Western nincompoopery

Eskimo pie is out of the igloo. Now it’s Edy’s pie, which doesn’t offer the chill, refreshing associations of Eskimos on a sweltering summer day, does it? And there’s Aunt Jemima. Wave goodbye to her too. Quaker has yet to debut her new name, but it’s not long in coming, we’re told.

Oh, the horror of this image! Send kids out of the room.

Ages ago, Aunt Jemima sported a head cloth, something similar to what Willie wore during my childhood. Willie was my grandmother’s maid of many decades. Quaker gussied up Jemima’s appearance years ago, losing the headgear and making her a younger woman with a smiling face. Good grief! A young, black woman in a good mood.

Horrid and racist!

Uncle Ben’s rice is also gone. Now it’s gonna be Ben’s Original because, I guess, being an Uncle is horrid and racist! That switch took place just a few weeks ago. Mrs. Butterworth’s is changing completely, not just the name but the bottle shape, which is that of a matronly woman who abandoned her gym routine long ago.

Stay tuned for Mrs. Butterworth’s new look.

What does all this nonsense have in common? Political correctness. And which end of the political chasm embraces political correctness? The left side, of course. And which political party would that be? (Insert mental image.)

The West now lives in a world with insufficient real problems, so stupid ones are being embraced and “solved.” But wait! There are real problems. Consider China.

And George Soros.

10 thoughts on “Western nincompoopery

  1. No one had a problem with Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben when Obama was in the White House for eight years. Real estate agents have also renamed master bedrooms and baths primary bedrooms and primary bathrooms. It’s crazy up here!


  2. People are really busy managing other folks business. Finding offense seems to be our national obsession. Consider Hynos toothpaste. That must offend on more than one front. There is a tremendous urge to tell people something really rude, like, mind your own business.

    Black folks don’t seem to want white folks to wear their hair in cornrows? Why? What would they care? It is not their hair. And yet, black folks gladly wear Levis, a product of a white Jewish merchant. That is cultural appropriation. Take them off right now! Let’s see what kind of undies you are wearing. See how ridiculous this can get.


    1. Señor Gill: I had never heard of Hynos toothpaste and its controversy. Interesting.

      Gotta ask, why on earth did you capitalize White and Black in your comment? Are you going PC on me? Those are just colors. I fixed it for you. Please sin no more. Pretty please.


    2. And these same folks who want others to “mind their own business” want others to use their bodies as they see fit. Have abortions or not. according to their wants. Why is that their business? Yep, political correctness.


  3. I bought a box of Aunt Jemima pancake mix when I heard of this. I missed out on the Uncle Ben’s. It’s ironic that the BLM movement is cancelling themselves on products. I’m surprised they haven’t gone after Mr. Clean or Colonel Sanders for being too white. Craziness.
    If you like sarcasm you’ll love this Mark Dice video:

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  4. Brent that is a great video, Mark is very good. Don’t know if you have seen the newest video from Bevelyn Beatty, but it’s another good one. People are going way out of their way to be offended or just changing things to try get ahead of the curve, and show how woke they truly are. I hope the craziness stays NOB for a long time as I enjoy tacos down here, and refried beans are good too.

    I can’t believe the Dukes of Hazard are gone now too, especially Daisy.


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