suspect it was a large room and that he had some space around him. I also suspect he knows something you do not. But the larger issue is that not voting for Trump helps Biden and Round-Heels Harris. No doubt about that. Is that really something you want to do? You want to do your little bit to put the Democrat Socialists into the Oval Office? I bet not. Now tape that ballot back together and do the right thing. If you cannot, head to a polling station on Nov. 3.

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